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More than ever, humans today need self-care and meditation for their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. The pandemic isolation and quarantine have started getting on the nerves of the people. The only escort to come out of this struggling situation is talking to friends, families and meditating. Irrespective of the covid situation, one person out of four will face some of the other mental health issues in the coming times.

This means it is the right time to overcome this stigma and start seeking help from experts. Mentioning experts reminds me that advanced technology facilitates you to access experts by hand. The mobile app development industry has successfully developed mental health apps like MindDoc and Shine that play the role of a companion in a user’s mental health journey.

Both of these mental health app development solutions are performing exemplary in helping people meditate and maintain their mental well-being. The application is accessible to everyone who wishes to take care of their emotional status and also for the ones who are suffering from minor mental illness discomforts like depression, anxiety, and insomnia. The application is backed by licensed clinical psychologists & leading researchers. The success these applications have achieved has grabbed entrepreneur’s attention.

Eventually, this has led to high demand for making an app like MindDoc development. Kody Technolab also received several inquiries related to building a mental health tracker app like MindDoc. Owing to this, we decided to make our clients aware of the offerings of a mental health care application, how the apps serve people, and what is unique about this app idea. I am pretty sure that after reading this blog, the basics will be evident in your mind, and when you approach us with the idea, we can directly move to further stages.

In this blog, we have discussed MindDoc and Shine application parallelly because both of these apps address the same issue. The features are worth taking inspiration from to develop an effective mental health app like MindDoc.

Cost To Develop a Mental Health App

A synopsis about MindDoc and Shine app:

Shine is an award-winning application featured as the 2019 Google Play Award Standout wellbeing app. It is also the winner of the 2019 Webby Award winner for Best Lifestyle app. Shine works with a mission to show ways in which humans can live life mindfully. The co-founders Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah Lidey addressed the issue and thus made mental self-care accessible.

Shine app has come a long way from being a chat app to mental health app. Earlier, the application was used as a chat medium to share positivities. However, within a short period of time, the application soon started offering podcasts, meditation videos, and in-app chat, the boosts positivities and spreads smiles. The offerings help people increase their confidence and productivity.

MindDoc is a Germany-based application founded in 2017. The application provides online therapies for various mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and obsession. The application became so popular that many health insurance companies cover the therapy cost with MindDoc. The application asks certain questions related to your mental health and identifies the symptoms. It is an initiative run by a group of clinics having around 30 years of experience. The psychotherapy provided by the app experts helps in stabilizing many minor health conditions; however, it can not be a substitute for physical psychotherapy treatments.

Who can use an application like MindDoc?

Any adult having psychological or emotional stress can use the application as a preliminary treatment. If the mental disorders are severe, it is recommended to consult a doctor. The application has its limitations, owing to which people with severity should not use it.

Cost To Develop a Mental Health App

How does mental health app work? What are the points to consider for mental health app development?

The online therapists at MindDoc have around three years of full-time experience and at least five years of part-time training in treating patients. This means you have experts at your disposal.

The first step to mental health application begins with a self-assessment test that helps in deciding whether you need a therapy session or not. The assessment questionnaire usually takes around five minutes, and the cognitive analysis (cognitive behavioral therapy cbt) quickly assesses the situation.

Next, as soon as the results are out, you can register yourself for a therapy session. Users can select a personal meet with anyone out for two hundred psychotherapists for consultation. An email is sent to you and the psychotherapists for confirmation, and your meeting is scheduled. Online therapies restrict the outgoing of patients given the covid situation, hitting the double intentions in time.

Note: All the data and information you share with your doctor are safe and secured under HIPAA compliance and other regulatory guidelines. You should declare the security requirements in advance with your on-demand app development company or the hired on-demand developers.

The application also offers multiple resources like courses and exercises which a patient can refer to during their journey to mental wellness.

What are the features required in a mental health app? What is the cost to develop a mental health app?

The mobile app design process and development is an interesting one. You will need an experienced team of UI/UX designers who can create visual designs for a mental health app. Our team at Kody Technolab also follows well-defined practices that include wireframing, prototyping, MVP development, etc., to ensure a perfect launch of the application. We design to impress your target audience by keeping their choices in mind.

As per our experience, the features in a mental health app should include,

- User profile;

- Self-monitoring: How they handle stress and what activity causes them stress and anxiety? The screen should be as colorful & engaging as it can be.

- Notifications: Customized messages and suggestions boost user’s morale. The app should remind them to follow the mental-health exercises and ways in which they should relax their body and soul.

- Advanced Dashboard;

- In-app messaging: The app should allow users to chat with their therapists to have better and meaningful sessions.

- In-app video/audio calls;

- Gamification: The application should have some gamification element which users can access to relax their mind.

- Support groups:

- Sharing;

- Multiple resources audios and videos;

- Various meditation exercises;

- Mood board;

- Therapist details;

- Therapist selection;

- Dashboard for therapists;

Note: Whatever treatments and therapies you plan to provide should be based on tried and tested therapeutic approaches. The well-researched approaches should be comprehensive and work in favor of the patient. The visuals and the sounds should be aesthetically pleasing and calming. Remember, people are going to use the app for positive communication and support.

Coming to the cost of mental health solutions development:

If we consider all the features and factors, an android app or iOS app can be built within a budget of $25K. However, it may vary depending on various cost variation factors and the project’s scope.

$20K to $25K is Kody Technolab’s estimated cost of app development. You may approach your prospective app development company with your project requirements to get a detailed price quote.

Parting Words:

The growth rate of this application segment is quite high. These applications usually work on a premium-based subscription model and earn millions in revenue. If you are looking out for an app development partner who guides you through the app idea, you should promptly fill up our form. We will revert you back in a day or two. Thanks!

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