Develop a Ride Sharing App Like Careem

It has been rightly said that some of the greatest business ideas see the deserved daylight during the crisis situation. Also, those few business ideas are keenly aware of the challenges masses face but chose not to give it a clear thought. The entire digital world is filled with on-demand Apps that allow people to bring ease in their daily lives in one way or another.

Careem being a renowned Dubai-based vehicle rental and ride-sharing company, also utilizes the power of digitalization and developed a fully functional on-demand application to provide hassle-free services to its customers. Do you also want to build a ride-sharing App like Careem? Then first, you have to understand the basic pointers that Careem being a ride-sharing App has rooted in its framework.

Also, it would be advisable to go through the understanding of the entire mobile app development process before you initiate app building. We have curated the series with our expertise, you can click to link in the index here.

1. A Guide on Lean Canvas Model;

2. How to Prepare a Product Requirement Document and its importance;

3. Importance of Wireframe in Product development;

4. A complete guide on selection of technology stack for startups;

5. How prototyping helps businesses?

6. A handbook to select development company for startups;

7. A detailed guide on project management & delivery milestones;

8. Role of Quality assurance in product development;

9. Importance of User testing;

10. Know where you should deploy your project?

11. How Feedback and product iteration makes a difference in product development?

12. What is the variation in the cost? What factors affect the variation?

13. Why is a Good design the ultimate thing in the project?

So, let’s begin with the three main factors that any business should consider while thinking to develop a cab booking App:

Easy-to-adapt on-demand App interface

An independent car rental App that functions well at customer’s end

Fully technology-equipped app with features like tracking, booking, locating, rating etc.

How can you formulate the Business Strategy for the Development of Ride Sharing App?

While working on a taxi-app development, it is always necessary to think from a customer point-of-view. It allows you to chart the consumer expectations with which you can further outgrow your business reach.

Eager to formulate the business strategy of your on-demand ride-sharing app by a logical step-by-step plan? Then, it would be best if you keep in mind to start the on-demand ride-sharing app development process by finalizing the Lean Canvas Model. It ensures that on-demand App development provides the right and fruitful solutions to the customers.

1. Identifying Customers Problems

On an average, around 80% of the masses prefer to book a car rental service for their daily commute. Be it for shopping, travelling, commuting for work or running to drop kids to school - every customer who books rides has a different set of needs.

It is crucial as a business who wants to have their ride-sharing service app to take proper care of their potential customer needs and pain points. Do rely on a Ride Sharing Application Development model that provides you with this.

2. Assessing and Mapping Solutions

Once you are done with the understanding of your customer’s problems, the next crucial thing that you need to quest for is finding solutions and integrating them in your car rental App. For example, Careem has mapped the solution for booking a ride for someone else in their business model.

Often, it happens that the person who is availing the car rental service is not the customer; instead, he/she is booking the service for someone else. By having this customer pain point within your initial stage of strategizing the business model, you can provide your customer’s with flexible services.

3. Analyzing your Competitors

One thing that makes a Car Rental Service Provider great and effective is analyzing competitors in the market. If you want to run a carpool business, then you should always stay eager to know what your competitors are offering. It is also equally important to invest time in filling the identified loopholes for better customer experience.

One best way to analyze your competitors is through asking your customers to fill survey forms where you can simply give them scope to answer questions like - What more functionalities can we add in our ride-sharing app? Or, what are some benefits that we as a service provider can pamper you with?

What can make you stand out in the world of Ride Sharing App Development?

1. Multiple domains, one-stop-solution approach:

With the rise of corona-monster, most of the businesses expanded their market view and happily started functionalities in multiple domains. Undoubtedly, this has led to a big surge in on-demand Application development. It also allows businesses to set functionalities according to the situation.

Be it ordering delicious food online or book a sharing ride for self - everyone nowadays likes to add a bit of digitalization in their life. Businesses are more likely to opt for on-demand Apps development to ensure ultimate business growth. Many of the businesses have successfully integrated multiple functionalities in their app model.

2. Smart Geolocation, Safe Commute

Online car booking applications have in-built location services that allow users to track their ride and provide needful directions towards their destination. The geolocation feature also provides customers with a safety measure and hence builds trust.

3. App Push Notification, Stay connected

Nowadays, everyone needs data handy in their mobile notifications. On-Demand Applications make it possible for users to get information about their ride in the notifications itself. Using push notification service, businesses can tell a customer about picking point, time, vehicle type, booking status etc.

4. Secured Payment Options, Ease of Accessibility

Almost every car rental application allows its customers to pay for the ride through different options. Most of the customers like to pay these days digitally, so it is crucial to let users pay through credit/debit card or any online wallet. Keeping promo codes and vouchers integrated while giving payment options works as an added perk.

5. Price Calculator, Tag of Trust

We all know that most of the consumer decisions are based on the amount he/she spent. Thus, it acts as a driving factor if the customer can pre-estimate the cost of the ride. One of the unique components that App developers offer as a solution to this is the price calculator.

After deciding about the functionalities to be added in the app, the app developers need to work on visually-appealing app wireframe.

Why should you focus on visually-appealing App Wireframe?

One of the best aspects of making a ride-sharing app is to learn from its overall layout of the app, along with its stunning designs. If you are looking forward to having your own car rental on-demand App, then you must focus on adding strong and eye-catchy visuals in your wireframe as it counts as the main factor to retain your customers.

