Develop a Car Wash and Service app like KENO

Without any doubt, cars have become a significant part of our everyday lives. We use them extensively for various purposes. We also take them to places full of crowds and pollution, which results in the untidy state of the cars. Just like we take a bath or wash utensils daily to get rid of dirt and dust, cars too need such care.

Cars need servicing to offer you its services for a longer duration. Accumulation of dust on a vehicle, its engine, or radiators may deteriorate its normal smooth functioning or even damage parts. Hence, cars should be cleaned and washed with immense care regularly.

Washing a car does not mean washing it on the outside. Washing or cleaning a car includes removing dirt from its slight bends and angles. It is not easy to do all this at home. For this, a person may need to hire a professional. This is where your on-demand Car Wash App Solution comes into play. Since the need is enormous on a colossal scale, developing a Car Wash and Service app like KENO is a solution to provide this crowd. So, how to go about the Car interior cleaning app development?

The below-listed steps will take you through the required details to invest in your own Car Wash and Service app like KENO. Here we go:

Need for a Car Wash App Solution like Keno

The car washing industry is growing day by day as the number of cars is increasing rapidly. It is a multi-billion industry. According to a survey, 75% of the car-owners use car-washing services instead of cleaning it on their own. And hence, a significant portion of car-users rely on Car Washing companies for their jobs. Even your car wash company can set its foot firm in this industry with an on-demand App Development since mobile app technology has overtaken most of the traditional businesses' traditional methods.

It has its influence over the car washing industry as well. After connecting your Car Wash Company or services with an online app, this industry's potential for growth may increase. Creating a car wash app may expand your customers' list and may create a unique identity of your brand in the market. Not many companies provide these services online. So with proper planning and strategies, it is the right time to enter the industry via a Car Wash App Solution like Keno.

Arrangement of the Car Wash App

To develop the Car interior cleaning app like Keno Car Wash, you should start by outlining your app's necessary modules. To do so, differentiate different app resources and unite similar features to portray a particular service. Once you select the modules, place all of them as per your creative idea, and discuss if your idea is engaging enough for a user.

You need to work on the business model, desired features, design of the app, etc. Just remember your app should look like an online version of your car wash center. Thus, there should be all the packages, plans, discounts offered by your Car interior cleaning app development.

Car interior cleaning app development

The functioning of the Car Wash App like Keno

It is no rocket science to use mobile apps in times like today. Like any other app, it is easy to navigate or use a car wash app like Keno. Its working is as follows:

The user logs into the app with an email id or integrated social media option.

Now, the user places an order by selecting the type of car and choosing the services required.

The request for car wash searches for nearby car wash service providers based on the user's location.

Interested car wash providers accept the request, and the user gets notified about the order's acceptance.

The service provider reaches the location as per the scheduled wash.

As soon as a provider arrives, a request for the car’s key is placed via the app. The provider completes its task and uploads a post-wash picture of the car on the app.

Meanwhile, the user can track the progress and status updates of the assigned task.

After task completion, users are asked to rate the services and give feedback.

Must-have Features for On-Demand Car Wash Mobile app Development

To make your Car Wash and Service app like KENO engaging and attract new users, you may add as many advanced features as possible. However, a set of basic functionalities or features should be integrated into your app’s MVP or a prototype to get the user testing done. This is so that you can then make it better when you come up with the final app and let it get popular with proper marketing, etc.

The must-have features of a car wash app are categorized into the following three categories:

1. Users

2. Technicians

3. Admins

For Users

Log in/Sign up: This is the primary feature that your app should app. The integrated sign up procedure should be completed with email verification for security measures. Your app should save a new user's details into a database for offering coupons in the future. These details also help to know a customer's preferences.

Location and Map feature: The app should have a location feature to locate the nearest service center. An integrated map may help clients reach the desired destination without any inconvenience.

Select various services: This feature helps customers select multiple services required for their vehicles and place an order. Different services include oil changing, engine servicing, changing headlights, backlights, etc.

Tracking Wash Order: This is an essential feature that gives customers access to check their cars' status. They can check if your company has accepted their order or they are done with their services.

Payment Integration: This feature provides flexibility to customers with payment mode. They can pay for the services in hard cash or via integrated payment modes like debit/credit cards, m-wallet, etc. You can also link other popular wallets with your app.

Rating/Feedback: Your app should have a rating or feedback option for the services your company has provided to its customers. This feature helps to improve your app.

For Technicians

Push Notifications: With this feature, technicians will be able to update the clients about their order.

SMS: This feature serves as verification for the customers. You can let your customers know about the acceptance, completion, cancellation of their order, or payment made via SMS.

Quality Guarantee: This feature allows technicians to upload pictures of completed orders. Also, this adds credibility to the services offers and provides a feeling of satisfaction to the customers.

For Admins

Multiple Dashboards: Admin of the app should have multiple dashboards to keep an eye on every segment. They use this feature to check if every department is working effectively. When you make an app like Keno, there should be a separate dashboard to register new technicians or car washes. Moreover, you will also require an individual dashboard to manage payments and look after finances.

Additionally, admins should have access to audit technicians and customer ratings or feedback and do what goes best. These will further ensure better quality products with improved design (for better user experience when it comes to using the app or navigating through it), features, technology stack used, etc.

Car interior cleaning app development

Cost to Develop a Car Wash App like Keno

Well, the cost to develop a Car Wash app like Keno depends on the company you are hiring for your project. The variation in the cost to develop a Car-Wash app business in UAE has been seen from company to company. Besides that, it depends on the type of app you want. If you go with a native car wash app, it takes around 100 days to develop for one platform. So if you go with the iOS platform, the cost to develop a Car Wash app like Keno can make you pay around $24,000.

However, the Android platform may cost you a bit less i.e., around $20,000, like app development resources for Android are available at a lower cost than iOS development resources. And if you want a native app for both the platforms, it may cost you 10% lesser than both the platforms' total cost. You can also think of a hybrid model or cross-platform app development. These models will take 20-22 days more for development than the native category. You may also have to pay around $29,000 as the total cost of on-demand app development for car washing.

The rates, as mentioned above, are estimated according to standard rates in Indian and Asian countries. Moreover, these rates may get doubled if you hire a US-based or European country based team.


Though it may look easy to opt for Car interior cleaning mobile application development, it is not that easy to complete this task single-handedly. You will have to hire Mobile App Developers who are experts in what they build and have enough experience. The team of experts knows how to develop a perfect car wash app without missing any significant point. So, without giving any second thought, start shaping your creative ideas and kickstart your car wash app.

For that, you can get in touch with our experienced team that's just a phone call away. This way, get every query answered instantly or even schedule a virtual meeting or a video call to discuss in more detail about the app development. Contact us now!

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