Develop A Family Tree App Like MyHeritage App

Developing a family tree app like MyHeritage is the new craze in the industry. With millions of downloads, this app has already set a benchmark for the appreneurs who want to develop a family tree app like MyHeritage. This blog will share every smallest detail about making an app like MyHeritage.

Applications are created in mind. Who would have ever thought that they would be able to reimagine how their grandparents or grand-grandparents looked while smiling or speaking? Kudos to the mind who thought of family tree app development that can bring ancestor’s photos to life.

People who have missed meeting or spending time with their grandparents or grand ancestors can now have a realistic experience of the look and feel of the picture. All the credits of this experience go to the excellent application named MyHeritage.

MyHeritage is a family tree app where users can upload photos and create a family tree. You can save the family tree for records and use it for an easy reference. The newly introduced Deep Nostalgia feature also allows users to animate the faces of the uploaded photos. MyHeritage app is quite intriguing in many ways, and the proof is the stunning number of 26 million animations. Crazy!

This figure has motivated hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs to look into the details of developing a family tree app like the MyHeritage app. And this blog will solve this purpose.

In this blog, we will look into the introduction of the MyHeritage app, how it functions and what you need to know for making an app like the MyHeritage app. We are sharing this information with you so that you can know that no application is a blockbuster at first go, it takes a lot of effort and sufficient research to come up with an app idea that works amazing. The MyHeritage app story is inspiring, and we hope it solves the purpose.

Introduction to MyHeritage app:

This brilliant application, the MyHeritage app, has come a long way since its release in 2003. Gilad Japhet, the CEO of MyHeritage limited, started this project from his living room in Israel and gained its first big investment in the year 2005.

Ever since the app started using facial recognition software, the application’s popularity grew in leaps and bounds. The app also acquired Pearl Street Software and gained almost 17.2 million users globally. The application’s concept is well celebrated worldwide that it is now launched in more than 17 different languages.

Well, impressed by the whole idea and its implementation, Fransico Partners decided to own the MyHeritage app in the early days of 2021. The acquiring process took place with a hefty exchange of $600 million, Whoa!!

MyHeritage application’s concept of linking family history and genealogy using old pictures is an interesting way of exploring family roots and connecting with the late ones or ones who are not in contact anymore or the unknown family faces.

The application’s services were launched for free but it is now available in a freemium version. Along with this, the MyHeritage family tree helps you match family members from the already registered 81 million family trees. This sounds like an exciting discovery of matching families effortlessly.

In the next section, we will discuss the features and offerings of the application required for family tree app development like the MyHeritage app.

Family Tree App Development

Amazing features that back MyHeritage application’s popularity

Find your family ancestors:

There are chances that you may or may not be aware of your ancestors or related long-distance family members. An important feature of a family tree app like MyHeritage is millions of registered family trees and records of ancestors. The application asks registered users to fill up their information and creates a database of the same. It prepares a family tree and adds branches as soon as you add information about your ancestors.

Once this is done, the application starts searching for other users who might have a relation with you. It looks out for new information about ancestors in the historical database of 13.3 billion records. The database consists of birth certificates, marriage and death certificates. Not only this, but it also covers census, immigration records, gravestones, and burial records.

The MyHeritage application is a powerhouse of historical documents that allows you to explore beyond your first family.

MyHeritage DNA:

A DNA test can reveal where you come from and where you belong. MyHeritage application lets you look into the depths of your ancestry and helps you find out your long-lost ancestors.

The application allows you to upload your DNA samples in a private and secured way. It breaks down your percentage DNA and lets you know about your ancestors belonging to any from 2114 geographic regions.

Surprise Surprise, be ready to meet some unknown faces from the globe!

Face animation using Deep Nostalgia:

MyHeritage app is so popular because of its exemplary face animation feature. Along with the family tree feature, the application allows users to animate faces in the already uploaded photos of the family tree.

The photos can be black or white; it doesn’t matter during animation. Users can animate old pictures with smiles, blinking, head turns & share the videos with families and friends.

This feature uses AI-powered Deep Nostalgia technology to animate faces in the photographs. The D-ID company, an expert in deep learning, backs this feature by allowing users to enhance the picture quality from any color scheme and processing it for video animation.

Refer to this blog and find out more about how the application animates the images. You will be surprised to see some driving animations like kiss blows, nodding, big smiles, etc.

Additionally, the AI process also helps you boost the picture quality, remove the graining, and enhance the picture focus.

Should a family tree app like MyHeritage be available for free?

Well, the MyHeritage application can easily be downloaded from PlayStore. It is available for free, but users have to subscribe to the application in order to unlock the animation tools.

The subscription plan starts at $199 for the first year, followed by $299 for the entire year.

What is the cost to develop a family tree app like MyHeritage app?

Considering all the factors and advanced features the application offers to the audience, the cost of app development would be around $20K to $40K.

However, it also depends on your project goals and requirements mentioned in the product requirements specification document. Further, it changes as you include,


Third-party integrations;



Location of development company;

Total number of hours;


If you choose to hire mobile app developers or an on-demand app development company, make sure that they follow a thorough mobile app development process.

If you wish, you can also contact us for your project. We would be happy to help you develop your demanding solution and provide you with the best promising solution.

Concluding Thoughts:

MyHeritage application is a brilliant and engaging app idea for you to proceed with this year. It is a thriving industry segment with a very small number of competitors.

If you have an innovative way of proceeding with this demanding mobile app idea, give us a ping. We would await your response! Thank you.

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