Develop a Women Fashion App Like Shein

How many of you can relate to the below words,

“ I don’t feel bad about online shopping at work. It’s the only place where I can spend money while I make it.”

“ Online shopping gives me a reason to live for another three to five business days”

“ Pyjama’s coffee and online shopping --The best combination.”

All of these said feelings touch us in one way or another. The limitation of not going outside to shop physically often frustrates us because we are unsure of our favorite item’s availability & quality online. This feeling becomes quite strong when you are on a cloth shopping spree and couldn’t find the right website or application that satisfies your needs.

If we can refer to some witty clothing and fashion quotes that can address the feelings mentioned above,

“ I wish every time I Pinned a new outfit; it automatically went to my closet.”

“ I like my money where I can see it hanging in my closet.”

“ I have enough clothes & shoes. I don’t need to go shopping ever-- said no woman ever.”

“The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.”

The above lines suggest sarcasm, but it is true that the craze of fashion shopping is here to stay. Technological advancement has made it possible for humans to shop their favorite clothing brands online. The web and mobile applications give free and easy access to shopping enthusiasts and have made their wishes come true.

Shein is a popular application in this category that provides anything to everything related to fashion. It has taken the online fashion industry to ANOTHER level literally. Additionally, the figure that states that the online fashion world is to account for 36% of total fashion retail by 2022 has raised hopes amongst hundreds of entrepreneurs.

The thought of developing a women’s fashion app like Shein seems to be the right thought at the moment. By opting for women’s fashion app development, you will be empowering your business and grab more sales. It takes only an expert’s advice and hand to make an application like Shein; the rest will be history.

The comfort of shopping on phones and the intuitive shopping experience have already diverted app users to shop online. “All within a flick of the finger” is highly embraced by the next-gen audience that a release of an on-demand shopping mobile app at this moment will hit the right chord.

In this blog, we will ride through the fashion shopping app development like Shein and how an on-demand app development company can think of out-of-the-box ideas to develop one. If you have chosen to hire mobile app developers, it would be best to discuss your project’s scope, expectations in advance to conclude a successful roadmap journey.

Beginning with fashion app development in general,

The emergence of smartphone solutions has given customers the luxury of jumping from one phone app to another. This craze has further pushed the fashion industry to develop various fashion app categories.

The three popular fashion app categories are:

Fashion brand discovery platforms:

An app solution of this category allows designers to showcase their talent to fashion enthusiasts and other brands.

Cost to Develop a Fashion App Like Shein

General shopping application:

This is a fashion app category that allows users to shop anything from apparel to clothing. The application owner doesn’t have an inventory and acts as a middleman receiving orders on another behalf. Vendors can register themselves and post their products, and ship directly to the customers. Remember how an eCommerce app like Amazon and Flipkart functions.

Brand-specific application:

Various brands come together to market their products on an application, or a brand can choose to have their own application in this application category. The brands functioning with the app are also responsible for customizing the apparels based on the customer’s requirements.

So, this is all about women’s fashion app development. If we specifically talk about Shein and its offerings, then here we go.

Shein is an international B2C eCommerce shopping application. It satisfies fashionable clothing requirements for men, women, and children. Shein app also provides various fashion accessories and is highly functional in Europe, America, Middle East, and Australia.

Shein was launched in the year 2008, and it soon became the one-stop-shopping solution for hundreds of thousands.

In the next section, we will discuss some of the exclusive offerings of Shein, followed by the features of women’s fashion app in general.

- Easy signup;

- Free coupons on first order;

- 1000+ fresh arrivals;

- Select category;

- Cash on-demand and Online payment options;

- Fashion bloggers list to follow;

- New products category;

- Sharing style and fashion statements with friends and families;

- Fastest delivery;

- More than 5 million trusted customers;

Some of the other general features are:

- Browse products;

- Easy search;

- Schedule delivery;

- Re-order;

- Real-time order tracking;

- Offers & discounts;

- Payment gateway integration;

- Help and Support;

- Profile management;

- Delivery status;

- Order push notifications;

- Product wishlist;

- Virtual try-on;

- Size recommendations;

- In-app chat;

- Multi-media support;

- User reviews and ratings;

The admin side of the application will have the following features.

- Store management;

- Listing management;

- Admin dashboard;

- Customer management;

- Feedback management;

- Reports & data analytics;

- Notification management;

- Store locator;

- Inventory management;

- Logistic integration;

By integrating all of these features in your fashion application, we bet you will develop a promising app solution. If you need any assistance in implementing the expected procedures, please feel free to contact us. We offer tangible business solutions that will satisfy all your business needs. Also, our on-demand service apps are economical yet result-oriented. We test our product passing through various stages of app development such as lean canvas model preparation, product requirement document, wireframe preparation, and prototype. Only when we are satisfied with the outcome, we approach you back with the solution. We strongly believe that iteration is the key to develop a successful mobile application.

Cost to Develop a Fashion App Like Shein

Now let us learn the women’s fashion app development cost.

The cost to develop a fashion app like Shein is around $15K. Yes, you heard it right. It is not costly at all, but in fact, it gives a good return on investment.

On-demand solutions ease out a lot of manual work and functioning. There are fewer chances of errors owing to which you can expect a seamless product delivery.

Fashion app development cost like Shein is affordable to every entrepreneur, small or big and our estimated price will not have a significant cost variation. However, advanced features integration may change a bit of the expected price, but it will still fall within your budget.

If you hire a developer, please ask them their hourly rates and multiply them by the total number of hours your app might take for development. This will give you an estimate of the final price. The location of the app development partner may also change the pricing. A US-based developer might charge you higher than an India-based developer. So, make a smart choice.


Shein application has already set a benchmark for you to achieve, and by building a mobile app, you are one step near to giving it a strong competition. In our advice, invest your time and brainstorm some really exclusive ideas to launch a women’s fashion application. We wish you all the very best with your interest!

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