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Audio messages have the power to empathize with people more than ever. The magic audio messages can create is almost a past thing for chat messages on messenger or social media platforms.

Clubhouse application, an audio-based social networking app, took the best advantage of this philosophy. Recently launched in May’20, the Clubhouse application helped people make the most of their quarantine period. Well, I would say it was the smartest move an entrepreneur could make and concur the social media industry like a storm during the pandemic. The Clubhouse application’s overnight popularity is quite tempting, and hundreds of thousands of budding entrepreneurs wish to opt for voice chat app development.

Well, even Kody Technolab received multiple queries from our clients coveting to develop voice chat apps like Clubhouse. This is why we decided to come up with this blog on “how to develop a voice chat app like Clubhouse?”, “What are the features of voice chat apps like Clubhouse?” and “What is the cost to develop a voice chat app like Clubhouse?”, All-in-one blog. Are you excited to find out what’s stored in for you? Keep scrolling.

The clubhouse is the next sensational voice chat application that has turned the tables. It is an exclusive application working on the “invite-only” theory and currently available only on the iOS platform. However, a recent declaration by the team of co-founders Davison and Rohan Seth confirms that the application will soon be available on the Android platform.

The developers’ seizing opportunity has resulted in 2.4 million download hits while we are writing this. Some of the early joiners of the application confirm that the application gives another way to people who are trying to engage themselves in a conversation.

The Clubhouse is a mixture of three major show stealers of last year, podcasts, voice calls, and Twitter. Well, we can say the application is somewhat like the app Discord, with a major difference in social audience number and application navigation.

It is quite definite that Elon Musk’s appearance added to the popularity of the app, but the astounding number of 2.4 million downloads also confirm that there is ample space in the industry for a unique concept of social media apps.

Voice Chat App Development Cost

How does a voice chat app like Clubhouse work?

The Clubhouse is the new social media wave in the industry. It is a voice-only social media application that allows users to join in only with an invitation.

The user needs to register the application in order to become a participant in any of the dedicated virtual rooms. These virtual rooms have individual speakers who discuss the decided topic on something outstanding or noteworthy they have achieved/observed/researched. Users are automatically set to mute when they sign up; however, they can change it later.

Users can either choose to unmute themselves (if allowed by the room owner/Speaker) or remain silent. The user has to raise the hand button to make an entry into the conversation.

The Clubhouse application includes speakers like actors named Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Hart, Jared Leto, and many times the co-founder himself, Paul Davison, joins the conversation.

It has a pool of influencers who participate in the tight-knit community. On the fun side, this application is an escape out for the users who feel shy over the cameras and therefore hesitate in participating in video conferences.

If you have a question,

Why do people prefer voice chat over video apps?

Well, as we mentioned, camera-shy people can easily participate in a conversation because of the audio-only messages.

Additionally, users can access this application even while they are traveling. They are not bound to look good or prepare themselves up for a video call (sounds a big relief). Users can communicate with utmost flexibility without worrying about the dress-code.

Clubhouse facilitates users to “walk and talk” from anywhere. The real-time chats engage users enormously. It is a novelty application that was launched at the “right time” during the pandemic.

On top of everything else, a voice chat app like Clubhouse functions with complete secrecy. The application stores no conversation or even a transcript. This encourages users to participate in the virtual room right at the given time without missing anything.

So yeah, we can say that voice-chat app development has the upper hand over video-chat applications.

What is the business model for the Clubhouse application?

Making an application like Clubhouse is the next shiny thing on the list. If you tick all the boxes correctly, you will hit the bull’s eye. If you are wondering how to make money using voice chat app development, here you go.

If we were to speak in a Clubhouse context, the application is currently free. However, it has all the plans to monetize from the application. Voice chat applications can either earn from the virtual rooms’ ticket fees or by launching a subscription-based model.

You can either charge a token amount from the users to enter a virtual classroom every time or ask them a subscription fee to access the application’s features.

You can also opt for the premium listing monetizing method, where you would charge the speaker of the room a small fee to let their room appear on the top of the list.

So these are the key points to remember while developing a social media app like Clubhouse. Now, let’s look at the features of voice chat app development.

Voice Chat App Development Cost

Features of Voice chat app development like Clubhouse:

It takes a lot of brainstorming to come up with the best of the best features for your audio-only application. You can try and test your list of features by releasing an MVP or an advanced prototype.

However, some of the basic features listed in your Product Requirements Document and Lean Canvas remain the same.

User profile:

Profile creation with the Clubhouse app is quite easy. The user just has to enter the basic details like name & phone number along with a photo. The user also has to provide a short description about themselves and then onboard the app. By default, the user is kept at a mute setting which they can change later in the journey.

Virtual rooms:

Clubhouse rooms are usually spaces covering a particular topic to discuss. The user can select any of the virtual rooms from the list and join it by pressing the Start button. Users can find out detailed information about the speaker, moderator, and audience after entering the clubhouse room.


The list of the virtual classrooms is represented in the Feed section.

Clubhouse Hallway:

Registered users can enter the clubhouse hallway to grab a view of the on-going chat rooms. The hallway is also a feature that allows users to invite their friends or family members. Users can run down a search using the name of the speaker or a topic keyword in the hallway section.


Clubs are another way of gathering an audience. A user can create clubs, communities and host clubhouse meets.

A user can be a founder, admin, member, or follower of the clubhouse community. If you join as a founder, you are responsible for describing the club, invite members, and can also change the club settings.

The founder assigns an admin who can accept/reject join-in requests. A club member can join in a private or public room. On the other hand, followers do not hold any rights but can only follow the public cub activities.


In order to send a connection invitation to the clubhouse, you need to sync your address book with the application. Once the address book is in sync, you can easily send a join clubhouse invitation.

Push notification:

The application notifies the user every time a new follower is available; a new room is updated in the club, and when someone sends in a request.


The activity section shows the entire list of interactions the user has made with the application.

Upcoming events:

This section shows the upcoming discussions with required details like speakers name, topic description, speakers name, time and date, etc.


It is important to control & manage any kind of verbal abuse over the platform. A social media platform should have a room moderation facility that monitors all the activity.

High-quality call:

Since the entire application is based on an audio-only model, you need to make sure that the app provides a high-end in-app call facility for the users to join in the conversation.


In this section, you should allow the users to select the language, theme, and audio setting of their choice.

What does the voice chat app development cost?

As we have mentioned above, it takes a lot of effort or, let me say, team efforts to bring such a marvelous outcome like Clubhouse. Well, that comes at the cost of $20K to $25K per project.

However, the pricing may differ from mobile app development company to company and teams to team. You may go for freelance hiring of mobile app developers or build an in-house team for it. Everything will require you to spare the said amount of budget.

For in-house app development, you will need a team of:

- Project manager;

- Developer;

- Quality Analyst;

- Designer;

- Tester;

- Marketer;

The project might take approximately 1000 hours to complete, and therefore, the cost is high.


In a nutshell, people love to engage themselves in various social activities. This includes voice, video, and call-only applications. However, audio-only applications give them room to flexibly engage with the audience while they can work their things out. And therefore, we highly emphasize that you should go for voice chat app development like Clubhouse. It has set a benchmark for the industry, and it is the right time that you give strong competition to them. Call us for any further information.

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