Supermarket Grocery Delivery App Development

Grocery shopping might be the last errand anyone could ever want to do. Reading the ingredients list, parking the cart randomly in the aisle, unloading it is way too frustrating. Above all, buying all the other stuff except the one you went on grocery shopping for and realizing it after getting home is the worst feeling ever. Ugh!

Well, in Italy and Poland, people are taking a breath of relief ever since this Italian startup has penetrated the e-grocery market. Unlike Amazon, Walmart, Supermercato24 allows customers to have the same-day delivery of all their groceries handpicked from the supermarket they wish. Bingo! That’s why they say;

Ciao ciao spesa!

(Bye-bye shopping!)

It first appeared in 2014. Milan-based grocery delivery platform Supermercato24 has recently renamed the brand Everli. It has adopted an innovative Supermarket Grocery Delivery App Development model that benefits customers, supermarkets & retailers to bellmen (they hire as shoppers). Customers can choose a trusted store in their surrounding area and place the order online.

The order is to delegate to a shopper who visits the stores and does the shopping on behalf of customers. The shopper then delivers the order at home or at the address the customer has entered during order placing.

Overall, the Supermarket Mobile App Development and business model of Everli has been successful, and the company is swelling out with inclining to be international. Leveraging technology with an innovative approach, they offer retailers and supermarkets to sell online swiftly without any up-front finance. The user-friendliness, pick & delivery process, and multiple payment systems of the Everli app together make it a power-pack grocery supplier.

We couldn’t find a simple way to exhibit how a business model for Supermarket App development will look than drafting a Lean Canvas model(One-page Business Model).

So, here we are with a one-page business model that will understand the whole concept behind Supermercato24.

Business Model to Make an App like Everli

Problem Solution Unique Value Proposition Customer segments (end-users)
1. Users who do not have the possibility or the desire to go shopping but want it within the day
2. Supermarkets that do not innovate
3. Bellboys looking for a job
1. Customers shop on Everli
2. Supermarkets have an updated eCommerce platform and delivery
3. Delivery men have new jobs
- Effortless grocery shopping
- Same day delivery service
Everli Shoppers:
- Flexible working hours
- Source of extra income
Supermarket Partners:
- More sales
- Increasing customer footfall
- Customers
- Everli shoppers (Bellboys)
- Supermarket & stores
Existing Alternatives Key Resources Key Activities Channels
Esselunga OnLine
- Contractual partnership with local to well-known supermarkets
- Employee bellmen
- Strong technological infrastructure
- Offering a hi-tech platform
- Multiple supermarket management
- Hiring, onboarding delivery executives
- Rigorous customer services
- WebApplication
- Android mobile app
- iOS mobile app
Cost Structure Revenue Structure (primary sources)
- Web & mobile app development
- Wages to Everli’s shoppers
- Commission to shoppers
- Delivery Charges from customers
- Everli plus subscription monthly & yearly for fast & free deliveries
- 20% on each transaction from supermarkets

To bring life to your business idea, you need to architect the model, accumulate the resources, and manage key channels development. An essential practice among all is to plan finance. “How much would a supermarket app development cost?” should be your curiosity before you execute the online supermarket business model.

Develop a Supermarket Grocery Application

What is the Cost to Develop a Supermarket App Like Everli?

Assessing an on-demand app development cost is like guessing the surface of the thrown stone in the river. Given that, the cost depends on many factors such as the platform, the number of features, additional functionalities, etc. However, drawing upon the development experience, a simple with must-have features, supermarket app development cost befall around $10000 to $25000.

So, If you want to build a supermarket app like Everli, you can start with developing an MVP-minimum viable product consisting of the below features. Later, you can scale up the app and your reach by adding new features gradually.

Develop a Supermarket Grocery Application

Features required to Develop a Supermarket Grocery Application

Store locator that allows customers to see if the app has onboard vendors by entering their address.

Registration via Email or social account to continue shopping across the web and mobile app. Single sign in to Carrefour mobile app, loyalty website, and website.

Store & Supermarket list to let customers decide where they want shoppers to shop their groceries from.

Search bar to enter item names and add them to the cart quickly.

Categories that sorted products available in the store. (Fresh food, Frozen food, Groceries, Personal care, and more)

Our offers a section that displays discount coupons or perks offered by a particular store/supermarket.

Chat that permits a customer to get support from the app customer representative in real-time.

Shopping Cart displays the items (added by the customer) with their quantities and the final order price and lets customers choose an action for shoppers to take if any item is not available.

Time-slot for delivery enables a customer to select a preferable time-slot for delivery after proceeding with the cart.

Payment methods a customer can opt for one and pay online for the order.

Instructions for Shopper to permit a customer to write any instructions they like to vouchsafe their shopper.

Mobile App Development Process

An ideal mobile app development process diffuses the project development tasks into several sprints and ensures seamless development. At Kody Technolab, the development team discusses outcomes and pitfalls with each other at the end of every sprint. It helps every team member be on the same page and work on achieving a single goal.

Lean Canvas Model and Product Requirements Gathering are the initial steps that string the complete app development process. Moreover, our mobile app developers for hire also abide by such development procedures and deliver the product that matches users and your expectations.


Designing and developing a supermarket app like Everli (Supermercato24) from scratch takes a significant investment of money and time. Besides, as an entrepreneur, you are required to pay attention to your customers’ pain points, strengths & weaknesses of competitors, user preferences, and engagement areas. Also, opting for the right technology stack and achieving intuitive UI/UX design with accessible features layout is necessary.

The number of Supermarket apps for grocery delivery on-demand is yet limited. Meaning, you have a great opportunity to be a conqueror, and our team can back you up with strategic implementation. A simple shopping app with a crystal design is always superior to one stuffed with functionality and aggressive colors.

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