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In this technological era, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. Smartphones have taken over the traditional way of shopping via introducing on-demand online shopping apps like Ubuy. Everything is just a tap away: ordering food, booking hotels, handling finances, or shopping. If you look at the surveys, 79% of smartphone users shopped online on their mobile devices in the last six months of 2019. Also, M-commerce is taking the lead in worldwide market share.

As per Tech Jury reports, mobile commerce contributes around 51.1% to the worldwide market share, whereas desktop market shares just contribute 44.2%. So, it is the right time to think about entering the market via an online shopping app since it is a huge market. Creating an online shopping app allows your users to do shopping with comfort. It not only provides an excellent shopping experience for your customers and increases your revenues. In a nutshell, online shopping is one of the growing sectors. You should plan to launch your app as mobile shopping apps' growth is expected to grow more and more.

So, it is like a win-win strategy. However, now the question arises on how to develop an app like Ubuy from scratch?

Well, the following steps will help you in gaining enough knowledge to get started with your journey in on-demand shopping app development.

Sketch an Idea to Build a Shopping App

When it comes to investing in a business like an on-demand shopping app development, it's not just sufficient to think of it and start building it right away. You have to figure out a basic plan or idea around which the app making will evolve further. What does it provide a user and what basic functions will it give them to solve their problems that aren't solved with other similar apps.

What is the very basic concept behind building an MVP for your app?

For this, you must evaluate the need for your on-demand shopping app by understanding the point below:

Identify Need for a Shopping App

As mentioned above, a large percentage of smartphone users do shopping via mobile apps. Thus, creating an online shopping app will increase your sales and grow your audience. No doubt, you will face a competitive market. You need to make the most out of this competitive environment, think about offering unique services to your customers, and make them loyal to your brand.

An app allows you to interact with your customers via feedback feature. In this way, you can keep on improving the quality of the services you offer. Above all, by investing in developing an online shopping app, you can manage your business efficiently. It becomes easy to manage and control your business via apps.

Business Model to develop an app like Ubuy - Revenue Generation

Building your app isn't just sufficient; you must ensure it stays put and grow with time. Hence, you must work out a lean canvas model to create a way for revenue generation. One of the simplest models is charging money from sellers and advertisers while opting for a Mobile App development company's shopping application.

A shopping app links shoppers and merchants, and you may charge a cost-per-click commission from sellers and advertisers. Moreover, you can plan to charge a certain fixed percentage from the cost of each item sellers sell on your platform.

Why analyze the market to build an application like Ubuy?

Before starting any on-demand business, it is very important to understand the needs and requirements of customers. To do so, you will have to conduct in-depth market research. For the effective market analysis, you should be specific about your, at first, target audience and what type of goods you want to sell in your shopping app. Now, move on to the next step i.e., market research.

To research deeply on the market, you will have to go through the existing apps that offer the same goods. Do a deep study on the services they offer and their mechanism of working. This will also help you understand what essential features are required to develop an online shopping app like Ubuy. Furthermore, the market analysis also helps you think about some out-of-the-box or additional features to make your app different.

Type of Shopping Apps

Online shopping apps sell a wide range of products that include:


Kitchen appliances


Electrical Appliances including computer hardware


And the list goes on. It depends on you what you want to sell. However, it does not make any difference. You can create a shopping app for any type of goods you sell. Ensure the features in your on-demand shopping app give tough competition to some popular existing apps like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Etsy, Wish, etc.

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Must-Have Features to create an online shopping app like Ubuy.

Now, it is time to organize your app features before you begin with the actual process of creating an online shopping app like Ubuy. Your shopping app should have all the features that provide an outstanding user experience. If you want to keep things simple yet attractive, you can consider launching a minimum viable product (MVP).

An MVP takes less time to release, and you can improve it in future updates after getting a response from your customers. The must-have features that a shopping app should include are as follows:

User Account

This is the first feature that every shopping app must-have. By creating an account, a user can keep a record of their previous orders, search history, or products added to the wishlist/cart. Their account gives them access to go through their shopping activity anytime.

Search Options

Of course, your app will have thousands of different products in various categories. A search option will help users to discover their required items. Using this feature, they can easily spot the required item among the various options. They can even apply advanced filters and get the right product as per their needs.

Push Notifications

This feature plays a vital role in attracting your customers back to your app. Push notifications remind them to shop and notify them about the new collection or heavy discount offers. The users can get such information via notifications and open the app to explore the products they are interested in.

Payment Options

After booking a product, the app should offer different payment options that should include payment via debit cards, credit cards, cash on delivery, or any other secure payment option. If you offer different payment options, it will comfort your users, and they will keep on shopping with your app.


