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“Mom, I told you to make lasagna for my dinner party. How could you just forget?” - sighs Veronica.

“Sorry, honey! I just forgot to put in my task list, and we ran out of lasagna sheets”.

This is the exact situation that we have faced hundreds of times and pissed off ourselves. But, with the emergence of mobile apps, we have freed ourselves from the traditional pen and paper job. It comes as a big relief that pocket-sized devices now help us keep track of our personal tasks.

To-do list applications are the category of mobile apps that keep note of our mundane tasks and help us in reminding ourselves of the same. To-do list apps fall in the range of productivity software. The productivity software market might have crossed $61,593 million in 2020 (stats yet to be confirmed). Also, the productivity software market is growing at a speed of 6.8%, which seems to be quite a lucrative deal as of now. Google and Google Calendar have already surpassed the expectations when it comes to to-do list app trends; however, there are other apps such as Todoist,, TickTick that are giving intense competition.

To-do list app development is in demand ever since these popular apps grabbed a noticeable usage rank across the world. Google Tasks ranks at usage rank 50, Todoist at 131, and at 105.

As we can see, application has also grabbed considerable popularity in this niche. And this blog will discuss the app development task of the same category. For developing a task planner app like requires a lot of feature balancing and simplicity. The application design should be elegant and help users organize their tasks effectively. To ensure that this happens, you will need a reliable on-demand app development partner with you. Kody Technolab is a renowned mobile app development company & it is majorly famous for its mobile app development process.

Kody Technolab begins the app development after analyzing your project needs, followed by Lean Canvas, Product Requirement Document Preparation, Wireframe, and Prototype development. Their thorough process will help you in making an app like swiftly.

Let’s learn more about app and the feature list of the same app is an Israel-based application founded in 2011. The popularity of the application is mainly due to the “Plan My Day” feature. The application grabbed $6M in six rounds of funding, and over 30M people trust it.

It is acclaimed to be the number one app in the to-do list category as per WSJ and is also an editor’s choice declared by Google. offers one of the finest ways to organize the tasks and have it synchronized across all your devices. version is available over Android, iPhone, iPad, and Web. It is a to-do list task app along with a calendar that seamlessly integrates with Google and Outlook calendars. Which means you can have everything, including your appointments, due task dates, pending tasks, completed tasks… everything at one place.

The app also integrates with Zapier, which is another plus point of using the app.

On top of everything, if there are tasks that you need to perform collaboratively, the application allows you to share the to-do list, amazing right!

What are the most popular monetization models for To-do list apps?

There are a variety of ways in which free apps can make money. app makes $10 million per year, and the popular ways in which this app category makes money are:

Subscription model:

In this monetization model, the user pays a certain amount of fee every month or every year to access the application’s features. The subscription model can attract more users because of the flexibility it provides. Flexibility here means that users can unsubscribe from the service whenever they feel like it without paying any extra cost.

Freemium model:

Freemium is another common model when it comes to on-demand services. A few of the features are offered free in this monetization model, while others at a premium price.

This means the user is in no hurry to pay for the extra features instantly. S/he can check the application by using the free features and then decide to opt for premium ones. The freemium monetization model has a higher chance of conversion because of the trust built using the free features.

Develop Task Planner App like

Feature list to develop a simple to-do list application:

There are multiple features that you can integrate into your To-do list cum calendar application. We have listed a few of the features inspired by and other to-do list applications. Here we go…

To-do lists:

The core feature of the To-do list application is the to-do list feature. This feature allows users to note down each of their tasks, giving them individual names.

Many of the applications allow users to add subtasks using natural language or using voice commands.

Popular to-do list apps like Google Tasks facilitate users to turn on repeat mode for recurring tasks happening weekly or daily. The application should also allow users to juggle between the task list with a drag and drop feature. Having said all these things, it is also important to design an interactive and intriguing view of the app to-do lists.

Prioritization of the task:

There are times when a particular task is at high priority and can lead to several consequences if forgotten. These tasks need to be put on a top priority list mitigating the risk of forgetting them at any cost.

The To-do list application should allow users to add priority tags or use different colors to define priority levels. This should be discussed with your hired on-demand app developers and UI/UX designers at the beginning of the app development. The color combination and placement of features will be decided accordingly.

Once the user sets the priority of tasks, the application will remind the user about the task at the scheduled time.

Multiple App integration: app integrates comfortably with various calendar applications such as Google Calendar, Outlook calendar, and Zapier.

Various task reminders and planner apps like should function flawlessly with other work calendar apps. This way, users do not have to navigate between the apps and can have every under one application.

Smart search and sorting:

Once the user is acquainted with the application, s/he would enter all their tasks into the application. This would create a stack of task list which might look difficult to manage at first.

The to-do application you develop should organize it as per the date and allow users to smart search the task using a keyword or task name. Accordingly, the user should also be allowed to sort the task and organize it as per their choice.

Prepare Notes:

The application should facilitate users to add notes within the task list. These notes should have a character limit so that it doesn’t fill up the app with data.

Push notifications:

To-do list applications are useless without the push notifications feature. The app should remind users of the tasks beforehand. The registered user can set a reminder of the tasks so that they do not miss any deadlines or cross the due dates of the tasks.

Sharing of List: application has this amazing feature that allows sharing of the task list with friends or colleagues with whom you have to perform the task collaboratively.

Grocery list:

Another takeaway feature from application is the creation of a grocery shopping list. It allows users to create a grocery shopping list and add items to the list in real-time.

Develop Task Planner App like

What is the To-do list app development cost?

The cost to develop a task planner app like is cost-effective and lucrative. As per our experience, the cost will be around $15K depending on the features and third-party libraries you decide to integrate into the application.

Additionally, developers located outside India in countries like the US and UK usually charge higher than Indian developers. An Indian developer charges around $20 to $70 per hour, whereas the one in the US charges $120 onwards per hour. This adds up to the final cost of app development.

Parting Words:

Now that you know all the nitty-gritty details of to-do list app development, why don’t you approach us with your app idea? We will help you craft a unique and aesthetically pleasing to-do list app solution. Our experts are waiting to hear from you and learn about your app idea. Please stay connected with us for any queries or interesting solutions.

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