Develop a Custom Car Design App like FormaCar

Are you a true admirer of automobile craftsmanship, or do you own a garage with luxurious automobile accessories in your arsenal? If so, we have a digital solution that lets you cater to your clients in the most favorable way.

Yes, we are going to tell you how you can integrate and leverage the booming mobile app development solution. Your customers can customize their wheels using their smartphones and supplements they prefer with the aid of a custom car design mobile app.

Exemplification of Concept

There is an app named FormaCar our team came across with, designed especially for car enthusiasts. Fundamentally, the app provides unique tools and automobile parts, letting users unlock their potential creativity in customizing their own car. The platform encompasses 100+ Car Models, 150+ designs, various automotive parts to have an ultimate gaming experience with real-time 3D technology.

Further, users get branded and aftermarket spare parts to fit in their wheels. Users then can connect with the shop or garages that can bring their 3D modeled custom cars to life. Users also can arrange the pick-up and drop-off service right from the platform. Consequently, the platform accelerates the car customization process at an incredible pace. And seemingly, custom car design app development is reframing the future of custom car culture.

Let’s take a quick glimpse at how an interactive garage or a 3D car modeling application works.

A user registers on the app, selects the car brand, year, model, and sub-model.

The application then displays a 3D Max model of the car and numerous features to customize its external, internal, and interior parts.

The user can also research and buy aftermarket accessories online and at brick-and-mortar shops and connect the dealer within the app.

Custom Car Design App Development

Why should you develop an app like FormaCar?

Through the decades of years, automobiles have evolved beyond being a means of transportation into a status symbol, subject of interest, and a cherished lifestyle. There are car clubs where car enthusiasts take pride in owning, driving, maintaining, and showing their car collections. Self-evidently, vehicle modification has been a major car hobby of the all-time.

Hot rodders rebuild or modify their motors specifically for more speed, acceleration, and visual enhancements. And by developing a custom automotive designing mobile application, you facilitate them 3D modeling of their dream car. The design that can be brought to life, enhancing the customer experience by many folds. Let’s show you the benefits you reap by building a car design software like FormaCar.

Sellers can sell original or aftermarket accessories on the top trucks, SUVs, and cars that your dealership offers.

Offer your customers a more engaging and interactive experience with proven results that boost accessory sales on every vehicle sold.

Allow customers to see what accessories you offer and how they will look on their vehicle and take the guesswork out of the process.

Minimize redundant work and increase customer satisfaction by offering online and at-location experiences.

Exhibit your vehicle-specific accessory catalogs.

Deliver the most delightful user experience that convinces people to visit your station and customize their car.

The fun fact, you can build your online custom car service empire even if you don’t own any garage or custom shop. Similar to any marketplace, you can bring local auto shops on the platform and let users choose. This way, you also get multiple gateways to make money and your investment worthwhile.

You might want to know how to make money with a free mobile app.

Now let’s dig into how to develop a car design app like FormaCar.

Custom Car Design App Development

How to Develop a custom car design app like FormaCar?

Lean Canvas Model

Creating a Lean Canvas model is the most effective practice to develop a proven business model for your app development. The one-page business model lets you define all cornerstones of your custom car design app. It presents Services, Unique Value Proposition, and Unfair Advantage over the competitors you offer, hypothetical Target Customers, Key Metrics, Marketing Channels, mobile app development Costs, and Revenue Channels, everything on a page.

Top-notch to seasoned on-demand app development companies follow this ideal method to prepare a development roadmap and foresee the outcome.

Create UI/UX Design

You should decide which icon, button, or box to put and where coherently while designing user interfaces and experience. Any wrong alignment can mess up the app design, and you may need to redesign the whole app. It sounds very costly, and it is. Therefore, be smart and adopt a step-by-step app design process.

The ethical mobile app design includes wireframing, prototyping, user testing, and n-number of iterations that result in the design that meets end-users expectations. You can share your app’s interactive prototype (nearly real app without code) in the market to receive feedback and funds to intensify the app further.

Design to the development journey

Next to prototyping your custom car design app, you need to take it further for front-end and back-end development. To carry out these development stages, you should have defined target platforms and the development method in your project requirements. Having said that, the technology stack of the project depends majorly on these choices. Furthermore, the tech-stack contributes to testing and maintaining the app in the present and future as well.

Learn more about the selection of the technology stack.

Deployment and keep monitoring

Once a quality analyst thoroughly tests the app and developers resolve potential bugs (reported by the QA), you are good to go. Nevertheless, before deployment, it’s recommended to ensure that your custom automobile design app is correctly configured for release.

Also, try to put some catchy screenshots and a crispy app description when you deploy the app on the app store/s. After successfully publishing your app, you must keep surveilling your app to perceive the required updates for your app better.

Now that you are creating a custom car design app, a 3D software development, you will likely face the below challenges.

Choosing suitable development tools like APIs, SDKs, frameworks for building a custom 3D car design app for iOS/Android.

Optimizing 3D model rendering time.

Selecting the right third-party libraries.

Maintaining budget.

However, by employing the right 3D app development technology such as Unity 3D, React 360 that render high-quality multimedia experiences and onboarding the right expertise, any challenge can be overcome.

Now let’s talk about the last aspect that is car design app development cost.

How much does it cost to develop a custom car app like FormaCar?

Developing a 3D custom car design mobile app with multiple functionalities is not going to be inexpensive. Although, creating a relatively simple application with minimalistic features may cut the cost to some extent.

Another major factor in the software development cost alteration is the location you hire developers or the software company from. For example,

Region Hourly rate Basic level 3D app
The USA $100-180 $90,000-165,000
Great Britain $125-220 $115,000-200,000
Western Europe $90-165 $80,000-150,000
Eastern Europe $30-70 $25,000-60,000
Ukraine $30-50 $25,000-45,000
India $15-30 $15,000-30,000

On that note, we hope that our guide on custom car design app development comes in handy for your project. If you want, you can also connect us and discuss your app idea with industry experts. It’ll be our honor to assist you in choosing the best software solution for realizing your ideas.

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