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The newest way to access premium content is by listening to podcasts. There is a whole new hype about this podcast industry (which is worth it), and the market is expected to cross $60.5 billion before 2027. Podcast applications are specifically designed for the podcast community enthusiast (people who prefer listening over reading).

A podcast application helps them listen to every line of an article that otherwise would have been skimmed. This is why the average number of podcast listeners is increasing across the globe. This sounds pretty tempting to us, and therefore we decided to come up with an article that will guide our clients with podcast app development.

Podcast app development can be of multiple types. For example, you can have a podcast app for comic stories, inspirational podcasts, research-based podcasts, individual podcasts, comedians & storytellers, radio networks, enterprise podcasts, marketing podcasts, and more. A podcast application can educate people on various subjects and engage them with the product/service.

“A podcast is a great way to develop relationships with hard-to-reach people”- Tim Paige.

Well, with only a counting number of podcast applications, we assure you that there is room for your podcast app in the market. So, do you invest your valuable time reading this guide on podcast app development? If yes, then keep scrolling down.

In this blog, we have taken the Pocket Casts application as a reference. And we would be guiding podcast app development accordingly. If you have any questions in between, scroll down till the end and get in touch with us. We are a promising on-demand app development company helping entrepreneurs develop their dream applications in the shortest time possible. We also offer them a flexible hiring model to hire our mobile app developers for their projects. Now, let’s begin with the basics.

Develop Podcast App Like Pocket Casts

What is a podcast?

The word podcast is a combination of two words, iPod and Broadcasts. It is a digital audio file available on various platforms for people to download & listen to.

A podcast is usually available for free and can be of any niche. It can connect individuals having similar interests and thereby build a community eventually.

A podcast file is a digital audio file that can be of any length, format, and style. It can be released weekly, one podcast after another, which keeps the audience engaged and thrilled. There are chances that if they like the podcast beyond a limit, they might subscribe to your application. You see, this is one of the business models for podcast business applications.

What entices entrepreneurs more about podcast app development is, developing a podcast app like Pocket Casts is easy and highly cost-effective.

If we were to conclude the podcast app development cost, it would be around $15K to $20K. However, the return on investment is quite note-worthy.

Some noticeable things about how people describe podcasts are:

“Audiobooks for blogs.”

“An audio version of a blog that you can listen to anywhere.”

“The equivalent of self-publishing your book. It allows everyday people with great ideas to publish their ideas or thoughts in an audio format for others to enjoy without having to go through traditional media like radio.”

“It’s like Netflix for audio.”

“Downloadable radio on every subject imaginable!”

“Audio entertainment anywhere, anytime, about anything.”

We suppose that this explains it all. Let me share one more secret: People are really passionate about podcast app development. They want to give strong competition to the already existing ones by making an app like Pocket Casts.

Speaking about the competition, let me tell you your competitors on board in this industry.

1. Anchor;

2. Pocket Casts;

3. CastBox;

4. Apple Podcasts;

5. Pandora;

6. Google Podcasts;

7. Spotify;

8. Podbean;

9. Podcast Addict;

10. NPR One.

What are the monetizing ways of podcast app development?

As we have been repeatedly, podcast app development can bring you a lot of money. You can bring in money in a variety of ways that include,

In-app advertising:

This is a pretty common way of making money from a podcast app. You can showcase some other brand’s videos and images on your platform and in return, earn money.

Subscription-based model:

The audience who have loved your podcast once will definitely plan to visit back. You can hook them with the series of intriguing podcasts and ask them to opt for the subscription model by paying a minimum amount of fee.

Premium subscription:

You can tempt your audience to have an uninterrupted listening experience by becoming a premium subscription member. Acknowledge them about the freebies of premium subscriptions and how they can have their first-hand to every new and trending topic in the market.

Develop Podcast App Like Pocket Casts

List of Must-Have Features of Podcast App Development:

You can experiment in many innovative ways as possible with your podcast app development. However, some of the features that are a must in your app are:

User Profile:

Allow users to create and set up their profile where they can mention their choice list and likes for podcast categories.

Smart categorial search:

The application needs to facilitate users to do a smart search using a podcast category, name of the speaker, episode number, etc. You should make this feature right because it is the first feature that your prospective user will engage in.

Subscription feature:

Allow the audience to quickly subscribe to a podcast series without beating around the bush.

Episode download:

Many of your users will wish to download a podcast episode to watch them later. Allow them to do so.

Podcast library:

If you are a Netflix fan, you have probably explored the watchlist and Continue to watch feature. In your podcast app development, you can plan a similar library feature that will allow users to keep track of their podcast episodes.

Offline access:

A podcast isn’t necessarily accessed online, and hence, you need to facilitate users to access the podcast even without having an internet connection.

Boost audio:

This feature will allow users to enhance human voices in the podcast while trimming every other noise in the vicinity.

Chromecast integration:

Users should be allowed to integrate the podcast audio app with Chromecast.

Takeaway: To know the cost to develop a podcast app like Pocket Casts and also integrate the above-mentioned awesome features in your app, why don’t you contact us? Please fill the form in our contact us section, and we will get back to you in the shortest possible time.


Podcast app development lets you target the right audience niche giving you leverage to make bundles of money. You will have room to try out enough creativity and curate content that engages your audience.

For any queries related to the mobile app design process or wireframe, you can have our expert’s help—all the best with your development.

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