Pro Tip! Hire Mobile App developers who understand the purpose of having a strong backbone in an on-demand App development process and who knows how to monetize the app.

How to Monetize Your Ride-Sharing App?

Monetizing your ride-sharing application is another beneficial way to engage more riders and earn more profit. Now, you must be thinking that how a business can earn money even when no ride is getting booked. Well, mobile applications can generate a lot of revenue by showcasing ads in their app, allowing users to purchase items, etc.

Here are two types of monetization that can help you generate more revenue in your Ride Sharing Application:

1. In-App Ads

You can showcase ads of other companies in your car rental mobile application. And if any user wants not to see these ads anymore, you can ask them to buy its premium version simply.

2. In-App Subscriptions

You can give users a bandwidth where they can access basic features without seeing any ads. But, to unlock additional features, they have to make a subscription call. It is more like having a paid mobile app version within a free mobile app.

Now the question is how it actually works? So, here is the answer:

Make an App like Careem

How does the Ride Sharing App Development Process work?

Let’s dive deep and start managing your car rental app project step-by-step by having user testing:

Step 1: Register Your Customers

The very first aspect is to befriend with your user and win its trust. The only way to make it happen is by providing them with a secure space to make a home for themselves. Give them 'Register Yourself' alike option so that they can make an account aka home to stay within your ride-sharing app.

Step 2: Hire Your Ride

You must have observed that users like to keep the Apps in their mobile phones that give them a sense of satisfaction. When it comes to developing a car booking App, you must think about both the options - ‘Book a ride now’ as well as ‘Hire a vehicle for later’. A good on-demand App development process always resonates with features that provide flexibility to customers.

Step 3: Locate your Riders

By taking your potential customers to drop off locations, you can easily associate them with you in a more focused manner. One other way of doing that is to create user personas from where you can gather what your customer expects from the app.

Step 4: Make Payment for the booked ride

The next stage is quite an artistic one where you think more strategically about the overall app management and flow. So your user has successfully booked a ride, and now he/she wants to proceed further. What's next? This is the critical stage, and you must think strategically about payments options, offers to avail, vouchers to Ancash etc.

Step 5: Hosting User’s Ride

Once you are done with finalizing and implementing all the nitty-gritty of the ride-sharing app, the next thing to look upon is to give your user real service experience. Ensure that you keep updating the user who just booked a ride through push notifications. This is the main and unavoidable stage, where the real action happens. Also, you can have a rating system in your ride-sharing apps to provide your riders with a better experience.

Why is it crucial to adopt a rating system in Car Rental Apps?

Any customer will use an online service-based application if these three elements are blended in its business model: Transparency, Reliability, and Security. You can consistently showcase all these elements to your customer-base by sharing user-generated information with them. Many car rental businesses integrate two-way rating mechanisms in their application as it creates trust between both riders and drivers.

Not only this, but it is also considered as a normal consumer behaviour to book a ride after checking the ratings given to a driver by previous customers. This is a feature that also reflects the Quality Assurance policy of your online application. You must give your customers as well as drivers some control by adding their genuine views through star ratings which will serve the purpose of feedback. Also, to enhance the interaction between both, you can go in for some more advanced features.

What are some of the advanced features to enhance the interaction between rider and driver?

It might sound a bit weird, but the truth is that there has been a spike in the ride-booking by the car rental apps that make room for interactive features. It is important to provide some features that make communication between a rider and driver easier. Here are some of the features that you must add in your on-demand car rental app!

Ride History

Write the Last Ride Review

Request a favourite driver

Interactive map and driver tracking

In-built messaging

Waitlist/ In a queue

Driver Profile & Status

Make an App like Careem

How much does it cost to develop a Ride-Sharing App?

Since the on-demand car rental application development depends on various factors such as:

App functionality & expectations,

Prototyping model,

The version of the app (whether passenger-oriented, driver-oriented or, a combination of both),

Project complexity, etc.

By keeping in mind, the different factors mentioned above, the cost to develop an App like Careem can vary and falls between $25,000 to $100,000.

The scope of developing a car rental app varies from customer-to-customer. So, it is always advisable to hire remote developers and consult with them openly what scope works well for your business as it is always important to choose the right development process.

What is the purpose of choosing the right development process?

The Ride-Sharing Apps are a very beneficial business model for drivers as well as admin if processed keenly. You must be thinking about how exactly one can go ahead with the development process of the car rental app. Well, the same can happen if your app developer decodes the art of crafting engaging interactions through the app phases.

Quite confused? Well look at it like this - if the lean canvas model is setting a business strategy for your app development, the development methodology is more like shaping your strategic vision.

Thinking about the benefits of a meaningful app development process? Well, this quick list might help you understand:

It gives consistency to your App development process.

It boosts your confidence and shapes your business strategy in a client-shareable business plan.

It provides a clear and transparent idea of how a typical user will process the app.

It allows you to incorporate new and advanced functionalities.

What does the future for Ride Sharing Applications look like?

With everything shifting to the world of digitalization, the time is not too far that you see ride-hailing as a normalized service across the globe. There have already been a lot of cities where people are liking to commute by booking a ride. It has been surveyed that by the end of 2021, there will be a 30% spike in the car rental transportation service.

So, what is the need to wait to enter the sector of personalized transportation mobility that gives freedom to commute anytime and anywhere? Ensure today that you envision your idea with the right set of developers and reach us for the same without any second thoughts.

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