Must-Have Features for Spa & Salon Appointment Booking App

“Just incredible! Operating my Salon online has been made easy peasy by this app. I would give it 10 stars if I could. I love it.”

Imagine receiving this review from a user on your salon services appointment booking mobile application. We know how amazing it feels to receive positive feedback. That’s why we provide a user-centric salon booking app solution that turns your imagination into reality. Just like Fresha does for its users and partners.

Fresha, formerly Shedul, is a cloud-based beauty service online booking app similar to Salon Iris. Launched in 2015 London-based beauty and wellness marketplace platform has gained quite a traction. The beauty salons and spas app is available in nearly 120 countries and has marked 250M+ booked appointments. Users can quickly sign up, discover excellent beauty services nearby, book appointments, and pay online effortlessly.

The totally free-to-use salon software has whooping 50k+ business partners and 150k+ local and professional stylists. Do you know what contributes to Fresha success and stands it apart from other online scheduling services? Its features, functionality, and accessible nature. So before you develop a multi-vendor salon booking app like Fresha, we want you to check out these gold-digging features.

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Develop multivendor salon booking app like Fresha

Must-Have Features for Spa & Salon Appointment Booking App

Several Policy Features You Need to Consider for your on-demand salon booking app Project Requirements.

Booking Confirmation

the app should send a written confirmation regarding online booking to customers and respective service providers, either in email or through the mobile app notification.

Cancellation Policy

there should be a policy for late cancellation whereby a vendor or stylist may charge the customer a specific fee for a canceled booking.

In-app Payment Services

the online and in-app payment facilities are paramount for making an app like Fresha salon marketplace.

Web Application

despite a mobile app, offers an accessible web app that users can operate through a standard web browser on their mobile devices.

No Show Protection

similar to booking cancellation, you should let your salon partners charge a certain fee from customers for failing to show up to a salon on the appointment time.

Pay Cash In-Store Booking

sometimes, customers may not have adequate wallet balance, thus allows them to book their stylist on your salon marketplace and pay in-store.

General Features for Salon and Spa Bookers

Visualizing Salon Catalogue

Appealing app design always entails quality and relevant graphics with compelling product/service images or videos to make the app engaging.

Discover Services

The salon marketplace app must offer a magical search bar that lets users narrow down their search for beauty services to a specific location, price, stylists, etc.

Photo Library Of Services

High-quality and demonstrative service images make it easier for users to figure which service is right for them.

Login Or Register

Facilitating users to register or log in via Gmail or social media account is quite a handy and quick way to enable them to get started with the salon booking process.

Appointment Booking

Booking appointments are the primary service of your app. Hence, you need to make sure it takes only a few taps for users to book a salon seat.


For a better experience, allow users to sync their smartphone calendar with the app and track appointments.

Booking Confirmation

Building an algorithm that notifies appointment booking confirmation status to service providers and customers via email, push notifications, SMS, or in-app notifications.

Book Appointments On Social Media

It’s one of the trending features in mobile commerce used by diverse shopping and on-demand service apps. With this feature, you allow your social media addict users to book an appointment without wasting a second quickly.

Payment On Booking

Prepaid appointments tend to be more successful and save from the risk of no-shows or late cancellations. This feature also helps users to go cashless and pay directly from their account online.

Booking History

Your app needs this feature to help users decide where to book the next appointment based on their previous booking. You can also leverage their booking history to offer a personalized user experience.

Push Notifications

To alert users about any discount, voucher offer, or loyalty program, you will need this feature.

Read And Give Review

Feedback from other users works like word of mouth for your and your partners’ brand. Positive ones promote your services, while pessimistic reviews draw your attention towards areas of improvement.

General Features for Salon and Spa Vendors

Appointment Managing Calendar so salons can track all incoming and scheduled appointments.

Managing Staff Members & Working Hours allows salon and spa owners to keep profiles of their staff and manage their tasks and working hours.

Service Listing feature helps vendors to add quickly, edit, and remove service without mistakes.

Packages And Paid Plans to allow vendors to create custom service packages like skin or hair care combo and sell customized beauty service plans on the app.

Customer Management allows building a relationship with customers by sharing useful personalized and feedback messages at the right time.

Receive Booking From Social Media is to let vendors add an online booking link or button either on the website or their social media profiles.

Track And Charge From No-shows And Late Cancellations will empower vendors to set up their no-show and cancellation policy. It asks customers to secure the appointment with their payment card, and the vendor charges a fee if they cancel or don’t show up.

Report And Analytics are to aid vendors in tracking their sales, revenue, invoices, taxes, and offered voucher or discount status.

Account And Business Profile entail the salon owner and the salon brand details like opening hours, pin location on the map, services, and staff.

Develop multivendor salon booking app like Fresha

How Does It Cost To Develop A Spa & Salon Appointment Booking App Like Fresha?

Now for the Spa & Salon Appointment Booking App Development Cost, it may cost you around $10k to $15k. However, you need to understand some cost-affecting factors before hiring on-demand app developers. Why? Because a better understanding of these elements can prevent you from making a hole in your pocket.

UI/UX Design (We suggest creating Wireframe + Prototype for astonishing app design)

IOS and Android mobile app development (We suggest opting for cross-platform app development)

Backend development (pick your technology stack wisely)

Web development

MVP testing

Quality assurance

Also, the number of features, complexity of the app design, and mobile app development company location cause variation in the development cost.


You must know the features required to develop a salon booking app that drives more users. As mentioned earlier, the cost to make an app like Fresha depends on development factors. However, by learning them deeply, you can strategically reduce the cost of your initial app development. We wish you luck in your salon app development journey. Break a leg!

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