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It’s crazy to roam around carrying a directory to list all the nearby salons, spas, gyms, and beauty and fitness studios just so you can make a better appointment. Nobody has to do that, all thanks to increasingly evolving information technology. To be specific, spas and fitness studios app development has completely transformed the beauty and fitness businesses. There are tons of software available that help beauty and wellness companies digitize and streamline their appointment booking process.

Similarly, there is an online booking and business management software solution for Salons, Spa, and Fitness studios. It enables users to find Salons and Fitness studios in their local area and book appointments online. The beauty marketplace helps small business owners with an integrated solution to manage bookkeeping, client databases, payroll, and inventory management and features email and text notifications to clients and automated email marketing.

The cloud-based solution works seamlessly on Macs, PCs, and mobile devices like iPhone/iPad/Android. Before deciding whether to make a mobile application for spas and fitness studios, let’s understand its working model, features, and development cost.

How does it contribute to salon and fitness businesses?

The spa and fitness application lets salon owners list available slots that customers can look at and book appointments. You can also customize your promotional web pages to let customers know about events and special offers. You can send these advertisements via customized email, text notifications, and on social media platforms.

Overall, it keeps a record of your customers, services, payment, inventory (if you sell something) and generates customizable reports with graphs and charts. With such insights, you can also keep an eye on your business performance, revenue status, customer retention, and more.

For now, let us focus on how to develop a spa and fitness studio app.

Business Model for spas and fitness studios app development

So, if you want to address skincare and fitness junkies, you need to pick your business model.

Standalone Beauty Salon

This model is for brands having a chain of spa or fitness studios and need a reliable web and app solution to streamline all operations. It focuses on managing appointments across all branches, keeping a calendar synchronized with vacant slots to display to customers, recommend a nearby salon in their location, and lets you manage your staff, services, payments, etcetera. In the model, your primary revenue stream would be through your customer appointments.

Beauty & Salon Aggregator

With the aggregator salon appointment booking solution, you offer a platform where professionals meet prospective customers. At the same time, customers can reach out to local salons in their proximity. The spa and fitness app development is a similar kind of solution to help both customers and beauty and fitness services providers.

Noteworthy, you should serve beauty, wellness, and fitness businesses with web and mobile applications in addition to its customer apps. On the customer app, people can find services for the enterprises associated with your app. In the model, you can generate revenue via selling software subscriptions to professionals, charging a commission on transactions, and many more ways.

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Spas and Fitness Studios App Development Cost

Fundamental Features Your Fitness & Salon Appointment Booking App Must-Have

As mentioned earlier, offering separate apps for customers and businesses to register uplifts the user experience at both ends. Both apps entail user-specific features. For example:

Customer App

- Register: To book appointments at a beauty or fitness studio, users have to sign up on the app first. However, they can search without registering.

- Home: Once the user logs in, service categories, top beauty services, and studios available near them are displayed.

- Beauty & Fitness: to let users pick a category to enhance their search results and provide them with accurate solutions.

- Subcategories: The app facilitates users to narrow down their search and get the best fit service to their needs faster.

- Daily Deals: Users can see what the deals their favorite studios are offering and book an appointment swiftly.

- Search Professional: Makeup or Nail artists, hairstylists, or skincare specialists, users can search services even by the professionals.

- Gallery: It lets users sneak into the salon, their appointment is booked with the help of a studio gallery.

- Loyalty points: The app also facilitates users to collect and redeem points towards services.

- Reviews: Users can leave a review or see others’ reviews on the app and make the right choice.

App For Businesses

- Register: offer small to medium beauty, wellness, and fitness businesses to register and leverage your web and mobile app to digitize their booking operation.

- Buy subscription: Studios get to use the software facilities free for one month, and they can pick a subscription model as per their business requirements.

- Calendar: The ultimate calendar that shows all types of appointments.

- Online-store: It lets studios sell their products online.

- Notifications: It empowers studios to send customized notifications in the form of email and text.

- Live stream: Studios can do live-streaming their classes on beauty or health advice and earn additional revenue in return.

- Customer tracking: With tracking customers, studios can easily recognize their loyal customers to offer rewarding deals.

- Membership: It lets studios set up membership and boost their revenue by having members self-check-in with the premium Check-In App.

- Payroll: It simplifies the payroll of the staff and business payroll tax filings.

- Payment: It empowers studios to accept payments online.

- Reports: It renders simple, clear, and concise reports on operations running across the business.

Spas and Fitness Studios App Development Cost

Spas And Fitness Studios App Development Cost

The cost to develop a spa and fitness app will depend on the features you want. Hence, include features that are ultimately meant to streamline the admins, customers, and staff’s work.

Also, you need to decide whether to develop the app for Android or iOS, or both. Your audience can be using both; in that case, you can create a cross-platform mobile app development to reduce the cost and time to market to an extent.

Above all, you should determine mindfully to whom you should hand your project, whether an on-demand app development company or independent developers. Here are some other factors that will affect the cost:

Platform choice: iOS or Android or both

Features of the app

Front-end application development

Back-end application development

UI / UX development

If you are developing a spa and fitness studio app from India, it may cost you anywhere between $10,000 to $15,000.


After the blog, your next step should connect with an expert that can guide you through spas and fitness app development. If you are nervous about how to choose the right development company, give a read to this explicit article to fill in confidence. Alternatively, you can chat with our tech geek virtually in person.

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