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"The first draft of everything is a shit"-Ernest Hemingway.

Ahem ahem... The above lines might sound blunt, but it is true. It is in the second draft that you iron out the wrinkle. But, do you think it is a breeze to publish a book or a novel? I firmly say the writing struggle is real. You find yourself stacked under the pool of ideas about title, story, and creativity. The pursuit of writing becomes quite taxing without having a fellow writer/editor who would look into the details and change the sepia tones into mahogany (trying to use my word bank 😃).

Every writer needs time and space to weave out a thread of creative ideas. But to publish the final version of woven thoughts, s/he needs assistance from fellow writers who can give another eye to the idea. Well, it is difficult to imagine the dynamic journey of a writer who keeps tossing and turning between the pages, mulling over a thought, until a final version is out.

However, the question that arises is where the writers will find the grammar nazis who can turn the world into words? How about the idea of developing a book writing and editor platform, especially for these tantalizing minds 🙋? Book writing and editor app development can offer a window to overcome the writing challenges 🎯.

A writer spends days in their chairs to craft something creative and intriguing. However, a smart shiny tool like Reedsy lets them hire/collaborate with other brainy minds who can help them write beautifully together.

Reedsy is an online author services firm based in London. The company was founded in 2014 by Vincent Durand, Ricardo Fayet, Emmanuel Nataf, and Matt Cobb. It offers various tools to writers and makes writing more simpler. Reedsy acts as a bridge between authors and freelancers who believe in, "help me, help you". Meaning, authors take help from freelancers, and in return, freelancers earn money.

The latest statistics from 2019 states that the company has around 150,000 authors and around 1500 editors, ghostwriters, designers, and marketers. It extends help to writers and provides the required tools to convert manuscript files into eBooks in EPUB and PDF formats.

The idea of book writing and editor app development entices many entrepreneurs, and we have recently received a lot of client queries in this segment. And this is why we decided to come up with an article that will help our readers make an app like Reedsy.

Well, in order to guide you with developing an online book writing and editor platform like Reedsy, I would have to explain the whole functionality & features of the same (sit with a pen and a paper, note down the key takeaways, because the crux lies in the words in which we describe Reedsy app).

Continuing my information about Reedsy,

Reedsy provides a fascinating interface that provokes the writing thoughts (Your first clue 🔓: design an attractive user interface by prototyping). The distraction-free writing and formatting of articles is something that every writer embraces this platform (Second 🔓, no-nonsense job while writing). Keep writing your clues, as we mention them.

It also allows authors, editors, and co-editors to work in real-time and keep track of the progress. This sounds quite exciting to me; editing in real-time is something we all have coveted for a long time.

Reedsy wins millions of hearts by allowing the author to promote their books in a specially designed place over the website.

The candy-coat is when the Reedsy app also facilitates online courses that too for free over the internet.

I assume that you have an idea of what things you might have to work upon to develop a strong competitor app to Reedsy.

The next thing that charms users are,

The selection procedure of users (freelancers, authors, story editors, ghostwriters, marketers, designers)is also not erratic (Next clue 🔓: Do not bring onboard randomly selected users). The organization vets these users before bringing them onboard. You can say they select elite writers to do the job.

One report that backs this thought is: 95% of Reedsy's freelance writers have worked for any one of the Big Five publishers. This is again a plus point when it comes to the application's authoritativeness.

(I repeat, Learn the gist while we write them) ✍ ...

Build Book Writing and Editor Platform Like Reedsy

How do a book writing and editing app like Reedsy work?

Reedsy app asks every user to log in using their email address or social media login. During the onboard, it collects basic user information like the geographical location and asks you to describe yourself in a few words.

You can select the profile type, meaning, whether you want to set up an Author profile or Professional profile over the application.

The onboarding process also asks users whether they wish to subscribe to a newsletter or not (another way to hook 🔑 users to the application).

Moving forward, (you will figure out what features do you need to build book writing and editor platform like Reedsy)

Once you onboard the Reedsy app, the interface will navigate you through your profile section, where you will find various subcategories.

The application allows you to set up your own book writing and management tasks.

Next, you can browse the marketplace feature, which shows a list of writers that you can hire for your project. You can filter these writers based on their niche and genres like fiction/non-fiction/adventure/Action/Romance/Culture/Fantasy, and many more.

Further, there are various categories to hire for tasks like design, publicity, marketing, translation, Ghostwriting, Book reviews, etc. ( I hope you are catching the points 💭)

Moving ahead, you can browse the requests you have sent for a project.

The application also allows you to analyze the statistics showing the number of profile reviews, followers, etc.

Not only this, the app shows the breakdown of finances you have earned through your project.

The cherry on the cake is, the app allows you to earn credit if you refer the app to a friend.

So yeah, this is it, all about Reedsy application. We highly encourage our clients to enter this booming market and help these gifted talents by developing a book writing and editing platform.

You can also include a gamification feature by launching writing contests. The gamification type may vary depending on the creative heads you have in your team.

What should be the business model for the book writing and editor platform?

All these free apps make money by having their commission over a deal made using the application. It would help if you defined the % share that you will charge from each party, author, and freelancers.

Build Book Writing and Editor Platform Like Reedsy

What is the cost to develop a book writing and editor app like Reedsy?

A lot of brainstorming goes into the mobile app designing process, Lean canvassing, prototyping, releasing the product, and marketing. However, the book writing and editor app development cost will not break your bank. It is cost-effective and can be developed for under $20K.

This price can change depending on the advanced features and third-party libraries that you integrate. The price may also vary depending on the app development partner's location, app complexity, maintenance, app design, and more.

When you hire mobile app developers for your project, it is better to discuss your requirements with them in advance. If your development partner knows about your requirements, they can give you an accurate app development estimate.

To discuss more on this topic, feel free to connect with us. We have run down a thorough study of this specific app type and can guide you with the topic's exactness.


"The writer is by nature a dreamer"- a conscious dreamer.

A consistent writing routine can become exhausting, but collaborative efforts in real-time can be fun. A book writing and editor app can give writers a feeling of accomplishment and ease the struggle to organize writing ideas.

If you have any thoughts on eBook app development or book writing and editor platform, we are here to help. We will take your project on priority and promise you to deliver the solution within the decided timeframe.

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