Develop a Workout Streaming App Like Peloton

For the past few months, during the pandemic lockdown, gym-goers were immensely disappointed. The super jocks badly missed the workout music at gyms that inspired them to meet their personal fitness goals. Coronavirus lockdown left these enthusiasts with the only option of working out at home. But, health-fitness applications like Peloton seem to be a savior. This app has given an exuberant guided workout experience and also offered a range of on-demand fitness classes.

The strength training, yoga, stretching training feels real with the Peloton app. We suppose, in the coming years, gym-goers or fitness fans will opt for online workouts only. Peloton is a billion-dollar fitness startup that captured $8 billion in a very short timeframe. According to us, Peloton is an interesting case that may inspire you to develop a workout streaming app for your business. This blog is particularly for the gym-owners who wish to build a fitness tracker app like Peloton & then for entrepreneurs who want to invest in a blooming online fitness business.

This blog will discuss how you can sell branded workouts through applications, the cost to develop a workout streaming app like Peloton, features to include & other important insights.

However, there are several challenges with the workout streaming app development. Your app aims to continue the workout regime of people but entirely in a different way. You have to convince people to change their long-term behaviors and adapt to the online workout sessions.

It isn’t easy to get people inclined towards all these online fitness apps. Therefore, you have to come up with the idea that doesn’t look monotonous and adds value to the fitness fans’ lifestyle.

Let’s have a look at some of the USP of Peloton:

Peloton offers killer music to perform workouts at home;

Peloton enhances the experience by providing new & informative content for the fitness freaks;

Peloton streams online workout classes daily with live sessions. They have 30+ world-class instructors who perform the workout along with you.

The Peloton makes people enjoy their live sessions through various interactive activities.

Peloton provides a platform where like-minded people can come & share their workout ideas.

Workout Streaming App Development Cost

So why do you need a fitness tracker app development?

Well, fitness tracker apps have become the new Netflix in our lives. We browse the play store, check the app’s ratings, and download it on our phones. These fitness apps track your data and help you with training the body.

More than a luxury, fitness has become a necessity of current times. You have many fitness celebrities endorsing various fitness products & gym equipment. Virtual exercising brings every individual on the same channel and connects them with the trainer. Even the ones who feel shy about connecting with a trainer in person can freely sign up for the app and be confident. More than this,

As an owner, you can save a lot of money spent behind opening multiple gyms at various locations.

The number of participants would not be a limit. You can have n-number of users working out with the registered trainers virtually anywhere.

You can save a lot of money on other miscellaneous expenses, which you might have to bear with the physical gym.

You can retain the users by providing them various benefits & credit points.

Fitness apps help individuals to workout freely at home;

Users can schedule their workout regime at their comfortable time;

Above everything else, the workouts provided in the app can be performed without buying the equipment. This means users who do not wish to spend thousands behind the gym or equipment but still want to see the change can utilize this platform conveniently.

Your app users will never feel alone; instead, they can still have the real-life gyming experience while talking to professionals & teams.

Hence, we can say, developing an app like Peloton has a quid pro quo for the gym owners & users. We are sure you would have found this on-demand app development idea quite alluring, but the crux of the application lies in how you initiate the mobile app development process.

We would advise you to read about various app development stages such as Lean Canvas, Product requirement Specification document preparation, Wireframing, Prototyping, Tech Stack selection & more in detail. We have our own series where our experts from various fields have explained the processes at length.

How will you monetize the fitness tracker app?

If Peloton inspires you, you probably know how strategically the platform handles home fitness bikes & treadmill sales. Same way, you can offer various gym equipment options to your users and allow them to purchase it from your platform directly. So, in-app purchases are one way to acquire money.

The other option is to offer a subscription-based model. Users pay a little more than the regular users to have access to premium services. You can curate special programs for users who opt for the subscription models.

Additionally, you can charge from trainers, gym equipment sellers who want to use your platform to promote their services.

Workout Streaming App Development Cost

What are the features to include in a workout streaming app?

Well, today, there is no limit to the features you can include in your business app. Anything that satisfies users uniquely is considered as a benchmark feature. You may study your competitors and take inspiration, but you need to find out how you can craft the feature uniquely.

We have mentioned a common list of features to include in your mobile fitness application. You may also ask the hired mobile app developers for their suggestions and inputs.


People usually download applications for having fun or say to have an experience that might convince them to use the application. There will be very less percent of users who would directly land upon the application to start workouts directly. Hence, keep the signup crisp & concise. It should not take more seconds for the users to signup & register over the application. The onboarding of the users should be a pleasant experience.

Since it’s a fitness tracking application, you would need personal information like age, sex, weight, height, any fitness problem, etc. however, limit the collection process up to 3 to 5 screens only.

Allow them to sign up using their social media profiles.

Profile Set up:

For fitness tracking applications, profile set up is an important part of the process. In the profile set up a section, ask some mandatory questions that will help you customize the workout regime. Ask users about their preferences of connections where you ask them which spaces, community, or trainer would they like to connect to.

In the profile set up, show them their track of activity & progress. It should include which courses they have opted for and how much progress they have made.

We would not go into the details of other features here, but we will mention the feature name so that you can include it in the app.

Smart search;

Smart filter & sorting

Virtual connection;

In-app chat;

In-app call;

Classroom details (Instructor’s name, session time, difficulty level, list of equipment needed,& a short description);

Scheduling the exercise sessions;

Classroom selection;

Featured workouts;

Upcoming workout lists;

History of workouts;

Best workouts based on users ratings;

List of people who are in the session;

Live classes;

Payment gateway integration;

Push notifications;

Wearable device integration;

Yoga classes;


Instructor selection;

On-demand classes;

TV, Laptop & mobile compatibility;

Review & feedbacks;

If you are wondering that this application development might cost you a fortune, then let’s clear this air. We will give you an estimate of the workout streaming app development cost.

The cost of fitness tracker app development would be a rough estimate because multiple factors affect app development’s overall price. Factors such as

Location of the app development company;

Number of hours;

Technology stack you select;




Hourly charges of the developer;

Team structure

Having said that, a rough price estimate can be somewhere around $15K to $60K. You can easily have a sophisticated app developed within this price range. However, if you go on adding to the creativity, the price will rise accordingly.

Some key takeaways of Workout streaming app development:

Focus on the optimization of the app experience;

Map the user’s activity with the right parameters;

Be creative with the class packages;

Include icons that depict the classroom facility;

Show the progress on the screen;

Do not overcrowd the screen with a lot of elements. Keep the design sleek;

Offer them an incentive for selecting a classroom for exercise;

Give them badges on class completion;

Select the platform wisely;

Get, Set, Go…

Peloton application is a great benchmark app to get inspired from. You can explore various other options and check what all things you can include in your fitness tracker app development. If you have any queries regarding the same, feel free to connect with us & inquire about the process.

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