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Education went through a massive transformation with the evolution of technology. It is not as cumbersome as some of the adults can remember. With the help of technology, the education system has reinvented itself. It’s beckoning the attention of businesses all around. Large enterprises like Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Dell, and Fujitsu invest in the eLearning and smart education industry. Also, it is expected to become a $46 billion industry between 2020-2024. Are you excited to develop an educational app? If yes, then connect with our experts.

If you are wondering how you can make an Educational App like Noon Academy, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to student learning mobile application development, it's quite beneficial to learn more about your field and then become an expert in it. You can do it without worrying about your age or where you live and can opt for learning whenever you feel the need for it. And hence, the hike in learning via these apps has hiked the scope for business in this field too. This is because more people are opting for online courses as they can’t go for college admission if a certain skill set is required even after graduation or post-graduation, etc..

In this article, we will go through the essential elements that you’ll require to build an app like Noon Academy. These will help you get started with a valid student learning application. Let's dive in:

Sketch an Idea to Develop Learning App Like Noon Academy

Before beginning the on-demand app development journey, you need to determine what kind of application you want to build. We are opting for student learning apps; we will explore the types of student learning apps existing in the forum.

This will help in getting a better idea about the range of features that you can provide with your app on at least basic level, at first. When you create an app for learners, you can start identifying the trends that make learning fun for both children and adults.

Learn a new language:

Apps that teach you knew languages are by far one of the most popular educational apps for learners. They make games, competitions, and videos as learning material so the user will always be stimulated to learn.

For Children:

Learning for children carries significant weight as it is crucial to building a strong base. And hence, apps like these are designed specifically to gain the attention of the child.

Online Courses:

Students, both children, and adults can choose to study whatever course they like on platforms like LinkedIn, Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, etc. They provide online classrooms with a full set of features that help you learn. Moreover, once you complete the course, you are awarded a diploma or a certificate of completion.

Exam Prep:

Exam apps offer solutions, practice tests, quizzes based on particular criteria. They give you tips and tricks, flashcards to help you memorize and prepare you for that specific test.

Identify Need to build Educational App Like Noon Academy.

Education is now the trend. All useful educational apps have topped in rankings of the App Store and Google Play, so they’re in demand by hundreds of thousands of users. Hence, below are several reasons that can explain such a level of need:


Learning apps are especially advantageous because you can use them wherever or whenever you want! Therefore, by creating a student application, you can study at your convenience.


You must create a robust educational app that serves the needs of the community. Apply modern solutions to solve problems and innovate as much as you can to make the experience simpler and smoother.


A large number of resources will be saved by opting for studying via educational apps. Also, you can save money, time, fuel, etc.

Analysis of Progress:

An educational app for learning stores statistics on performance dynamics and user level.

How to Monetize your Educational App?

To build and sustain an Educational App Development Company, it's crucial to figure out a lean canvas model. Here are certain things to consider:


The most common model for monetizing educational apps is freemium. You offer your users an abridged version and suggest they buy the full material if they like it. However, this doesn’t mean that the free version will not be functional on its own.

Free Trial:

A free trial is another standard monetization model among educational app developers. With a free trial, your users get full access to all the materials for a limited period, and if they like it, they can pay to continue full-usage.


Monetizing your app with ads might be risky and seen as a drawback if the ads interrupt the user’s focus. Using of ads should be done optimally. You should conduct market research on what kind of ads are suitable for an educational platform.


This is a valid option for educational app developers with an established business with clients. Schools and universities can facilitate the students’ learning by expanding their reach by hiring such developers.

Need for Market Analysis

Competition can indicate the relevance of your future app. It can be easy to get lost, but to avoid the possibility, conduct market researches dedicated to developing your app. Understand your customer base and your competition to move forward. This will further help in making a mark when you plan to make a student learning app like Noon Academy.

Popular Educational apps in the market

To get you started, you can study the most popular apps that have reached success:

DuoLingo: With total funding of 148.4 million dollars, DuoLingo is the best platform for learning foreign languages online. It offers a vast range of languages like German, Korean, Italian, English, etc. Users can even set their native language so they can learn better.

Khan Academy: This app is found to be offering a vast number of online courses, practices, lessons, and more. They have a wide range of courses to choose from, like maths, arts, informatics, etc. Khan Academy offers apps on both iOS and Android.

Udemy: Udemy is known for its various courses for adults. You can learn software development, 3D sculpting, business, accounting, new languages, etc. With total funding of $223 million, Udemy aims to make learning easier and cheaper.

