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You may wonder whether a social networking platform for health like HealthUnlocked is any different from the regular health & wellness mobile application? Well, I would say in hundreds of ways, this app goes above and beyond the regular healthcare apps.

HealthUnlocked app never lets anybody feel alone in the journey of suffering through a health condition. It provides tailored health-content to enlighten patients about any specific health condition.

Registered users can become part of one of the world’s largest social networks for health and access to community information. HealthUnlocked app empowers patients to manage their health and take peer-to-peer advice for any maladies.

This segment of the app is yet less explored, and there are very few apps that can give a competition to HealthUnlocked. Some of the common names functioning under this genre are Evergreen Life PHR, PatientsLikeMe, and BELONG. Well, I see the light at the end of the tunnel, do you?

Developing a social media platform like HealthUnlocked is not a duck soup. You need to bring together expertise and brainstorm ideas to develop an app like HealthUnlocked.

I know you would have started running your entrepreneurial mind by now, but read through the blog before you plan to join the bandwagon. In this blog, we have run a thorough analysis of apps like HealthUnlocked and tried to summarize the key points that would help in making an app like HealthUnlocked and PatientsLikeMe.

Introduction to HealthUnlocked:

HealthUnlocked is a UK-based social networking app for health enabling patients to make market research for any disease. “Ask questions, get answers” is an exceptionally inviting line to bring onboard patients and engage them with the community.

The application is often referred to as “LinkedIn for Health” for the obvious reasons of having a mammoth number of 600 communities, covering almost 750 health conditions. HealthUnlocked adopts a holistic approach to healthcare by allowing patients to share their health condition over the platform. The platform fosters patients to connect with people with the same health condition.

The website version of HealthUnlocked was launched in 2012, followed by an app in later years. The app unites passionate individuals who wish to help people with their knowledge & journey and make a difference in a patient's lives. The application is trusted by NHS, British Lung Foundation, ADAA, NRAS, Asthma UK, and many more organizations.

HealthUnlocked uses machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to unlock information for the patients. A user needs to register the application and create a profile to become a member of the community.

If we believe the Alexa Internet reports, HealthUnlocked has around 4M people across the globe joining the platform every month.

Wikipedia states that the HealthUnlocked community information & support is effective on people trying to get over some serious illness like diabetes and cancer.

Well, needless to say, developing a mobile application like HealthUnlocked and PatientsLikeMe will be a blessing in disguise. It is a disruptive market to enter into in the year 2021 & beyond.

Develop mobile app like healthunlocked and patientslikeme

How does the HealthUnlocked app work?

1. A user uses his/her email address to register with the application. S/he creates a profile (can be hidden as per the choice) and selects a community to be a part of. Based on the input, the user will receive emails about the concerns posted in the community.

2. After completing the onboarding process, you will be landed on the News Feed section of the application. In this section, you will find all the recently posted questions and answers in the respective communities that you have joined.

3. There is an Explore section forbye the News Feed where users can watch out for new communities that they wish to join.

4. Also, the application allows users to save a post in their profile for referring to it later.

5. HealthUnlocked app facilitates users to browse programs and participate in them. In the profile tab, users can also access various health-related programs. Users can choose any program from the many and enroll for the same. Various programs revolve around various health-related practices and concerns.

6. One thing that draws the utmost attention is the chat feature. HealthUnlocked app allows users to chat with the community members at their convenience. Users can share their perspective with everyone in the group.

7. HealthUnlocked also sends users notifications about any update in the community. This means a user stays up-to-date with the information circulated within the community.

Who can use the HealthUnlocked App?

HealthUnlocked is an incredible app developed for Technophobes, says Matt Jameson-Evans (co-founder and former practicing doctor). A user should be above 17 years of age in order to use the application.

“We’ve made it simple because we think it should be. 85% of HealthUnlocked users have long term conditions, from Atrial Fibrillation to Ataxia, from Lymphoma to Lupus. And over 50% are over the age of 50. When we visualize our typical user, we’ll most likely think of the 65-year-old technophobe struggling to break the news about her Ovarian Cancer diagnosis to her family than the 25-year-old discussing their Jawbone data in our running community. HealthUnlocked is about democratizing peer access for everyone.” says Matt.

The app succeeds in providing real-time information to users about any health-specific debate going around in their community. Users can access this information at their convenience. HealthUnlocked is decorated as the third-largest website used in the UK and ranks in the top 20 health websites globally.

Develop mobile app like healthunlocked and patientslikeme

What is the cost to develop a social network app like HealthUnlocked?

App development costs differ from on-demand app development company to company. However, you may expect the final cost of app development to be within a budget of $35K.

You will require a lot of third-party integrations to develop an app for social networks for health. These integrations will add to the final cost. Additionally, factors like,

- Security features;

- Payment gateways;

- Application’s UI/UX;

- Location of the app development partner;

- Hourly rates etc.

All these factors, some way or the other, affect the final pricing. It is better to discuss your project details and get a final quote from the company/agency with whom you wish to collaborate for app development.

You can also connect with us at Kody Technolab. We provide various engagement models for you to avail yourself. You can also hire our mobile app developers to develop your next project. We follow an agile approach to mobile development, which you can refer to in our mobile app development process series. We believe in maintaining transparency in order to foster a long-term relationship with our clients.

What is the business model of HealthUnlocked?

The business model for social networks for health is slightly different from other healthcare apps in the industry. HealthUnlocked extends its partnership with many health organizations and non-profit organizations worldwide.

The application connects the user to the relevant piece of content or products or services and makes money through it. The HealthUnlocked analytics serve a major purpose for clinical trials and market research opportunities.

Another way of earning money inspired by HealthUnlocked’s approach is by licensing user planning tools associated with a specific cause/disease.

I hope this idea of developing a social network app like HealthUnlocked fascinates you. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact my team or me.

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