How to Develop Service Marketplace Application Like UrbanClap?

Imagine going to a salon, nowadays, especially when you have a busy life and tight schedules, and there are also times when you have to end up in a long traffic lane wasting your precious time or energy. Apart from the busy schedules, there are people like me who mostly procrastinate with the thought of even reaching a salon, especially when they only require getting one or a few services done.

However, this has become a thing of the past now as the On-Demand service app like Urbanclap has got the correct solution for you. Other than the Urbanclap app salon services, there are multiple service types via multiple apps (like handy, helpbit, mrusta, TaskRabbit, mplus, sulekha, bro4u, helpr, and housejoy, etc.), which are available right at your fingertips without you going anywhere to ask someone.

Since users are able to check out or find online various services as per their needs or budget or location, in order to engage with the users as well as startups or businesses service providers, this platform is a great help.

So in this complex scenario, if you are thinking to make On-Demand service app like Urbanclap, it is important that you work systematically. Also, if you don't have any experience and struggling with "How to Develop Application like UrbanClap?" you are on the right web page. However, the business model is not much complex, but to ensure the visibility and popularity of your app you need to follow a few basic steps. This systematic approach will help you to create a successful app.

The systematic approach to app development consists of various app development stages.

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Sketch the idea of your app

To create an On-Demand service app like Urbanclap, you should identify a problem which will be resolved by your app. Your idea should cater to a simple solution to a complicated problem. Give a unique shape to your idea by thinking about tangible benefits for your customer.

Analyze the Market and Identify the Need

Market analysis is very important to know what features the alternative apps or your competitors are providing? It will help you to know the needs and desires of your potential customers. Additionally, market research will help to build a good business model.

Based on your research, you will be able to find your target audience. This analysis will bring you up with loopholes in other apps. You can use insights as well to make a better app. At this point, you should also depict your finances and analyze your revenue model.


Decide Features for the App

The list of features for an On-Demand service application like Urbanclap, is divided into three categories-

Must-have Features

Should-have Features

Could-have Features

In order to develop a service app, which is like UrbanClap, the must-have features include,

User Registration/Login

Forgot Password

User Profile

Edit Profile option

Change Password

Should have features include,

Social Media Integration

Different Payment Modes

Location Tracker

Feedback Support

For could-have features, the task is on you to decide what new and unique you can provide to your users, which is better than the rest in order to build an app like Mr Usta.

Design your App

The design of an On-Demand service app like Urbanclap is another important factor which plays a role in its success. Today, developers of an app are focusing on the UI design, multi-touch gestures, and other design standards as well. You can use many tools to design graphics for your app. One thing to note is that on-demand service apps like Urbanclap require smooth and clutter-free functioning of the app. It would be better if your design turns out in a lighter way.

It does not matter how polished your app looks, but it matters how happy your users are with your app. So, while working on the development of your design, it should not only look attractive but it should work well creatively.

Decide the Technology Landscape

The right platform for technology should be selected while creating apps like Urbanclap. The technology landscape must be selected in accordance with the time and budget constraints of a client. Native apps, like Twitter, Google Maps, etc. deliver the best user experience as they benefit from complete unity with the device and its features like camera, GPS, etc. Developing such an app is quite costly and time-consuming as well.

Web apps, like Gmail, Yahoo are quicker and cheaper as they are developed using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript Code. However, web apps are less powerful than native ones. Hybrid apps, like Facebook, combine the web code with native language to create unique features and provide the best user experience.


Develop the working Prototype

This step is nothing but giving a shape to your idea and turning it into an application with some basic functionality. A prototype makes it quite easier to attract investors. With the prototype, they can actually view the tangible benefits instead of just visualizing the product’s description.

Developing prototype is quite helpful in working with manufacturers and finding licensees. But you should be careful while working on a prototype. You should take required measures to secure your app against unauthorized usage and access to data or ideas.

Integrate analytics

Integrating analytics in your app helps you to track user engagement and retention of your app. It gives you a detailed picture of how many visitors has arrived at your app and how can they keep coming back.

Some analytics tool that can be incorporated are-

Google Analytics




You can choose among these free or paid tools.

How does an On-demand Services Application like UrbanClap, Mr Usta Works?

Well, these On-demand services apps such as UrbanClap works when users pick the required services depending upon what they are able to afford or need. These services are available on these apps where a trustworthy local vendor will provide the user with the services they need in the convenience of their homes or more. Moreover, the users are able to easily pay for their services through the robust secure platform, which helps in safe transfers.

Admin: The admin, via a powerful web dashboard, is able to use the functions as well as manage all kind of engagements.

Users: By downloading on their smartphones the on-demand home services apps, users are easily able to check out all of the services provided via search option. They are further able to ask for the quote for any services.

Local Vendors: Once the local Service providers or vendors get the quote from the user, they can respond to the user depending upon the requirements.

Run a Mock-drill

Before launching your app it is very important to test it on a bunch of users. Mock-drill is the first chance to get feedback from a set of target users. It not only reduces product risk but also gives you insights to improve and enhance your app. This mock-drill will help you to eliminate bugs and will give you an initial push.

Launch it on the play store

Now that you are ready with your unique app, it is time to launch it in the App Store. Make sure you promote your app before and after launch. It will help you to hit many users in one go.

Keep improving and updating your app with the feedback received. Though app development requires a lot of hard work and dedication but it will also be a thrilling experience.


How much would an App like Urbanclap Cost?

Depending upon the need of the various users or clients as well as the required core function or features, the cost for an app like Urbanclap varies and hence, it's suggested to contact the right tech developer or service provider in order to know about the same.

Moreover, these professionals have a good experience in developing On-demand apps such as handy, Urbanclap, mrusta, TaskRabbit, mplus, bro4u, sulekha, helpbit, helpr, and housejoy.

Improvise your app with updated features

After launching your app, the next task will be the evaluation of the usage and behavior of your users. You built version was offered with limited features only providing core idea. With the following three steps you can improvise your app-

With the feedback section and analytics, you will get to know what the missing element in your app is.

Conduct surveys or interviews.

Talk to your users regularly, build a personal connection and get honest reviews.

Once you start satisfying the needs of your customers completely, most part of your app is done. You need to keep an eye on the data sciences to keep improving your app. Do not let your app stagnate. Keep on upgrading with innovative features for its usability in the long run.

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