Develop a Food Ordering App for your Takeaway

One can not think well, love well or sleep well if one has not dined well. A great English writer, Virginia Woolf, rightly said for the human hunger pangs. Well, the Christmas holidays are around the corner, and this freezing cold will make people quiescent to make their own food.

Well, more than your matches on Tinder, you will find online food delivery options available on your mobile. Do you agree? Be it any part of the world, online food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, GrubHub, Seamless, UberEats are constantly at the rescue to satisfy hunger cravings. These apps deliver piping hot favorite foods making the people addicted to these apps. And this is one of the major reasons why food ordering app development is on a hike.

Entrepreneurs today see a giant opportunity in the food delivery market, which is why they want to go for food ordering mobile app development. They want to experiment with ideas while they make an app like Seamless or Zomato. Well, without scrolling any further, we will straightly move towards our main topic, on how to develop a food ordering app like Seamless? We have covered topics like app development like UberEats and Zomato previously in our blogs. Therefore we would be discussing today developing a food ordering app like Seamless.

Seamless is New York’s favorite online venture for ordering food in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, or the Bronx. You can find your favorite local joints like Tenzan, Insomnia cookies, or anything on the menu like sushi, tacos, pasta over the platform. The Seamless app allows its customer to book orders with just a few taps. The customer can type any of the keywords and search for food options from any of their favorite restaurants.

Also, you can search for food menus within your budget or leave special notes for your orders. It also gives an option of order takeaway as and when the food is ready. The Seamless app throws away some exclusive deals and perks for the members registered with the app. It also allows people to preorder or go for express reorder of food. Surprisingly, customers can also purchase a gift card and give it to their loved ones on various occasions. This gift card can either be a physical or digital card.

So to conclude, Seamless is New Yorkers solution to rain hunger, sweat hunger, sick hunger, birthday events, parties, everything.

So what is your idea of developing a food ordering app for your takeaway? Why should you develop an online platform for food ordering? What is the importance of developing a food delivery app?

The food delivery market is a disruptive one. A food delivery app allows you to deliver an exuberant experience to your customers. It opens up floodgates of opportunities and lets you achieve your business goals. This is just one reason why you should develop a food ordering app like Seamless; other options are.

Meeting the market demands:

The food delivery market is the fastest-growing market, expected to cross $300 billion by 2030. There would be an exponential growth of 16% in the coming years. And it would be best to launch your food delivery app when the market is rising high. You can have maximum hits if you touch the right chord of customers.

Time saver for you and your customers:

As much as your customers need the application, so do you. Customers can quickly tap on the food servings, select their options, and order the food. At the same time, you can keep your order deliveries to align and relax while everything is being taken care of. You do not have to engage manually to keep up the staff records or bills; the application will manage everything by itself.

Business expansion:

With a traditional approach to restaurant management, you can reach only a limited segment of the audience. However, developing a food ordering app like Seamless allows you to connect with a broader range of audiences from various locations within the city.

This will give you a better chance to translate money and earn yourself brand recognition.

Better Return On Investment:

Well, do not be surprised if you see a sudden increase in your bank account balance. This is bound to happen, Kidding! However, if you have a well-articulated application prepared by a food delivery app development company following every mobile app design process thoroughly, a rise in amount should be expected.

What are the available food delivery apps model you can go for?

The food delivery app is a profitable business venture; however, which business model you want to go for also matters. The three available business delivery models are:

Aggregators model:

This business model is often referred to as a third-party app where you act as a platform between the restaurant and the customer. In this model, the customer registers on the application, browses for dishes, and places the order using the platform. The restaurant receives the order, confirms it, and takes the responsibility of delivering it at the customer’s doorsteps.

However, small restaurant owners might face the challenge of managing the delivery, and hence big food chains and restaurants are likely to join the app.

Example: Zomato

Delivery model:

Unlike the aggregator model, in this business model, the application is responsible for managing the deliveries. This might turn out to be a successful choice for small restaurant owners who are looking out for a delivery service separately.

As an application owner, you have a chance to bring a higher number of restaurants on board and thereby make more profits. The restaurants can solely focus on the food preparation part while you are handling everything else.

Example: UberEats

On-demand food delivery, self-owned:

If you already own a restaurant, you can opt for this business model. Here, you will provide a full cycle of food preparation. You will also be responsible for handling the delivery of hot & delicious meals at the customer’s doorstep.

