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It has been one of the most hectic responsibilities of a parent to motivate and encourage a good reading habit in your child from an early age. Reading helps develop kids’ brain ability to focus, concentrate, socialize and boost communication skills with early literacy skills. Thus, parents try hard to blend reading habits into their child’s daily routine. However, the omnipresence of gadgets has hooked children to mobile devices and virtual games. In that case, developing kids reading apps like Epic appears as a definitive solution.

Epic is tremendously growing and a top-rated book reading mobile application for kids who are 12 and under, offering a cross-device learning experience. With a mission to make books more accessible to kids, Suren Markosian and Kevin Donahue found this kids-friendly app in 2013. They came up with the kids’ educational app development idea out of their own experience. When they observed their kids, they realized books should also be accessible, like games and videos on iPhones and iPads.

Commercially speaking, the e-learning market is rapidly distending. According to Statista, education is the third most popular category after gaming and business on the App Store. With the number of e-learning apps, the market revenue is also rapidly growing. In 2019, the market surpassed $200 billion and is expected to exceed $375 billion by 2026.

There’s more to it why smart business people search for how to develop a kids educational app and believe in its potential.

Why Is Kids Educational App Development Rising So High?

1. Flexibility.

Educational apps make the learning process a lot flexible for kids in terms of time and place. Unlike physical classes, Epic allows preschool to primary school students to read and foster their intellect anywhere and anytime they like.

2. Wide choice.

With mobile learning’s flexibility, you can offer a range of books and videos by developing a reading app like Epic. Epic kids reading app offers 40000+ books, learning videos, reading quizzes, and more that help kids learn to read with fun. Such extensive options attract kids to try something new every time, which otherwise would not be possible in the school library.

3. Efficiency.

Platforms like Epic not only teach kids how to read but also let parents and teachers track the child’s reading progress. They can observe what topics, genre, and character their children like and read about most.

4. Money-saving.

To induce a reading habit in kids, many parents, inclined to hire a personal tutor. However, once children are glued to gadgets, it’s hard to take their minds off of that. But when you bring habit-forming reading apps like Epic to them, it steers their mind in the right direction. And even if the app is subscription-based, it fairly saves parents significant time and money from hiring personal tutors.

How To Make Money By Developing An App Like Epic?

It’s apparent now why people prefer such apps, and startups should consider building a reading app like Epic. But what about making money with educational apps? Let’s find out some revenue streams you can add to your business model.

Subscription. You can offer multiple subscription plans with different feature sets with monthly, quarterly, and yearly recurring payment cycles.

Freemium. Most free educational apps make money by allowing users to unlock some compelling features that they would want to pay for.

In-app purchases. Offering in-app book purchases on your digital library app can be a really efficient stream for revenue.

Advertisement. You must see advertisements on every other app you use and also know how annoying that could be. However, when using it in moderation without affecting much on user experience, you can generate significant revenue. Still, you need to ensure you comply with the ad policy, specifically if you build apps for kids.

White-label your code. If you create your app with the code that can be repurposed, you can sell your software to educational institutions or teachers and make additional revenue.

Kids Educational  App Development

How To Create An Educational App Like Epic? Things To Learn

An ed-tech writer, Derek Newton, states in the Forbes report how Epic accrued eye-popping numbers in 2020. Some highlights read the number of Epic readers grew from 20M to 50M+ in the past year alone. Children read more than a billion books, and half of them were read by new readers. Moreover, they made it to one million educators that use the platform to assign, track, and curate reading.

Don’t you wonder what the secret of the Epic app is? Let’s figure out through its user-most-loved functionalities.

Read To Me - The option lets kids read the text and hear the words, which is a good pronunciation practice for them.

Epic for Educator - The platform is free for teachers, and using a unique code of a teacher, students can connect to their teachers and earn classroom rewards as well.

Book insights - When a kid clicks on a book, it also displays age range and an estimated reading time with a summary that helps them decide if it matches their interest and ability level.

Time tracking - Epic kid reading app also records the time a child took to read a book.

Learning videos - In addition to books, there are notable picture books and informational videos on the platform that help kids get along quickly.

Cross-device compatibility - They have crafted the app really well that runs on iOS, Android, and tablets, allowing children to bring books with them on the go.

Offline mode - The app becomes more convenient with its offline reading mode that keeps children’s reading experience ongoing no matter what.

Talking about elementary features for educational apps like Epic, you should include the below features in your project requirements document.

User Profile


Learning Material Storage

Push Notifications


Scheduling System


Statistics On Kids Reading Habits

Payment Gateways

Kids Reading App Development In Nutshell!

Idea formation.

Epic! is designed and built specifically for kids that doesn’t mean you should also make the app for kids only. There are many concepts available to be served in the e-learning economy. For example, there are language learning apps like Duolingo, Coursera for online courses, storing learning material apps like Google Classroom, etcetera. It’s your call to decide which idea to bring life based on your target audience and market.

Market research.

Market research is the core of your educational app’s success. It is the only way to check if there is a need for what you build. And if your concept is feasible or what you need to make it viable. You should conduct market and competitor research thoroughly as most startups fail due to a lack of proper research.


Once you successfully find a great idea and market research also falls in your favor, test it on your audience. Multiple ways are there to present your app idea to your prospective investors and audience. However, wireframing and prototyping are the best ways to test and improve your app idea in the early stages.


Even your app concept is feasible and tested; there could be improvement areas yet to examine. If you launch a full-fledged app anyway, it can cost you an arm and a leg to fix those issues. Therefore, it is safer to build an MVP with essential features and upgrade new features gradually.

Kids Educational  App Development

Kids Educational App Development Cost Estimation

When you target Android and iOS both platforms, kids educational application development company follows the below steps.

Frontend development that takes about 100-200 hours depending on the app design’s complexity level that includes;


Create app logo

Develop app screens

Then comes backend development that consumes around 1000 hours and includes;

iOS, Android development.

Backend development.

QA engineering to test the App

Public your learning app

The number of hours that go into the development process is crucial because developers charge hourly. Moreover, the rate they charge for development services depends on the geographical location you hire app developers from. Considering all aspects and calculating the cost to develop an educational application like Epic at an average rate, you’ll need around $30000.

Let’s execute your idea!

With every passing day and increasing app revenue worldwide, the importance of mobile application development is surging. Consequently, every business rushes in to launch an app and leverage the mobile app convenience for good. However, before you get on the train, find a reliable on-demand app development company that supports you beyond app deployment.

Our team is well-versed in custom education app development, and we have been developing strategic solutions for a number of industries for years. If you want, you can talk to our expert directly or check our portfolio.

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