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With all those gobbling over favorite food, we always have a pang of slight guilt feeling inside us, don’t we? This guilt feeling often makes us wonder how great it would be if we have a handy personalized fitness helper all time with us? It would be so magical if s/he can make us count each calorie intake we have throughout the day and help us from crossing the mark (Weight mark fellas).

The above mentioned are the thoughts and expectations of a regular audience who is diet conscious and wishes to exercise regularly within their favorite timeframe. And if you are an entrepreneur reading this blog, here is your silver bullet to develop home workouts & diet apps.

Home workouts & diet app development is taking over the industry. The primary reason being the outbreak of COVID 19 made everyone stay at home, and second, the comfort of working out at home has glued everyone to their exercise mats.

Do you wish to make the best of this opportunity? Well, here is the blog that will help you achieve your goals. In this blog, we have taken a lesser-known but highly ranked app name BetterMe weight loss app. This app is a one-of-its-kind application winning the hearts of hundreds of thousands.

It is a recent launch app (2017), yet a much popular app founded by Victoria Repa and Vitaly Laptenok. The tag line, “Get in your best shape with the least effort,” has got the better of everyone. The catchy lines and attractive offerings have helped them grab the attention of the users. This is why we want to help you build a competition app for BetterMe. We will guide you through the features and working model of BetterMe so that you can swiftly develop a diet application like BetterMe. Kody Technolab is one of the popular on-demand app development companies located in India and the US.

Our main motive is to help startups and entrepreneurs with their amazing app idea and bring it to reality. In the next section, we would be describing everything from a BetterMe perspective; however, you can have your own set of requirements in addition to the ones mentioned in this blog.

Overview of BetterMe

BetterMe is a weight loss app available on both platforms, iOS, and Android. It is yet new in the industry which is why the team is frequently adding new features and releasing updates.

BetterMe helps people in remaining healthy by giving them diet plans and workout charts. It helps people count their calorie intake and makes sure that they work out at the scheduled time.

The application is easy to install and navigate. The user can easily log in to the application using their email address or social media accounts (iOS users can only use Facebook).

How do home workouts & diet app development apps like BetterMe work? What are the eye-catching offerings to know for making an app like BetterMe?

- Once you complete the onboarding process, the application is all about YOU and only YOU: Diet plans, personalized workout plans, and whatnot. The application asks you to enter some personal information about your weight, age, and basic health and accordingly charts out the best suggestions for you.

- Secondly, it will ask you which area of the body holds your maximum concern and where do you wish to work out the most. Depending on your inputs, the application will suggest eating and exercise charts.

- It is upon the user to decide whether they want to opt for entry-level, intermediate, or advanced level. You can select any one of your choices and start your training.

- One amazing thing about the BetterMe app is even if you leave your workout, the app won’t leave you (in a positive way). It will remind you of your goals and where you left out your workout video the last time you left the app.

- Workouts with the BetterMe app are short and effective. It doesn’t let you burn more calories than you want. The videos boost your willpower and help you achieve your fitness goal.

- The effectiveness of the application’s designed workout is much higher, which is why the application is a favorite among the audience.

- Additionally, the meal plans (covered for vegans, Keto, low calorie, high calorie) suggested by experts are free, and you do not have to rush around to buy ingredients. All of these dishes are easy to prepare from the ingredients in your kitchen and not costly at all. And if it is not in your kitchen, you can create a shopping list within the app and easily access it. Sounds quite interesting, isn’t it?

- Well, if you are wondering if that's the end to the surprise, let me tell you, you are wrong. The application easily integrates with HealthKit and GoogleFit, which makes it more advanced.

- The application asks for users’ feedback after every workout. This is another eye-catching thing about the BetterMe app.

Adding more to the awwwness… BetterMe has a section for articles, videos, and workouts. Users can easily read some of the experts’ amazing health tips and watch videos at their convenience. The health experts are certified health coaches selected by their team. Users can connect with them over messages or shoot them any queries about your health.

All in all, the application offers the following

- Customized weight loss and weight gain plan;

- Workouts for all levels;

- Certified coach support;

- Cardio exercises;

- Yoga sessions;

- Customized meal plans;

- Calorie tracker;

- Water tracker;

- Step Counter;

- Virtual community;

- Running sessions;

- Video snippets;

- Informational articles and much more.

It has covered around 1500 workouts available in its library, which you can perform at home. BetterMe offers some easy and suitable ways to get in shape fast.

Develop Home Workouts App like Betterme

What is the suggested business model for workouts & diet apps like Betterme?

If we specifically discuss the BetterMe app, it does operate for free only for a limited time (Even they have to make money, isn’t it).

The application offers a free trial, after which the user has to select one of the subscription models. The monthly subscription comes at $9.99/month whereas, lifetime access is $59.99.

The user doesn’t have to handle the hassle of remembering the renewal date. The application reminds the user prior to the end date of the subscription, which they can renew if they wish to move forward.

Users can easily unsubscribe from the workout sessions by tapping the cancel button (but why do you have to think about this when you know you will develop an excellent home workout application).

Develop Home Workouts App like Betterme

What is the cost to develop home workouts & diet apps like BetterMe?

Home workouts & diet app development cost is pretty reasonable. You can have your app developed with a budget of around $20K to $30K. The price is nominal for an app with basic features and may exceed if you plan to integrate more advanced features into it.

However, with us, the above-mentioned budget is sufficient. We do not charge any hidden prices and discuss the same right before the initiation of the process. If we feel the price may not fit your budget, we straight away give you some other options to go for. We also follow some strict mobile app design processes, and our app development process starts right from Lean Canvassing to PRD preparation and ends up at Quality test. We also offer flexible models for hiring our mobile app developers who can work day and night to deliver what is best for you and your business.

Concluding Thoughts!

The health and fitness industry is expected to see an annual growth of 5 % until 2023. The smart industry is expecting smart solutions. Do you have any better ideas to contribute to us?You have our ears, fill-up the form, and get in touch with us for developing home workouts applications.

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