Develop Buying And Selling Cars App Like CarMax

How lucrative the fusion of custom mobile app development solutions and business services can be is clearly visible in the success of Uber, Amazon, Etsy, Netflix, etc. From the daily commute and living essential stuff to entertainment, everything is available digitally on-demand. The convenience of buying and selling products and services online is no exception in the automobile industry as well.

A Car Buy and Sell Application Carmax is one of America's top used car online retailers. It allows users to explore used automobiles in their area, find the nearest CarMax location, access vehicle reviews, and scan window stickers on-site to obtain real-time vehicle data. The app also offers loan services. If a user owns a loan through CarMax, they can access their financial information and make payments by CarMax mobile app itself.

Advantages Buy & Sell Used Car Dealer App Development Brings

Like other trades, automobile trade is also evolving on digital platforms and holds enormous growth in the e-market. The contentment and satisfaction customers receive by using such apps for their automobile needs is enlarging, too. Here are a few difficulties of direct automobile trade that Car Buy-Sell Mobile App Development eliminates.

Staffing and payroll: Developing a buying and selling car Application eliminates the need for personnel to operate your automobile business. It means you do not need to be concerned about paying monthly wages to anyone or personnel maintenance activity. Besides, with an on-demand car marketplace app like CarMax, you can generate more profit by listing local car dealers to branded franchises on your app.

Stock control and inventory management: The hassle of controlling stock and managing inventory details fade away if you have built an app like Autotrader or CarMax. The reason being, all the app data related to listed dealers and users, can be stored and encrypted on the cloud server. Eventually, you can concentrate on expanding your automobile business solely.

Marketing strategies:Mobile apps work on smartphones that are omnipresent nowadays. Statista claims that 3.5 billion people possess a smartphone, which is 44.85% of the world population. Now, if you develop Buy & Sell Used Car Mobile Application Development, you get the chance to market your app to a wide audience range.

The customer reach with a mobile app is far greater than the physical car dealership business and marketing strategies. With cutting-edge technical features such as push notifications with an intuitive search bar and Machine Learning Algorithm, you can shift the paradigm of marketing strategies.

Car Buy-Sell Mobile App Development

Exciting Features to add in a Car Buy And Sell Application

Sign up / Log in: To log into your app, a user needs to enter their mobile number, and the app sends a four digits code as verification.

Home Page:It displays the latest car for sale around a user’s location, search filter, and other options. It navigates a user to take action appropriately.

7-day money-back:It is a unique approach by the CarMax mobile app that enables buyers to hit the road at their leisure and with peace of mind.

Car Exhibitions:Another useful feature that displays car shows and exhibitions to users with all the available car details. Further, you can allow buyers to book a car online from the same collection.

Advanced search filter:CarMax’s advanced search allows to filter cities, car price, car model, brand, car specifications, payment method, and many more elements. A user can quickly narrow down their search and get precise options only.

Sale:If a user wants to sell their own car, they can click on the feature and add their car details to list advertisements on the app.

Buy Car on EMI:CarMax enables a user to calculate their budget on the app and purchase a car in installments.

Advanced Features For You To Make An App Like CarMax

EMI calculator:Allow your users to calculate the monthly EMI payment by entering the down payment amount, loan term, and vehicle details.

SMS gateway:To secure the app from fraud dealers and users, integrate SMS authentication on your app. It sends an OTP on the phone number a user enters in the app to verify the authority.

360-degree view of a car:integrate 3D car view functionality into your buy and sell car marketplace app to boost user engagement and reliability.

Sending a request for a test drive:Let the buyer request and dealer to accept the test drive request at their convenience. It may help the buyer to examine the roadworthiness and drivability of the vehicle.

Rating and Reviews:Ask buyers to leave feedback on the dealer service and rate the app once the deal confirms. It is a great way to amplify confidence among other buyers on the verge.

Car Buy-Sell Mobile App Development

Estimated Cost To Develop Buy & Sell Car App Like CarMax

We follow a few steps to come up with an estimated cost to develop a marketplace app for buying and selling used and new cars. These steps go in the flow of the app development process and escort making informed decisions with the required moves you must take.

Step 1: The first step encloses consequential documentation you need to prepare, which is the Lean Canvas Model and Product Requirement Document. These documents will reflect on your final product as they depict your business nature, purpose, and app specifications.

Step 2: Next, you should focus on good app design. Examine the app requirements and your audience’s behavior to create design mockups. You can start with low fidelity Wireframe and go up to interactive Prototype. These are the best way to visualize your app without codebase and run user testing.

Step 3: Then, select a technology stack for your car marketplace app development. The technology stack must consist of platform-specific programming language, technologies front-end and back-end development, and others for database, push notifications, maps integration, payment gateway, etc.

Step 4: After that, designate the development method from Native and Hybrid or Cross-platform. The development method you opt for your app causes variation in the cost to develop your app and its performance.

Step 5: Finally, once your developers’ team completes the development of your app till the quality assurance, your app is good for deployment. Ensure the app is free from any bug or malfunctioning and follow the strategic maintenance and upgrade process.

According to the above development series, your app undergoes the following phases and takes 5 to 7 months to be ready to market.

Business Analysis - 2 to 3 weeks

UX/UI Design - 5 to 7 weeks

Frontend Development 6 to 8 weeks

Backend Development 6 to 8 weeks

Testing and Deployment 2 to 3 weeks

Custom mobile app development cost varies depending on the app features set, technology stack, development method, and developers’ hourly rate.

Here are several examples of location-based development hourly rate:

US-based developers: $100 – $200/hour

Eastern Europe-based developers: $100 – $180/hour

India-based developers: $20 – $40/hour

With the help of the above metrics, we can conclude the cost for a variety of apps below;

For simple apps, the cost goes up to $10,000

Primary database automotive apps can cost between $11,000 – $20,000

Subtle with multi-feature apps cost around $30,000 – $50,000

Sophisticated car buying and selling applications can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $60,000+, based on quality and detail.


Putting all together, discovering and investing in new business opportunities can be risky but fruitful, too. Buy-sell used car app development is still an underdeveloped concept in many regions but contains a ready audience. Having said that, in metropolitan cities, people prefer buying second-hand vehicles for private use over new cars.

If you manage to serve the audience well with your app, you can compete with global second-hand car selling apps like Autotrader or CarMax.

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