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In today’s world, the smartphone plays a vital role for everyone. Without having a Smartphone, you feel a void and it seems like you lack something. You can use these phones to play games, chat with your friends and families, and learn many new things by downloading various apps. So, when you want to learn and explore more things, there are educational apps that will help you in learning many new things every day.

However, if you are planning to Build an Educational App like Coursera, then you have to consider many things. The world with the internet is being vast, you need to include all the right information and data in your educational app. And for that research plays a crucial role for you to come up with a useful education app. The market has filled with many educational apps across several regions that are downloaded for various purposes.

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Some apps are meant for kids, students, parents, as well as teachers. Moreover, it’s equally crucial that you opt for a professional Mobile App Development Company. You can also Hire expert Mobile App Developers or freelancers to develop an educational app. Besides, we are here to help you explore more about Educational App Development. Let’s get into this Guide to Educational App Development covering the important aspects.

Education Application Development Company

Types of Educational apps

In the technological world that is getting better every day, educational classes are also being converted into smart classes by using the app development to educate the students efficiently. Teachers are now converting the lessons into online courses in the form of the mobile app. They are further making sure that students can see things and learn more practically, rather than reading the textbooks only.

Moreover, this is also implemented in high schools to improve student efficiency by making them learn things practically and visually. Increasing usage of such apps raises the demand, and ultimately, it contributes a lot to the app development industry. the industry is now focusing on developing more educational and learning apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

So, here are some types of learning apps that are available in the market. Also, these educational apps can be easily downloaded on your phone to learn many new things:

Interactive eBooks

Most of the developers are now focusing on creating eBooks for the students and kids. They can watch many educational videos, images, read inspirational stories or topics, explore their area of interest by playing quizzes, or mind games in the learning apps.

Puzzle-Solving Apps

As the world is being smarter day by day, many puzzle games are created for all age groups. You can download these games in your Smartphone and play it to improve your memory power, get command on grammar, vocabulary, and many other essential skills.

Worksheet Apps

Specially designed for all the kids who are on the verge of growing up, worksheet apps help the students to practice formulas, macros, etc., at their respective homes.

Classroom Apps

These apps are developed for all the students who can leverage it during the class sessions to learn new things.

Besides, there are many other apps such as courseware, assessment apps, reference apps, etc. And the best part is that the students, kids, parents, and teachers, anyone can use it for their benefits.

How can you build a useful Educational App?

When you want to emerge with your idea to build an Educational App or a learning app like Coursera, the very first thing that you will have to focus on is enriching the app with high-quality and informative content. So, here are some basic things that you must keep in mind:

Coming up with many compelling ideas to develop an educational app

Market research plays a vital role in executing the plan that you would have thought efficiently.

Testing the ideas that you have thought and have performed an adequate amount of research to implement it.

Hiring the best mobile app developers to do the job for you.

Features required to make an educational application

As these apps will be for all the students, most of the elements within the app itself should be kept simple and effective. So, the below-given are some of the best features and functionalities required to develop an educational application:

Social media integration

User profile

Effective database

Easy user-authentication

Statistics based on the dynamics of learning

Learning material like engaging or interactive exercises, audios and videos

Can work in offline mode

Cloud integration

Categorization of lessons

Planning or Scheduling system

Search system

Surveys, reviews, Feedback and tests

Enabled practice or test feature on several topics



Live stream

In-app interaction with friends

Push Notifications

Famous Educational Applications in the Market

As the app market is filled with many educational apps, it becomes essential for you to review the quality of every app before downloading it. So, here are some of the best apps that are available for you to download and make the most out of it:

Education Application Development Company



Periodic Table




Emerging Next-gen technologies to make an educational application

AI i.e. Artificial intelligence, which helps to enhance learning capability

Gamification adds play a great role to let people invest in learning and to become challenging for the overall evolution.

Augmented reality i.e. AR technologies, which engage all of our senses

Virtual reality i.e. VR, which basically increases experiential learning

Multiplicity and like-minded Community-driven applications create a positive loop to solve problems across the globe

Education Application Development Company

Important tips to make an educational application

Are you trying to make an education application or learning app? Well, you must ensure that you keep improving the functionalities of the app so, that you can make significant profits out of it. Here are a few crucial things to keep on check during education app development:

Ensure to use the right teaching methods

Make it entertaining by adding game elements

Must have a user-friendly app interface

Should be compatible with all devices

Must use the best graphics and unique sounds


Well, you will need to research a lot to make an education application like Coursera that would come up as the best in the market. However, you must know that you cannot include all the information in an app. You need to include all the required and proven facts and features in your app. This is needed so, that you can successfully launch it in the market. Also, make sure that you use the right tools and technology to get started with your Education App Development Services.

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