This feature adds credibility to your services. Tracking features also strengthens the trust of the customers on the sellers. Moreover, it keeps them engaged with your app.


This is yet another important feature that a shopping app must-have. Feedback of your app gives you an honest review of the entire mechanism and if your customers like it. It helps to improve your business and enhance the quality you are offering to your customers. Moreover, the feedback feature should have options like ratings, reviews, and suggestions.

App development team

After you are done with the market analysis business model, features' list, and other aspects, you must opt for efficient app developers or more members to create an on-demand shopping app. You may look for hiring:

Database Experts

QA Experts

Delivery Manager

UI/UX Designer

Android Developer, iOS Developer

Back-end Developer

A Project Manager, etc.

Technologies Stack required for a Shopping App.

Now, diving into the details of the technology stack required to build an online shopping app:

Front-end technology: This part contains the portion visible to the visitors. If your app takes too long to load, visitors will immediately leave your online store. So, you will have to create a responsive design for your app. Front-end development begins with a design that includes wireframes and prototypes. Usually, developers use HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript libraries to develop front-end of a shopping app.

Back-end technology: This part is a bit complex as it manages the entire functioning of the app. The back-end supervises order management, SEO settings, payments, etc. If there is an error in the back-end, the whole app will not work smoothly. Languages used in this method include PHP, Python, Java, etc.

Third-party Services:Shopping apps use third-party services to meet their additional needs. Some popular integration includes:

Payment gateways: You can integrate PayPal, Stripe, or Braintree for handling transactions.

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM): This system analyzes customer behavior by collecting data from previous purchases. You can integrate systems like Salesforce, Zoho, and Microsoft Dynamics to track customer activity and improve business relationships.

Other integration tools may include shipping modules, social networks, etc.

online shopping app development company

How does a Shopping App function?

It is a myth that shopping online is complex when it's the most convenient than opting for offline buys (Except in a few scenarios). Here is how:

The process of shopping via app starts with user registration. If you have already registered for the app, you need to log in.

Then, you can start looking for your product.

For your convenience, a shopping app comes with a search feature. You can easily search for the product you are looking for. You can even apply advanced filters like price range, brands, size, etc. to look for the best option.

Once you are satisfied with a particular product, you can add it to your cart and continue looking for other products. After adding all your needed items in the cart, you can head to the payment option.

A shopping app offers different payment options. You can choose the option you are comfortable with.

As soon as you securely complete the transaction, all of the products are ordered.

Now, you have to do nothing but eagerly wait for your order. To get insights into your order, you can track your order. And the wait gets over when your order gets delivered.

In the end, make sure you give feedback on the app as it helps to improve the app.

Mock-drill test

Of course, this is one of the most important steps of the on-demand app development process. The testing of your app before launching it helps you to improve your mistakes. This approach helps you to remove the possibilities of bugs, crashes, and bad user experience. Also, you should test payment options to check if it is secure. Moreover, this mock test saves you from future embarrassment.

Launch and Marketing of the Shopping App

Once you launch your app, you need to promote it. The marketing of your app helps you to reach your target audience. First of all, you need to organize the stuff so that users find their favorite items easily. Then to attract more and more customers, your app should come with special sales or personalized offers. Such deals act as a magnet to attract new customers as well.

So, proper marketing and promotion will not only create your brand image but also increase your total revenue.

What is the actual cost of building a Shopping App like Ubuy?

The cost of building any app depends on not just 2 or 3 but multiple other factors. The factors are as follows:

Application functionality

Design and UI

The level of complexity (It depends on if your app has a basic number of features or advanced too).

Platforms on which app will be launched (Android, iOS, or both)

The hourly rates of the professional team vary as per their expertise. So, when you look forward to/and hire mobile app developers, testers, designers, etc., this aspect must be considered.

The location of the team: The development cost is quite expensive in the US, UK, Canada. However, it is quite cheaper in Eastern Europe without compromising with the quality of work they offer.

For an app that is not very complex overall, may charge around $25,000. However, a shopping app with a medium or high level of complexity may cost about $40,000 to $80,000.

Final words

By now, you must have been familiar with the entire process of developing an on-demand online shopping app. With proper planning and strategy, it is easy to build an online shopping app development company. If you already own a website, make sure your app looks similar to your website. On the user part, the app should function smoothly without crashing. Moreover, do not forget to optimize the app's loading time. Keep things as simple as you can and do not add complex animations, as adding them may increase the loading time.

It is also suggested to keep on rolling updates for your app to improve its quality and offer a better user experience. Keeping all these things in mind, you are ready to hit the digital market with your online shopping app.

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