Run and Walk Tracking App Development

Fitness app development is the cult in the industry. Audiences embrace the personal recorder applications that make them feel accountable & responsible to perform their daily fitness regime. Fitness tracking applications help you keep pace with your exercises by continuously poking you to achieve the desired set goals.

Fitness tracking applications are of various types, but we will be talking about the run and walk tracking app development specifically in this blog. The modern world demands a lot from the app development industry, owing to which there are several run tracker applications in the market.

Strava, iSmoothRun, Endomondo, Runtastic, and RunKeeeper, to name a few. All of these applications are doing really well, but there is always a question in users’ minds, Is Strava app better than RunKeeper? Can we compare Runtastic Vs. RunKeeper? What is the most accurate running app amongst all? And more.

From an entrepreneur's point of view, questions such as what is the cost to develop run and walk tracking apps? What features & technology do you need for running tracking app development?

Well, we have covered it all. This blog focuses entirely on the run and walk tracking app development.

To begin with,

Is Strava better than RunKeeper?

Strava is a run distance tracking app available on iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Android Wear platforms. It is explicitly built for enthusiast athletics and works best for teamwork and competition. Strava has some amazing gamified features and social components that make it interactive.


RunKeeper is a strong rival of Strava. The application is available on iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Android Wear platform, and all fitness trackers. The application functions on GPS data & has captured more than 10 million downloads. The application’s offerings are quite impressive (which we will discuss later in the blog), but it definitely outpasses Strava.

In our conclusion, Runkeeper is better than Strava to take inspiration from for run and walk tracking app development.

The same goes for Runtastic Vs. Runkeeper comparison. And to conclude the answer to all the user-centric questions, Runkeeper is a more accurate application to rely on for fitness app development.

As you would have observed, the Runkeeper surpasses other applications in all senses, and therefore it is the best running app of the current times.

Develop Run and Walk Tracking App like Runkeeper

A brief about the RunKeeper app:

RunKeeper app was developed in 2008 by FitnessKeeper. The application uses GPS data to keep track of user’s running, cycling, and race walking activities. RunKeeper grabbed 28th place in the Health & Fitness category in the US and 2nd and 4th spot respectively in Sweden and Netherland.

RunKeeper shows accurate information about the running speed, cycling speed, calories burned, time consumed, etc. It is a free, user-friendly application having many social networks integrated.

RunKeeper allows users to share their daily achievements, running routes, and their workout regime with their family & friends in real-time. The application has some fascinating features and caters to the need of a beginner or a pro 5 Kms regular runner. If you want to go hiking, carry this handy app, cycling, it works there too, and running, it is the best app.

The in-app challenges and community challenges encourage users to keep thriving and achieve the desired fitness goals. The stunning part of the application is, it has Apple Music and Spotify integrated within the app itself.

The application has more than enough things to inspire app development aspirants to make an application like RunKeeper. Let’s look at each of the services.

- Have you ever heard of the I-Calendar? RunKeeper application allows you to share your future training plans to I-cal and get reminded of them.

- Who wants to miss a chance to celebrate small achievements? Well, RunKeeper doesn’t, which is why it sends animation confetti as soon as you achieve your set goal.

- How about working with a goal coach? RunKeeper Go app allows you to keep track of your weight loss/gain progress. The application notifies you about the calories burnt and doesn’t let you miss a routine.

- Next is customized workout tabs. Here you can use the pre-designed workouts and also customize them to your liking. You can add interval times, repetitions, and warm-up or relaxing periods. Additionally, this is a one-time activity. You can save the customized workout and use it again.

- The application’s offering is not just limited to running. It helps you keep track of other activities such as snowboarding, cycling, Zumba, swimming, and more.

- Missing name tagging in fitness software development? RunKeeper allows you to tag a friend with whom you are carrying out the exercise.

- Developing a fitness run tracker app is challenging. The app should update itself as soon as you stop performing an activity or walk-run. RunKeeper app does exactly the same. It automatically pauses the counting at traffic signals and resumes as you start working out.

- It offers a night theme mode for people who prefer a night walk over the morning.

- Application’s setting features are also admirable. It helps you adjust the audio prompt settings.

- RunKeeper app facilitates users to share their workout schedule and route with whoever they want by changing the icon.

- The application is integrated with popular social networks.

- RunKeeper app allows you to set up your running routine and workout schedules.

- It allows users to set new targets and achieve rewards in the form of stars, titles, and points.

- You can compare the previous training data with the present ones in order to check your progress.

You can add gamification features to develop run and walk tracking apps like RunKeeper. It engages users more than ever, and they keep coming back to the application. You should not try to make a replica, but you can take inspiration from RunKeeper and its competitor applications. If you wish to go a bit more advanced, allow the application to show a heart rate counter, calories burned, the number of steps, and more.

Develop Run and Walk Tracking App like Runkeeper

Now, let’s look at the technologies you will need for a run and walk tracking app development like RunKeeper

Front-end development can be performed using React Native framework, Ionic, and NativeScript framework.

You can use Google Maps API to initiate GPS tracking. Similarly, you can also use MapBox for Maps and Route planning.

For servers, you can use SQLite as a database system. Django and PostgreSQL is also a suggested database management system.

What does the running tracking app development cost?

A multi-functional solution like the RunKeeper app needs a lot of brainstorming. If you are low on the budget, you can try and launch an MVP and track the audience’s response. MVP development is very cost-effective.

At the same time, full-fledged app development will cost you around $20k to $25K depending on the features you integrate into the app. Also, there are a variety of factors that can lead to cost variation. And it is best to discuss your project’s commercials with your prospective app development partner and get an estimate.

What are the ways to earn money by developing a run and walk tracking app like RunKeeper?

RunKeeper works on a subscription-based model. RunKeeper Go is available at $9.99/month & $39.9/ year. You can adapt the same revenue model, or else if you wish to launch a free app, you can read more about it in one of our blogs, “how free apps make money.”


Exercise is lucrative for the body and mind, but a running tracking fitness app development is lucrative for society. If you have any such noble app development ideas and do not know where to start, please fill our contact us form. Kody Technolab’s doors are always open for any new on-demand app idea, and we can proudly say we are the maestro in app development. If you can trust us, we would love to hear from you. Thank you.

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