Develop Doctor Appointment Booking app like HealthTap

While you are in the middle of a medical emergency in this crisis of the pandemic, the biggest challenge is to answer the list of questions over the application before you can connect with a professional healthcare provider. Ahh, that’s a real pain. We (consumers) always wanted somebody (definitely, a digital solution provider) to address this issue and understand the real meaning of an “emergency.”

HealthTap application acknowledges this substantial blockage existing between the doctor and the patients. It is a virtual doctor appointment booking app that meets patient’s demands 24*7. You can tap into the HealthTap application, with or without insurance, and avail of medical services at the right time. HealthTap provides virtual healthcare services at an affordable price.

This type of pocket doctor's applications is ruling the industry in current times. Without a doubt, hundreds of thousands of people are benefiting from the application’s offerings. This is why many entrepreneurs and doctors’ groups are tempted to develop a doctor appointment booking app like HealthTap.

Doctor appointment booking app development not only comforts the patients but also adds to the convenience of how doctors handle their practices. It simplifies the entire medical professional-patient interaction and gives doctors smooth access to the patient’s data.

There are many mHealth applications in the market with different variants, but the HealthTap app stands out amongst all. Making an app like HealthTap is a smooth task only if you have the right mobile app development company as a development partner. Your doctor appointment booking app solutions should not only be unique but should also have an impressive UX design.

The primary reason you need to stand out while developing a doctor appointment booking app like HealthTap is that there were nearly 325,000 mHealth applications (2017 data). The global market may cross $112 billion by 2025, says a report. These numbers can be as tempting and as scary as they could be! Scary in a sense, the competition is high. Unless you have something unique to offer, you will be whitewashed from the market. We are sure you do not want to end up yourself in the mud pit.

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We know what it takes to develop a doctor appointment booking app like HealthTap. We have written multiple blogs that explain the pocket doctor app development process.

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In this blog, we would be explaining all the features of the HealthTap app and business models for doctor appointment booking app. Sit with a pen and a paper because you might want to pen down some relevant information and features of the application.

HealthTap app

HealthTap app is a virtual doctor consultation app founded in 2010. HealthTap has its headquarters in Palo Alto, California, and the services are available in seven states currently. However, the company has plans to roll out applications across many other states in the US. The application is one of the finest doctor booking applications having the largest network of certified physicians on board.

"Primary Care plays a fundamental role in keeping overall medical costs down and building a healthier society," said Dr. Geoffrey Rutledge, HealthTap's chief medical officer. "HealthTap now provides affordable, high-quality virtual Primary Care, which includes wellness and preventive health advice, evaluation and treatment of acute conditions, and ongoing management of chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes. Convenient access to great Primary Care prevents medical emergencies and reduces complications from treatable diseases."

HealthTap allows users to access doctors virtually, 24*7 by paying a small amount of monthly fee. There are nearly 140,000 top doctors in various disciplines across the US who serve with HealthTap applications.

A few noticeable features of the HealthTap application are

- Video call: Patients can connect with the doctors via an in-app video call feature.

- Text chat: Patients can book an appointment with the doctor and chat with them with the in-app chat feature.

- Phone call: Once you have the application’s subscription, the doctor is just a phone call away.

- Instant appointment: Patients do not have to wait for hours for the doctor to confirm their appointment. With the HealthTap application, this happens in a minute or less.

- Concierge Plan: Unlike other doctor appointment booking applications, the HealthTap app allows patients to consult their primary doctor from anywhere in the world.

- 24*7 availability: HealthTap is accessible to patients at any time of the day, month and year. Once you are a member of it, you can have your consultation from anywhere, anytime.

- Question/Answers: Patients can ask their health-related questions to the experts at HealthTap and have relevant answers in the shortest possible time.

- Symptom assessment: HealthTap app uses an AI-powered symptom checker that assists patients in symptom analysis.

- Smart search: Patients can run down a smart search in the library of patient-asked and doctor answers.

- HIPAA compliance: All the data stored in the application are under HIPAA compliance. This means patients do not have to worry about any data breaches.

- Online Prescription: A Telemedicine app like HealthTap allows doctors to send prescriptions directly to the pharmacy or order lab tests.

Business Model for Doctor Appointment Booking app

How does the HealthTap application make money?

The signing process of this telemedicine application is quite simple and free.HealthTap app offers membership programs where users pay $45 for their first visit and can have free access to doctors at $10 per month.

HealthTap also launched an enterprise program in October 2014. Here patients can become prime members and have access to doctors at $44 per consult. For regular members, the fee is $49 per consultation.

However, a few other ways of making money by developing doctor appointment booking application are:

- Sponsorship: You may ask doctors and registered investors for service sponsorship.

- Video consultation fee: If you are planning to launch a free application, then you can earn money by charging patients for video consultation.

- Fee from doctors: You can also make money by collecting a reasonable amount of percentage share or a fee from the doctors.

We suppose that you have collected enough things to consider before developing a doctor appointment booking app like HealthTap. The next question that needs an answer is the cost of app development.

Business Model for Doctor Appointment Booking app

What is the cost to develop a doctor appointment booking application?

Considering every aspect of the mobile application development process, the cost of app development should fall between $20K to $25K (according to us).

However, this may vary from company to company and country to country. Various countries have different app development rates (per hour). An Us-based developer may charge around $150/hour, while a UK-based will charge around $120/hour. An Australian-based developer might cost you $110/hour, whereas in India, you can hire developers at $30/hour. As you see, developing your application with an Indian developer is highly cost-effective.

Along with these, there are various other factors such as,

- App complexity;

- App design;

- App functionality;

- Quality testing;

- App UI/UX;

Etc, that might influence the final cost of app development. It is better to approach your prospective app development company with your exact requirements in order to have a better estimate.

Parting Words

Developing a doctor appointment booking app is a great idea in current times. The rising demands of virtual consultations over physical may give you leverage when you release your application in the market. Healthcare apps might not completely substitute for physical visits, but they are of great help for patients in need of emergency.

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