In this model, you have complete control over the process, and hence you can promise the quality of food, food delivery time, and more.

Coming to the body of the blog, the features of an online food delivery app,

When you are done with the Lean Canvassing and Product Requirement Document preparation, the next step is to decide on the features. You can sit with your prospective app development partner and decide the must-have and should-have features of the application. You can also ask them to classify the functional and nonfunctional requirements in a document so that it helps you in deciding the features.

Talking about Seamless application, in particular, let’s look at the features that distinguish Seamless from the other available options.

Seamless merged with GrubHub, but that merger didn’t affect its growth. The reason behind this success is,

Easy navigation through the list of food restaurants:

The intriguing and user-friendly application is the key when it comes to on-demand app delivery development. And Seamless app sets benchmarks for it. It provides hassle-free navigation, making it easy for their customers to savor their cravings. Make sure that you decide this navigation flow while you are deciding the UI/UX flow of the application.

Allowing users to order, preorder, and reorder the food:

It does happen with customers that they make the last moment orders for their dinner or lunch. In such scenarios, your customer’s either have to wait for their order or delay their dinner timings.

Seamless provides a solution to this problem. It allows customers to preorder (specifically, 2 hours and four days) their food as per their requirement. Not only this, they can easily press the reorder button and order the same menu for the next day.

Push notifications seal the deal:

Push notifications help you set up two-way communication with the customers. The seamless app notifies the customer instantly about their recent order placed within the app. This means the customer gets notified in real-time, and that helps in building trust.

Develop a Food Ordering App Like Seamless

What is the list of other features required for food ordering app development?

An online food ordering app like Seamless will have three screens, in particular, Customer side, Admin Side, and Delivery executive’s side. However, if you go for an aggregator-based model, it will have a restaurant owner’s side screen too. For designing these screens, you need to sit with your development partner and discuss the list of amazing features that you can include.

Admin’s screen will require you to integrate all the control features of the application. The admin should be able to see analytics & various reports to check how many new customers are on board.

Customers at the same time should have all the advanced features, including order placement, multiple payment options, connect with restaurants, social media login, etc.

The driver’s screen demands easy navigation to the customer’s location. They should be allowed to accept/reject orders, check reviews and ratings, receive tips on delivery, etc.

We are describing the list of features in general, which you can classify as per the screen type.

Social media login;




Analytics and Reporting;

Order placement;


Payment gateway;

Review & Feedback;

Real-time push notifications;

Real-time food tracking;

Easy navigation;



Route optimization;

Start/End trip;

Contact the user;

Contact the restaurant;

Contact the delivery executive;

Customize the order;

Real-time availability;

Book slots;

Profile management;

Offers, coupons, and discounts;

Loyalty points;

Logistics management;

Well, because of the battling demand for online food delivery applications, you need to make sure that you stand out. How will you ensure this is by defining your food delivery application’s unique selling proposition.

For defining your USP, you need to study your competitors and their marketing strategies. From this research, you have to find out what is working best for them and where they fall out. You need to give a compelling reason to the audience why they should install your application.

To give you an example, your USP can be anything like discounts or referrals, special time slots, speedy delivery, no waiting, no delivery charges, etc.

Develop a Food Ordering App Like Seamless

What does the food ordering app development cost?

You might be eager to find out the cost of developing a food ordering app like Seamless. Well, we will not make you wait. You can expect the food ordering app development cost to be around $15K to $35K depending on the features you integrate into the application.

However, the price tag may vary from one app development company to another. Their hourly rates, feature inclusion, after maintenance services, the total number of hours, etc. A few other factors affecting the cost are:

The platform of app development;

Technology stack;

Location of app development company;

App design;

App complexity;

If we were to conclude, then the final price may rise up to $90K with all the advanced features included within the application.

The best way to decide is to discuss the project’s commercial with your app development partner. They will help you in selecting the basic & advanced features of the application.

Concluding Thoughts:

Make sure that you have the right development team at your disposal because it is their expertise and skills that are going to do the magic. The mobile app development company should be reliable enough so that you can focus on other important tasks.

Now that you have the roadmap to app development, it is the right time to initiate food ordering app development. We wish you all the best in developing your dream app that will survive the cutthroat competition.

Stay in touch with us to know more about on-demand food delivery app development. You can also hire our on-demand app developers for your next project.

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