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Mobile healthcare is already at its peak, helping doctors and patients with more convenient and faster treatment with doctor on-demand apps. There is a record of successful mobile apps created by combining technology and the healthcare industry. The combination works well even for healthcare subsectors like medical devices and equipment. Yet, when it comes to solving women-specific health issues, there are limited women’s health tracking apps.

However, there are some female entrepreneurs who started leveraging mobile technology for improvising women’s health. The penetration of modern technology in the women's health sector called FemTech or Female Technology. It mainly refers to advanced equipment, software, diagnostics, and services that target women’s health improvement.

Assuming you must have searched for the solution to a question we are explaining in the post, i.e., how to develop a health tracking application for women. We will be explaining women’s health tracking app development. But before we dig deeper, let’s understand the market and demand for the same to ensure if it’s the right one.

What is FemTech?

Actually, Ida Tin, the CEO of a world-famous period tracking app, Clue, is the coiner of the term “FemTech.” She is a powerful woman who recognizes the hidden potential behind improving women’s lives by inserting the fast-growing technology. Not only in tracking menstruation, but Clue also helps women analyze their cycle, symptoms, and fertility predictions. The success of the app says a lot about the market opportunities that lie within it.

Clue App is not alone; many types of such technically-driven apps designed specifically for women’s health and well-being are out there. If you must know, pelvic floor exercise Yarlap and birth control app Nurx are the optimum examples from the other categories.

FemTech Market Analysis & Forecast:

Going to the revenue side, then roughly $820.6Million revenue the Global FemTech market generated in 2019. The figure is projected to grow over $3.04B by the end of 2030. Further, the research says nearly 200 startups are currently running in the FemTech market (among which women lead 90%).

Women’s health tracking app development services have penetrated numerous areas of women’s wellness. Some of the emerging spaces in FemTech include;

Reproductive Health,

Pregnancy tracking and Nursing Care

Menstruation tracking and fertility management,

Pelvic and Uterine Health,

Breast Cancer, autoimmune conditions, and thyroid issues,

Chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression

General Health and Wellness.

Furthermore, the industry is not restricted by only mobile app technology, but other ascending tracking technologies are also involved. For example;

Wearable Devices for Fertility Tracking

Vaginal Sensor for Fertility Cycle Monitoring

For Fertility Tracking and Menstrual Health - Genomics and Big Data

Wearables for Breast Cancer Screening

From the above brief, you must now know the FemTech market and what it entails for women and businesswomen/men. Now moving to the next segment of the post, why the FimTech is increasing, and how exactly it solves women’s issues.

Develop a Women Health Tracking App like Clue

Why is Female Health Tracking App Development Service increasing?

Because of the lack of women’s health awareness, care, and inability to have adequate treatment, many women die yearly worldwide. In contrast, women’s health mobile apps empower them to educate, analyze, and step ahead to control health and lives on their own. Let’s have a quick view of other advantages of women’s health tracking apps.

- Liberate women steer their body health

As the saying goes, “knowledge is the power,” and women can educate themselves with zero effort via mobile app technology. The more they learn about the changes occurring in their body, the better care they can take of their health.

- Augments women’s healthcare services

The research shows that end-users of such apps incorporate Individuals, Diagnostic Centers, Hospitals, and Fertility Clinics. Consequently, FemTech apps contribute to study women’s health aspects more subtly. Users, except individuals, get incredible data from tech and female health aggregation by directly talking to millions of women.

For example, the Clue app has over 10M users from nearly 180 countries. It drives the scientific understanding of women’s bodies from different parts of the world through advanced tracking technology. The data helps comprehend the types of hormones and the state of women’s inner bodies in different phases. All these lit the ideas to come up with accurate treatments.

- Prevent major women ailments

Such apps gather scientific information about women’s health and help them understand their own bodies through it. It guides them on dos and don’ts and saves them from medical conditions. For example, endometriosis takes an average of 10 years to diagnose. However, if a woman tracks her period symptoms, she could know when it’s abnormal and needs to see the doctor.

Further, she can precisely report to the doctor about the symptoms she experienced and receive treatment faster. As they say, prevention is better than cure; FemTech apps facilitate the same.

- Enables rural areas to access effective care

There is nothing more personal than a smartphone beside us. The omnipresent device smartphone can deliver effective services where there is a need. FemTech mobile apps make healthcare advice and medical care accessible to rural women. Educate them about infertility, birth control, menstrual health, and other well-being. Ultimately, such apps strengthen rural women and men to get over women’s healthcare issues as tabus.

The above reasons must clear why FemTech is rapidly enlarging. Now, when you develop a FemTech app, you require specific features and functionality. So, let’s have a look at the list of the must-have features with steps to make an app like Clue.

Develop a Women Health Tracking App like Clue

How to Develop a Women Health Tracking App like Clue?

1. Be specific with the type of app

As already mentioned, there are numerous spaces in FemTech like Clue that focus on menstruation and fertility tracking. You should research and determine which space is suitable for your targeted region and audience. And create a whole Business Model focusing on the same.

2. Define the resources

Next, you need to plan key FemTech resources your users require to avail of your solution. It could be a website, mobile app, apps for wearable, or all of them. For example, Clue offers a mobile app for iOS and Android platforms and Apple Watch as well. So, to build a women’s health tracking app like Clue, you might require to develop an app for watchOS, too.

3. Features to function the app

Features are crucial, but intuitive and navigational features are life-and-death for your app’s success. You must list accessible and intuitive enough features in the project specification document. Let’s have a sight on some;

- Onboarding tutorial

- Registration and Detail health & body Profile

- Menstruation tracker & predictor

- Log & analyze symptoms

- Calendar & reminder

- Encyclopedia of insights and health tips for particular symptoms

- Support section with FAQ and in-app chat

4. Data Security Compliance

Since your app will gather the most sensitive information, data security becomes the priority. Data security regulations help you achieve security, reliability, and availability of the information systems. You may need to comply with GDPR, HIPAA, and other industry-specific regulations as per cybersecurity standards.

5. Expert development team

Women’s health apps are advanced and technically-driven to provide scientific information by tracking women’s health. Therefore, you need a team capable enough to leverage high-tech and create a state-of-the-art mobile solution for women’s healthcare.

Also, make sure your on-demand app development team creates a seamless user experience, robust backend, and bug-free app. Wireframing and prototyping are effective practices to achieve the user-friendly app UI/UX. In contrast, the right technology selection contributes to the quality and performance of the app.


The post has come to its end. Hope now you have a clear understanding of FemTech and the opportunities it offers. A Berlin-based app, Clue, is serving women worldwide to make their lives easier. If you align the demand and supply of FemTech efficiently, the next could be yours.

As for the cost to Develop a Women Health Tracking App like Clue, it greatly relies on where you hire mobile app developers from. However, you can always connect us to estimate the women’s health tracking app development cost for your FemTech app.

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