Fever Detection

Contactless temperature

Excellent Accuracy

Fever Screening Camera detects increased body temperature within a distance of up to 2 meters with high accuracy

Lightning Fast Detection

Our Camera-based Fever scanner detects fever in real-time rapidly with zero contact with the person.

Easy to integrate

Integrating Fever Detection Camera into any application, and access its control is super easy.

Thermal Cameras to Detect Elevated Body Temperature

The threat of the COVID-19 is at its pace with increasing cases all around the world. Researches are also catching the speed to bring down the pandemic effects. Although, the fever and elevating body temperature are the most frequent symptoms. In this case, our Biometric Fever Screening cameras are useful tools that can prevent the spread by helping in detecting and isolating people with elevated body temperature.

Our Fever Detection cameras support Contactless temperature measurement and scan people’s faces using ultra-modern sensor technology. The camera-based fever scanner scans up to 5 people’s body temperature simultaneously with high accuracy and speed. If it detects an elevated body temperature, the system rings the alarm or forbidden access if you have fixed the camera as part of an automated access system, for example. Further, it refers to a subject for medical examination to the operator.

The Body Temperature Detection has been in use at airports for long before the outbreak. The whole system can be controlled remotely. Thus, for the safety measure of healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes and other authority locations like factories, shopping centers, hotels, and schools can also place the thermal cameras.

Application for Fever Detection Camera





Super Markets

Scenic Spots

Shopping Mall



Court Rooms

Police Station


Govt. Offices




Nursing Homes




Traditional fever detection devices occupy an operator and demand a short distance of less than 120 cm between both persons. That is risky for two of them because, as per healthcare advisers, it requires at least 1.5 m distance to prevent droplet transmission.

Our Fever Detection Camera ensures the guidelines received by experts and works within a range of 2 meters or more. It examines the body temperature of 5 people on the one go, and its plus point is, it does not require an operator. Thus, it overcomes the risk of any transmission.

Fever Detection Camera - Technical Features

Sensors Thermal sensor RGB sensor 3D sensor
Fever detection accuracy ± 0.5 °C
Measuring speed 0.7 - 2.0 s
Distance 0.5 - 2.0 m
Weight 130 g
Dimensions 120 mm x 37 mm x 23 mm
Compliance RoHS, CE
Interface USB 3.0
SDK .Net/ C/C++ (Java coming soon)
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