Cost to Develop Diet and Nutrition App like Calorie Counter

“Good health is above wealth.”

Last year was in itself a “motivational health guru year” that taught us how vital immunity and fitness are to our body. And as it goes without saying, “You Are What You Eat,” everybody sticks to consume and maintain a healthy diet. But, it wouldn’t be easier to track calories, weight, and other health measures at home without diet and nutrition apps like the Calorie Counter-MyFitnessPal.

Consequently, today, people prefer health and fitness apps more than ever which also opens a gateway for wantrepreneurs to make an app like Calorie Counter. Technology has shaped a whole new health and fitness market with mainly two types of resources: (1) portable, connected fitness devices (Wearables) and (2) digital fitness and nutrition applications for use with a smartphone and/or tablet (Apps).

If we were to analyze the fitness market revenue, it’s expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2021-2024) of 1.9%. Talking about the users, then with the popularity, the number of users has notably been surging since the lockdown situation. Statista projects a 31% user penetration rate in the Fitness segment is the highest in the United States. Such stats have magnetic effects that draw businesses to invest in developing a diet and nutrition app like the Calorie Counter app.

However, a healthy lifestyle is an outfit that looks different for everybody. For example, every person you meet thinks about being healthy differently. For some, it’s a fit and healthy life that is disease-free. For others, a healthy lifestyle is being able to accomplish a weekly exercise schedule. And so on.

You may ask what it has to do with your app development. As people’s health concerns are different, so are the diet and nutrition apps. There are various types of apps that target and satiate particular health and fitness concerns.

Moreover, the type you choose helps your diet and nutrition app development company define the development roadmap. But which one should you develop? Let’s find out.

Develop a Diet and Nutrition App

Glance At Several Diet And Fitness App Ideas


Nutrition apps provide tips on the nutritional value of food and help users keep track of calories they consume and control eating habits with healthy food recommendations.

Example: Calorie Counter by FatSecret is a free app that lets you keep track of what you eat, exercise, and weight using the highest quality food and nutrition database.

Top features required for a Nutrition app development :

Dashboard An absolute screen that graphs calories consumed and burned and displays the user’s progress.
Diet plan or user’s goals To let users create their personal diet plan and set weight loss goals proceeding from his physical indicators.
Diet suggestions An algorithm should be built in an app that suggests a diet based on a user’s previous diet history.

Calorie counting and detox :

The categorized health tracking apps are for health freak people who want to monitor their diet and fitness every single day, regardless of the purpose.

Example: Fooducate educates users on the value of consumed calories and lets them track food quality using a built-in barcode scanner easily.

Top features required for a Calorie Counting app development :

Calorie counter To show how many calories are there in foods a user consumes.
Food log To let a user upload photos and descriptions of consumed food and meals.
Diet suggesting To suggest ways to adjust the diet that has a normal amount of calories.
Barcode scanner To allow users to scan product barcodes and calculate the number of calories instantly.

Healthy food recipes :

Such applications help users with recipes of the healthy food they should consume in the proportion of their weight, age, height, etc.

Example: PEP selects a menu for each day that includes simple, tasty, and healthy dishes. It calculates how many calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates a user needs to eat today based on their height, weight, age, activity, and purpose (weight loss, maintenance, or weight gain)

Top features required for a Healthy Food Recipes app development :

Recipe Database To present collected recipes in a sortable manner by category, ingredients, calories, and complexity level.
Ratings The feature enables users to rate the recipes that come in handy for other users.
Add favorite recipes Allow users to share their healthy recipes and help one another.
Recipe calorie calculator It’s a must feature that shows the calories amount in a particular dish.
Recipe search form Create a user-friendly search bar so that users can search recipes by keywords, ingredients, and calories.

Top features required for a Healthy Food Recipes app development :

Registration/Sign-in Users should be able to register and sign in to the application quickly.
Social sharing Being able to share diet plans, results with friends directly from the app uplifts the user experience.
Push notifications To keep users on track to their goal, push notifications and reminders about eating or starting a workout is necessary.
Blog You can create a user community on your app where users write about their success and read others’ stories.
Integration with wearable devices/ activity trackers Looking at an increasing number of wearable devices and their users, it would be beneficial to create an app that easily pairs with wearable devices and synchronizes data on physical activity and health.
Shopping list To let users create healthy ingredients shopping lists and proceed further.
Develop a Diet and Nutrition App

Average Cost To Develop A Diet And Nutrition App Like Calorie Counter

The answer to how much does it cost to build a diet and nutrition app varies depending on:

APIs you use for database, payment, barcode scanner, notifications, and other common to advanced features.

The number of features, of course, as more features will take extra development hours and extra hours means additional cost.

Technology and mobile app development process you follow from discovery stage, idea validation, prototyping, MVP, etcetera.

Mobile app design process to create app’s UI/UX

And finally, the geo-location of your development partner or where you hire mobile developers from.

For this reason, standard diet and nutrition app development cost you somewhere around $40000 to $62000 excluding any maintenance.

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Fitness Application development is at its peak. No matter what industry you relate to, developing an app will surely benefit the business. Technology has reshaped the fitness industry and transformed the way people take care of their fitness. Wearable devices and mobile apps have made tracking and maintaining health an on-the-go task.

If you own a business that focuses on people’s health, you have to adopt this technology to keep up your enterprise. For anything, you need to know other than mentioned in this post (which I’m sure you’d have), contact us. We also offer a free ballpark estimation for our new clients. Hurry!

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