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Must-Have and advanced Features for an Educational App

You must decide the kind of app you are making the features necessary to include according to that. Here are some of the must-have features an educational app should have:

Login/ Sign Up: Logging in and signing up automatically with your Facebook, Apple, or Google account will make things much easier for any user. The sign- up process is simplified and becomes a ‘one-click’ feature.

User Profile: With user profiles, students can track their progress, navigate the application, and make changes to their calendars. A user profile lets teachers set their agendas, upload materials, and check analytics about students to accommodate their needs better.

Learning Material: Depending on the subject, learning materials can help from categorization: by topic, difficulty level, the time necessary, etc. You can divide the types of learning materials so you can decide properly.


Interactive exercises

Video and audio lessons

Live video streaming and webinars

Tests and evaluations

Push Notifications: This turned out to be a pretty important feature for educational apps. It is a modest means to remind the students and increase the engagement element. It lowers the chance of the students skipping any lessons.

Feedback: Even after releasing the app, keep an eye out for user feedback to make changes to your app accordingly. These apps solely serve a particular purpose for the students, so it’s best to listen to what the customers are demanding.

Scheduling: A systematic approach can help students optimize their learning. You can consider creating a flexible timetable for the students to use. Give your users tools to plan his training and by breaking the process into logical levels.

Learning Path: Get a guided approach to your subject with the help of learning paths.

Cross-platform support: It’s common for students and teachers to use several devices. Each student can use any device they seem fit. Some use laptops, while some have tablets and phones. Having cross-platform support will widen your user base and make things easier for your students.

Technologies stack required for an Educational App like Noon Academy

Tech stack refers to the compilation of tools used to develop a particular app or website. You should consult with professional developers to choose the tech stack for your app.

For iOS apps:

Programming: Swift

Language: Alamofire

For Android app:

Language: Kotlin

Networking: OkHttp

For cross-platform apps:

Language: Kotlin

Networking: Flutter


Language: Node.js

Framework: Express 4

Database: MySQL

API: Swagger


Emails: Elastic emails

Payment: Braintree

Push notifications: FCM

Sign Up: Amazon SES, Amazon SNS

Storage: Amazon S3

How does an Educational app like Noon Academy work?

Use original teaching techniques:

Learning should be efficient. It would be helpful if the material and the teacher take a new and innovative approach to teach.


Learning apps can be implemented as exciting games to stimulate the process. Apps often use games to make students understand logical basics.

User-friendly interface:

It must be simple, helpful, and transparent. And again, when it comes to children, the simplicity of design should be supreme.

Eye-catching visuals and sounds:

It is becoming increasingly important to have bright graphics to engage the user. Adding sound effects to instill a sense of achievement is also much valued.

Lessons should be clear, short, useful, and rewarded:

Make sure that your tailor the courses in such a fashion that doesn’t bore your students. It is also motivating for students to award them with badges and certificates when they finish a course.

Eyes on the prize:

You should always aim to be among the leaders and know what is in demand. Keep an eye on your competitors and general trends in the smart learning industry.

User experience:

This is the most crucial aspect of the app designing process. Making sure the fonts are readable on every type of screen is among many elements to focus on.

Launch & Marketing of app

Launching and marketing for your app will define if your app is going to make it or not. You can apply pre-launch marketing strategies to attract attention and drive traffic. Know your competitors, start marketing your app early, maintain a website, and a blog for your app. Create a social media presence and connect with email campaigns. Having press kits and optimizing your app store ranking is a must. You can launch your app for both Android and iOS to expand your reach.

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How much does it cost to build an Educational App?

With educational app development, many things need to be analyzed when determining the price of an app. For example, will your app need to support video playback or games? Think about how many elements you’re thinking of integrating. Moreover, it’s highly advised to build both for Android and iOS right away for learning apps. You also require to hire mobile app developers, designers, testers, and so on, which again impacts the overall cost for various reasons like the location.

A developers’ location is also essential to estimate the cost of developing an app. In the USA, iOS developers charge between $110 to $250 per hour, Android developers between $150 and $175. In Western Europe, iOS rates are $37 - $175, and the Android rate is $70. UIUX designers need at least 120 hours to design the app, 100 hours to create an admin panel; Quality Assurance requires around 1,300 hours. You would need about $135,000 to develop an app for one platform and $200,100 for two platforms.


Student learning app development can be quite demanding. But now that you have an idea about how to build one, it will be easier for you to determine the cost of your design. Your app should have the best features, such as user account, customizable schedules, accurate activity tracking, and social media connections. Everyone is moving to a time where mobile apps will replace most classroom courses. For now, you can get on the innovating-education bandwagon and take your place in the market.

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