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Dating is no longer the same as it used to be years ago. With the evolution of digital media and mobile applications, people are able to connect with others with much ease. All they have to do is open up an app and they are able to find so many recommendations for example on Facebook, Instagram and more. Apart from these platforms, online dating apps have made it even easier where people don’t have to tell others, they are looking for a date.

People are using dating apps because they are finding someone to date. Nowadays, since the majority of people are opting for the dating apps, it means these apps are solving problems for them. It could be connecting with right-minded person or a casual hook-up or finding someone to get married to.

And hence, if you are looking forward to set-up a startup around dating apps, you must ensure the best features. The features of On-Demand dating App play a huge role in allowing it to be a success or a failure. Moreover, a feature-rich on-demand Dating App Development is beneficial in the long run. Here is a list of 8 dating app features like Happn:

Chat – Text, Video & Photo Messaging

Having a chat feature is too obvious in the dating application features list. But what I would suggest here is that don't keep it restricted. Include all ways of connecting be it through a message or through sharing photos or even though video calling. Keep the chat interactive and playful. Moreover, this is exactly how people will be able to know each other better and can call for real dates.

Also, include stickers and Gifs which will keep chatting fun. Another thing to include in dating app features like Happn is having suggestions build as a conversation opener. This will indeed help users starting worthy conversations.

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Undo the Accidental Swipes on Dating Apps

There must be an option for targeting accidental swipes while developing a Dating App like Happn. The unnecessary embarrassment caused by it can sometimes be huge. So, it's better to introduce a feature of reversing the swipes made unintentionally. Moreover, this feature must act fast without letting its appearance visible in the notification bar.

Also, reversible swipes should be free of any limit as sometimes opinions change regarding a person. No barrier should be constructed. The process of choosing someone to date must be made free of any sort of objections.

Impressive User Interface (UI) of Application

The way users interact with your product is only through User Interface, UI. Therefore, its construction must be wonderful and amazing. Photos play a vital role when it comes to dating online. No compromise with the quality features can be tolerated during the on-demand app development. Use slicks and beautiful animations, which will help to make photos appear smoother.

Since swiping right and left with real faces is fun for sure, look into designing the app playful. Moreover, make your users addicted to the value your app provides. Also, include vibrant colors that either charge up or change the mood of your users. Keep the delicacy of romance in mind and you are all set to build a fabulous design with harmony.

Surely, the design needs all your attention from making it attractive with simplicity to keeping it clean i.e. without unnecessary popping up of the additional components when not needed. For instance, we can have features like:

Latest ongoing UI trends with colorful calls and strong graphic animations. You can also indulge in creating an amazing swipe gesture.

Make your users feel special by creating a screen on achieving a match. Since the moment is precious, it's the exact moment where your users will get addicted to the app.

Push Notifications

Dating App Features must include a feature of Push Notifications to provide a surface to real-time latest updates. Users have a right to know what exactly happens in their profile, which is registered on the online dating app. Other than that, with this feature, they will be able to keep track of their new messages, matches or even the photos sent to them.

This feature also acts as a growth tactic for the app as it helps people getting back to the app. It is the most amazing and powerful tool for increasing wishful user crowd. Moreover, it also acts as a key differentiator, from the past traditional online dating sites. This is because they had only emails to communicate then.

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Advanced Dating Recommendations

Dating apps are used for getting along with people having similarities. And hence, a recommendation in the form of a pop-up or notification can appear as the best feature for the matching algorithm. You just need to make sure it has the basic account mention like location, age, interests, and religion.

Also, a filter can be added considering the percentage between two or the odd one out. And hence, ensure including this feature in your list of the features of On-Demand dating App.

Safe User Experience on Dating Apps

To make an app like Happn, the topmost priority is to ensure a dating app that is safe and secure. Features like reporting and blocking can be included in the priority section. This feature will help against any type of harassment messages or images, any pornographic or illicit content or even scammers, perverts and pathetic people. This will also help in their ethics & empowerment. Apart from that, this will help you attain a quality user base making the experience of every visitor aesthetic.

You can also read the guidelines that have been provided at the play store for a better understanding. When considered the Apple Playstore, it blocks apps without having a bulletproof way of banning users misusing the app, from the complete app platform.

Reviews & Rating Feature of Dating App

A feature called reviews & ratings must be part of the dating app features when you want to create a Dating App Like Happn. This feature helps people rate their first date along with leaving an opinion on whether the date was a success or not. Apart from that, this reviews & rating feature has mixed emotions attached to it.

For a few people, it is fun and for many others, it is nerve-wracking. Moreover, you can swipe again if your date wasn't good or didn't go as expected. And hence, just be creative and as authentic as you possibly can. Try not to go copying around rather just make your creativity go wild.

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Other Ideas for Dating Application Features

For the on-demand Dating App Development, ideas like introducing games can help people get closer and know each other better. Group dating can also be included as it would generate a secure feeling along with the fun involved in it. Moreover, the provision of suggestions on different places could also prove to a lot beneficial for the first date.

Other than that, tips on the selection of gifts both virtually & digitally must also be considered while planning for the app features.

In the end, in order to create a Dating App Like Happn, the above-mentioned features if installed, will keep your app stay relevant. You will be providing your users with much-needed options while making dating fun, safe & interesting for them.

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