Develop Manage School Communication App Like Remind

One of the basic components of learning is communication. The online revolution and disruptive technologies have changed a lot of things for teachers, students, and parents. The education industry has adopted the new learning style while keeping consistent communication as the base.

The nuances of online teaching and learning have swiftly replaced the traditional notes to the parent’s practice and the email culture that followed. So, what is the replacement? Mobile Applications. I am sure you do not need an answer because you already know. But, for the unknowns, school communication management app development solutions like Remind, ClassPager,, etc., are some of the perfect solutions facilitating speedy, straightforward, and transparent communication amongst the students-teachers-parents channel.

Parents no longer have to worry about the lost notes, nor do they have to ask their child for the week’s timetable. If you want to ease out the learning system for the next generation, you should develop a school communication management app like Remind. By making an app like Remind, you will make it easy for parents and students to stay connected with the school community. It allows communication in real-time from anywhere, anytime.

The Classroom Messaging Software is responsible for creating this magical communication. If you are considering developing a teacher-student communication app like Remind, you should know what all it takes to build one. This blog discusses the role of the school communication app Remind, how it works, and the cost to build a school communication app like Remind. Stay tuned for more information:

A brief overview of Remind application

Remind is a free app allowing teachers and parents to stay connected in real-time. Teachers can create a group of parents or send messages individually. Parents can keep themselves updated about the schedule changes and dates of the parents-teachers meet, students’ notes, etc.

Surprisingly, the application doesn’t reveal any phone numbers. As a teacher, you have a choice to select two options; first, you can either choose to have a reply; second, you can either mute the replies. In both cases, you will be able to send messages to the parents’ group.

What are the functions of Remind App? What makes the Remind app unique?

Well, to develop a revolutionary mobile app for schools, you need to think out of the box ways in which you can provide the necessary services. Remind application is famous for the following reasons.

- It allows teachers to schedule important news and announcements;

- Teachers can also send personal and group messages to parents;

- Schools can update parents about the weekly learning schedule;

- The application also reminds parents about the meetings, events, school activities, holidays, class parties, and more.

- The application also allows teachers to send pictures of classrooms and other special events.

- Teachers can send assignments to update to the parents;

- It also helps teachers to share useful resource links to the parents;

- Teachers can answer parent’s questions related to their child’s learning and progress.

- The app facilitates schools to update parents about the student’s participation and growth.

- Allows teachers to share their child’s report card with parents.

- The app sets reminders for parents for important meeting dates and conferences;

- The application helps teachers to keep students and parents in a loop for every activity being performed within the school premises.

Develop Revolutionary Mobile App For Schools

How does the Remind app work?

Remind an app is basically a communication tool used by schools and colleges to communicate with parents effectively. In order to use the application, you should create an account by filling out the basic information pop-up.

Next, you can start adding parents by asking them to sign up for the application. You should guide them through the registration process and pass them the code.

Once the parents are registered, there you go. You can either make a group or send personal messages to them. The messages you send directly reach the parents & student’s devices, letting you know whether they have read the messages or not. You can also attach important files and resources as a message in the app.

Surprisingly, Remind app is capable of translation into more than 70 various languages. Remind application offers a fantastic way for teachers to communicate with parents and therefore it a famous teacher’s toolkit.

Kudos to the on-demand app development company that has brainstormed the idea and come up with such a brilliant solution. We are sure the involved team would have thoroughly performed various app development stages such as lean canvas model preparation, product requirement documentation, prototype development, and so on.

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Develop Revolutionary Mobile App For Schools

What are the features to include in a school communication app?

Remind is a communication tool, and therefore, all the features and app functionalities are related to efficient communication. However, there are also an additional set of features that you can include in your app, along with the communication model.

- Quiz;

- Custom reference content;

- Booking appointments for parents;

- Contact form;

- Weekly timetable;

- Syllabus and Affiliation;

- News;

- Gallery;

- Staff directory;

- Student’s progress;

- Calendar;

- Videos/Files;

- Contact us;

- User profile;

- Upcoming school events;

- Notes;

- Homework tracker;

- Absentee note;

- Worksheet and report cards;

- Google Maps to locate the event venue;

- Language translation;

- Online examination and Reporting;

- Online Payment for a course;

- ID card generation;

All of these features can be divided into three screens,

1. Teacher’s screen;

2. Student’s screen;

3. Parent’s screen.

The color schemes can also be decided accordingly. However, it is upon your development partner how they decide to divide the screen features and functionalities.

What is the cost to develop mobile apps for school? Can we build a school communication app like Remind with a limited budget?

Of course! We have successfully delivered school communication management app solutions to clients having a budget of around $25K.

Yes, this app development is not as costly as you expect it to be; in fact, it gives a good return on investment.

You can earn enough money by asking schools and teachers to pay a small fee for registration and to access the features. Similarly, interested teachers can subscribe to the premium model and avail of more advanced app features for smooth communication. This way, you can earn a handsome amount of ROI by developing a school communication application.

Parting Words:

Innovation is the key, and that’s what the education industry is adapting to. The online solutions and mobile applications have eased out the entire process of student-teachers-parents communication. These applications comfort parents in the utmost possible way. In the app-focused world, it is suggested to develop a school communication management app at the earliest. If you have any queries regarding the subject, please fill our contact form.

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