Develop Exercise Plans App like Sworkit Fitness

“We’re on a mission to make the world a significantly healthier place by creating a long-lasting, multi-generational impact. This means we’re striving to make fitness and nutrition simple, enjoyable, and flexible for individuals, their families, and future generations.” – Sworkit.

Does your mission statement sound like Sworkit? Or do you want to make an app like Sworkit Fitness to get featured on app stores?

But hey, do you know Sworkit well enough? Let’s give you an insightful glimpse with a stepwise guide to develop a workouts & exercise plans app.

What started as an online platform for earning points for exercising is today’s 5-star rated workout app by over 100k reviewers. The digital health and workout plan mobile app, Sworkit was found in 2012. It offers customizable workout plans and resources to let people adopt and sustain healthy fitness habits. Sworkit has been rated #1 by the University of Florida in the scientific assessment of workout & fitness apps’ safety and effectiveness. What’s more? It’s one of the editor’s choice and featured apps on Google Play.

Millions of fitness enthusiasts used the app to supplement their fitness habits. Offering a custom combination of strength, yoga, cardio, and stretching workouts, Sworkit eradicates gym membership needs. This well-being app can get you in shape you love to see yourself in by helping you workout anytime and anywhere. The virtual strength training providing app has many innovatively unique features that we elaborate on further in the article.

Make an App like Sworkit Fitness

Why Fitness freaks love the Workout App SWORKIT?

To develop a workouts & exercise app that could top on app stores, you need to make sure its users love it first. And historically speaking, to achieve this milestone, everything your app needs is innovative app features and accessible UI/UX. Let’s find you some inspiration from the topmost reasons that make Sworkit a hero of Workout apps.


We know customizable workouts are the foremost specialty of the app but simplicity to design them personally is like icing on the cake. Not to mention, you get almost every type of workout option from strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching, focusing specifically on full-body, upper body, lower body, or core.

Self-timer Included

Sworkit makes it better for exercisers to keep track of the clock and make the workout routine their priority. You can easily select the time span you want to work out for, ranging from 5 to 60 minutes. After a while, you complete 30-second exercise intervals and can watch the clock go down. As you finish your daily workout time, you hear sweet words of, "Congrats, you've finished!"

Set your own reminder

No matter how big a health or fitness addict you are, at some point, even the best of us could also sidetrack. However, Sworkit has an algorithm for that too. With a little push of a button for workout reminders, you can be on track with your fitness goals. The feature of push reminders works as a #1 workout motivator.

Do It At Home

Daily or weekly workout is nifty, but many of us are experts in snoozing the gym. Also, since COVID-19, open gym days have become uncertain. With Sworkit, users feel lucky that they can complete their regular workout literally from anywhere & on-the-go. At a nearby public park or work, in your dorm room, and also at the gym, it gives you the feel of having a personal trainer right in your hand’s palm.

SWORKIT Playlists

When it comes to fitness practices, how can we miss out on good music? This workout app lets you play your Spotify playlist in the background whilst the instructor’s voice comes on over the music.


Sworkit also consists of certified trainers to answer meal planning and nutrition questions.

Connected Apps

Whether you want to sync your workout with your favorite Apple Watch or barcode scanner app that records calories you burned or a fitness tracker app, you can integrate them into your Sworkit, including Apple Health, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, Strava.

Are you more into developing an app like MyFitnessPal?

Do you know the Global Workouts & Exercise Plans App Development Market is forecasted to grow from USD 5,568.13 Million in 2020 to USD 13,016.77 Million by the end of 2025?

Expand your market research by types of fitness apps with the latest market report.

Develop An Exercise Plans App like Sworkit Fitness By Degrees

1. All concluding Business Model

A business model is a must to practice to define your company’s/product’s core strategy for doing business profitably. It generally includes information on products or services you plan to sell, channels for selling, markets & audience you target, and anticipated expenses for the processes.

2. All-inclusive Project Requirements Document

You drafted your business model, including all your business cornerstones for the workouts and exercise plan app development. Next, you want to research your competitor apps and create a project requirements document. It’s a kind of layout of your mobile app’s functional and nonfunctional requirements. It also works as a checklist to ensure all features, fulfilling customer journeys, have been looked upon, and nothing has left.

Learn about the perfect Mobile app design process.

3. Hire a Fitness app development company or developers

To apply your business model, requirements and build a mobile fitness app, you need professionals’ help. You can either hire mobile app developers or a custom software development company. However, while choosing an app development company, you need to consider several factors, which are foremost important. You need to focus on the development rate as they charge hourly, and it differs across the world.

Developers from the US and Australia may charge on average $110/hour

Western Europe from $80/hour

Eastern Europe from $50/hour

Also, have a peek at our Fitness App Solution.

4. App Designing

Mobile app design is all about the user journey, how they browse, create a profile, play video, see workout plans, make payments, and so on. Since it’s all about user experience and micro-interactions, it has to be seamless, intuitive, and intriguing. To create an appealing app design, we adopt an approach including wireframes and prototyping. It lets us tailor the design for your specific type of audience.

5. Platform-specific development

Depending on the platforms you want to launch your app, i.e., Android & iOS, developers carry out the development. It is imperative to ensure your fitness app complies with the platform-specific requirements and guidelines.

6. Quality assurance before deploying

Your team writes code bug-free and ensures no security issues or performance blockers left during development. Still, one final testing is necessary before deployment. Quality analysts test the app’s overall user experience and whether the features work as they are supposed to.

7. App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization is a must to enhance your app search ranking on the massive discovery channel available to your app. While conducting the ASO, you need to take the below factors into your account:

App name and title




Total number of downloads

Ratings and reviews

Make an App like Sworkit Fitness

What does it Cost to Develop an App like Sworkit Fitness?

Generally, you may need as much as $20000 to 25000 to develop a workouts plan mobile solution for one platform. Let’s look at a short breakup of hours for essential activities conducted during workouts plan app development cost:

Specifications and Design prototypes (40 hours)

UI Designing (60 Hours)

Front-end and Back-end development(400 Hours)

Testing (80 Hours)

Bug fixing and updating (40 hours)

Get Started

The development time and rate are critical aspects: A. the time to market your product relies on the development time, and B. The rate affects your budget dramatically. Thus, the cost to build a workouts & exercise plan app as Sworkit highly relies on these two aspects.

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