Develop a Coupon & Deals app like Ibotta and Rakuten App

There have been many debates about how money can’t buy you happiness, but here is the deal it can buy you an exciting lifestyle, gratifying things, and whatnot. Then where is the drill about that quote? Well, the drill is that money can only buy happiness to a certain extent. But what after that extent? As we all know, money doesn’t grow on trees, neither does the dollar bills rain from the sky into our pockets.

Most of us have to live in a world where we have to manage budgets. No matter how hard we try, money plays a massive role in our lives. Apparently, shopping is the only way most people spend their money. Do you know how exciting it is to use apps that can offer a significant discount on all those wishlisted clothes, that grocery list and whatnot.

Yes, you can get 100% assured discounts on online shopping. Be it a grocery shopping, apparel shopping you can have discounts and cashbacks on each online purchase. Which is called Coupon and Deals MarketPlace Mobile App development.

Well, that is why people are turning to apps like Ibotta and Rakuten; these applications can help you spend less money.

If you are wondering why you should go for coupon and deals app development, then to your surprise, 95% of customers use discounts and coupons. In addition to that, more than 93% of customers look for a value-added deal before they buy anything.

As we all know, most consumers can get attracted to buy a product if they see more value in it. If you are an entrepreneur looking for a good app idea, then this could be the one. Want to know how it works and what benefits it offers to you as an entrepreneur? Let’s delve into the Coupon and Deals MarketPlace Mobile App development process without further ado!

The very first thing you need to know about developing a coupon and deals app like Ibotta and Rakuten app is how the app works. Let’s start with understanding what Ibotta and Rakuten are.

What is Ibotta?

Founded in 2012, Ibotta is basically a startup from Denver, Colorado. The app has more than 23 million users, and Ibotta is the US’s 16th most used app. Ibotta partners with established e-retailers and offline brands around the country.

Customers can use the Ibotta app to receive cashback and manufacturer discounts directly from the app. With the Ibotta app, you can access more than 300 retailers. Since the Ibotta app launched, it has provided more than $249 million of cashback to its users.

Coupon and Deals App Development

How does the cashback app work?

Customers can purchase the same stuff from multiple retailers, and this habit motivates retailers to find ways to boost online traffic into purchases. The more traffic you get, the more potential customers you have on your app. Now, what these potential customers will do is, they will bring you more commission. That’s how the Business Model for Coupon and Deals App works.

Basically, cashback and discount apps develop a business model that shares a part of their sales commission with customers. Meaning when a customer is buying a product, you (who created the app) will receive a commission. Apps like Paytm, Google Pay, and Groupon as well are significant examples of coupon and discounts apps.

Benefits of coupon and Deals app

We are guessing you want to know how these apps can benefit your business and your users simultaneously. So, the benefits are as follow:

For Users

It saves money for users.

It displays every deal to every user.

It gives users good deals every day instead of just at the end of the season.

It is quick and super quick to redeem offers and coupons.

It makes shopping more affordable, engaging, and attractive.

For Businesses

It will lead you to more potential purchases.

It will help you in enhancing engagement and brand awareness.

It can help you in retaining users.

It helps in developing loyalty.

It will be helpful in the competition.

Features to develop an app like Ibotta and Rakuten

When you strive to develop an application for your business, your app’s primary development process will be dependent on the feature list. To get the fundamentals right, give extra attention to the feature part. Let’s delve into the feature list.

(Please note: When you develop an on-demand application, you will need two more applications for it. One is for Admin, and the other is for merchants. Let’s understand that in detail.)

Features for User’s application

Responsive and significant design.

UI design.

Multilingual support to launch the app across the world.

Today’s special deals/ongoing deals/future deals.

Social media integration for a hassle-free registration.

Multiple payment gateway configurations for quick payment.

Multiple cities & multiple stores availability.

Customized notification & emails.

Google map for location tracking.

Smart search option for price based search, keyword-based search, and discount percentage based search.

Content-based pages FAQ/About us/ Contact us/ Buying guide.

Features for Admin application

Custom App Design.

A compelling and robust administration system.

Manage categories & subcategories.

Manage deals/offers/coupon.

Manage merchants.

Manage stores.

Manage customers.

Manage subscribers and subscriptions.

Manage deliveries.

Manage graphs, statistics, and dashboard.

Manage payments.

Manage analytics.

Manage deals per day.

Manage language.

Manage purchasing guide.

Manage login/logout time tracking.

Manage visitors tracking.

Features for Merchants

Add new deals.

Manage existing deals.

Track the delivery status.

Manage order dispatch.

Manage redemption of coupons.

Manage subscriptions.

Stock management.

Notifications & mail management.

Dashboard management.

Development Process

When you develop an app like a coupon and deals app like Ibotta and Rakuten, you must know the development process from scratch to have no queries left for the future.

To develop such an app, you can either Hire Mobile App Developers or outsource it. Let’s take how Mobile app developers will take your project on the roll.

We can conclude the process in simple steps.

#1. SOW document

First and foremost, the development company will prepare an SOW document. This document will contain all the crucial features you need in your application. You can choose only basic features, for example, and then the development company will proceed further.

#2. Outlines and Deadline

After preparing documents, you will know about the output, and the outcome will be an overall mock frame of your entire production process. This feature will allow you to your app’s outline, and you’ll know where the performance graph is going up and where it goes down.

#3. Design the Wireframes

After creating outlines and deadlines of the whole process your grocery delivery app developer will go through, the designer team will create a wireframe of your application, which will give you an insight how your app will look at the end.

#4. Backend development

After the designing is complete and you like the design, color scheme, and the mood board, the developers will take over the project. The backend developers will join the database and manage the UI/UX interfaces.

#5. Quality Analysis

When your app is ready to launch, the Quality Analysis specialists will ensure every little detail of your application, which covers the tiniest bug to your application’s quality.

#6. Deployment or Launch

After the quality analysis of your application, the app will be ready to launch on the platform you choose. Android and iOS platforms have their respective development processes that can be taken charge of by the developers.

Required Team to Develop this App

Business Analyst

UI/UX Designer

Software Engineers

QA Engineer

Project Manager

Coupon and Deals App Development

Cost to Develop Coupon & Deals app like Ibotta and Rakuten App

Even though estimating Coupon & Deals Application Development Cost is challenging to conclude, nobody can figure the exact cost of developing an appManyany factors affect an application’s final price.

For example, the features, functionalities, and platforms you choose, and the technology you choose. You can hire a developer or hire a professional mobile app development company that you can totally rely on.

Developing mobile applications on a specific platform has a significant effect on cost estimation. You can select ios, android, or web apps ( for example) to affect your budget. So, if you don't want to spend so much, you can go for a cross-platform app development process where your mobile app developers will build an app that can run on all respective platforms.

So, keeping all the mentioned things in mind, the development process for your Coupon & Deals app like Ibotta and Rakuten App can cost you $10,000 to $30,000 in total. However, the last cost calculation will depend on your own preferences, business model, and customization.


As we discussed earlier, coupon and deals apps can help you earn significantly from the brands, stores, and sites. The customer’s buying process has changed; they have become mindful now more than ever. They compare the prices from all possible resources to save that extra amount of money. Hence, if you want to develop apps like Ibotta and Rakuten, find a development partner to understand your requirements. Well, this is pretty much everything you need to know about making an app like Ibotta and Rakuten.

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