Duet Singing Application Development

Music is a passion, entertainment, pastime activity, and rejuvenation medium, all at the same time. At the right moment, the right beats touch the soul and help the body release dopamine, resulting in utmost satisfaction. Soulful singing followed by rhythmic music is a source of entertainment for millions of people. Interested people have resorted to many online applications and websites to leverage the experience. Well, these online solutions include music streaming apps solutions like Youtube & Spotify, and Karaoke singing applications like Smule & Red Karaoke are their favorites.

However, audiences prefer to entertain themselves with a social karaoke solution over music streaming applications. The primary reason behind this inclination is Karaoke applications boost up the social engagement spirit. It brings everybody together to sing and dance over bonfires, or festivals, or even weddings.

Duet signing application development becomes a handy entertainment application helping people to follow their human desires of singing like a rock star and relaxing their bodies. Duet signing application development has a lucrative market hold, and proof of that is the figure of 100 million app downloads of Smule Karaoke application.

Smule Karaoke application runs at a high pace encouraging many vocal training startups and entrepreneurs to develop a duet singing app like Smule. For starters, let me tell you that the cost to develop an app like Smule is highly affordable. And you can develop an app like a Karaoke singing app within a budget of $25k. Pretty reasonable and tempting, isn’t it?

You can contact a reputed, on-demand app development company to help you build a music & singing app like Smule. Kody Technolab can also help you in making apps like Smule. All you have to do is, approach us with your creative app idea, and we will sit together and discuss the process further. We promise to come up with a brilliant solution that would satisfy your expectations. Kody Technolab also offers “hire mobile app developers” services for you to have flexibility in your project development.

Why develop a duet singing app like Smule?

There are quite a few convincing reasons for developing a duet singing application.

- The entertainment market is growing in leaps and bounds. If we believe the Statista report, it is the 6th most category of downloaded apps in 2021.

- It would come as a surprise, but almost 4% of the World’s population have already used the Smule app.

- If we talk about India, the music streaming market is expected to grow at 1.6% and cross $227 million by 2023.

- The glazing expected number of on-demand users may cross 93 million in 2022.

- Karaoke singing applications are well embraced in the regions such as South Africa, Nigeria, India, Singapore, and the Philippines.

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Develop Duet Singing App Like Smule

How can you make money using an on-demand Karaoke singing app like Smule?

There are multiple monetization models available for free apps like Karaoke. Some of the popular revenue models of it are:

- In-app purchases: Allow singing enthusiasts to navigate from your application to the page where they can buy singing instruments. In return for this navigation, you can charge your share.

- Subscription-based model: Allow users to subscribe to the application and thereby have access to the premium & advanced features.

- In-app advertisement: Allow other brands to use your platform for marketing purposes. In exchange for the platform use, you can have your own share.

How does an app like Smule work?

Smule is a highly popular Karaoke singing platform, extremely celebrated by the users to sing folk songs and unite people. It serves as a social platform that brings together music lovers across the globe.

Smule application is a go-to application for passionate music lovers who wish to sing like some of the popular music artists or even have their own musical arrangements. Smule allows users to make their own collection of music and sing duet songs with friends & family. They can also share the same recording over various social media platforms.

The Smule app provides various genres of music such as pop, hip hop, and rock for the users to select their favorite. Users can send a duet singing invitation to a friend for them to join in the fun activity. As soon as the selection is made, the application shows the song’s lyrics either in blue or orange.

It is up to the user if they wish to edit the vocals or just share the original one with the media. The application facilitates users to apply studio effects, video filters, and visual effects to the song.

Now let’s talk about the list of features you will need to integrate into your on-demand karaoke application.

Develop Duet Singing App Like Smule

Feature list For On-demand Karaoke App :

Customer App :

Log In/Sign Up Smart Search Smart Song Filters
In-app purchase Subscription plans Single/duet/group singing selection
Record the song Invite friends Share the songs
Manage records Friends management Explore artists
In-app chat Push notifications Mark favorite
Facial recognition Predictive analysis Accept voice commands
Machine learning algorithms

Admin App :

Log In Admin Dashboard Manage subscription
Manage users Manage song categories Playbook management
Notification management Payment management Reports & analytics
Manage recordings Manage music artist

Conclusion :

It is difficult to create a one-stop award-winning singing application in the first go. However, deep research accompanied with the right development partner makes it possible for you to execute the idea rightly.

While developing a duet singing application like Smule, you should take care of the interface and the color combination of the application. It has a major role to play in encouraging users to use the application frequently. An intriguing user interface will complement the app color and concept and would be welcomed wholeheartedly.

For any further questions, simply ring our phone number. We provide 30 mins of free consultation and will help you find a suitable app solution for your duet singing app needs.

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