How come mobile app development becomes crucial for the real estate industry?

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  • Meticulous breakdown on the reasons why real estate app development is becoming a must for realtors and brokers in the industry (worth $50)
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  • Checklist of essential features of real estate buy and sell apps (worth $115)
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Need moral support to decide whether app development is right for your real estate business?

It’s okay to ask for help because you cannot carry out everything on your own. Besides, you need expertise to:

  • Do a comprehensive competitor analysis
  • Select the right design for your application
  • Make sure the app is progressing as per the goal of your business
  • Test the application at each stage
  • Launch the application on the right platforms
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But therefore, we are. We are a prominent real estate software development company with a full-fledged app development team. Above all, we have the right expertise required to understand your business needs and execute your real estate app idea efficiently. We want you to take great pride with us in developing a real estate app that stands out from the crowd!

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to successfully create a real estate app from scratch, you must follow a strategic approach and never miss the below basic steps.

Research the market: Study existing solutions (Trulia, Zillow) and your competitors and brainstorm over developing your digital real estate business concept.

Assemble a list of features:Adhering to your research, create a list of features for your real estate app; for example, search, filters, description, and photos are must-haves.

Collect proposals for rent and sale:Figure out how you will collect the real estate database on sale or rent to present to your target audience through your app. You can integrate Realtors Property Resource API in your app and MLS API to display property listings on your app.

Hire a software development company:If you're not a professional developer, you will need to partner with a real estate app development company. In that case, outsourcing your project from a software company is a cost-effective option.

Basically, knowing your competitors, their apps, monetization models, features, and functionality, and if there is a market demand for what you build is necessary before you begin developing a real estate app.

The eBook is meticulously crafted for real estate agencies and realtors to educate them on the latest technology. On top of that, how to leverage it for their business. It is written in simple language but contains meaningful insights. So, if you want to create a real estate buy-sell app for your new agency or existing business, this book will help you serve your customers better.

What this real estate app development eBook contains is already mentioned at the beginning of this page. Moreover, you will get price estimation and a straightforward app development process overview.

Above all, it took us significant time and effort to create this eBook, but unlike other paid ones, it is free to download. We have made earning simple, quick, and free for everyone who wants to start their own digital real estate business.