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A lot has been discussed lately about React Native Vs. Flutter framework, but the new debate entering the field is between Kotlin Vs. Flutter. Many of the experts have shared their thoughts on Flutter Vs. Kotlin, but today, we will go into the depth of it.

We will run a fair comparison between the two so that it will help you in deciding the suitable preference for your project. These are common comparisons, but it will give you clear insights about the two platforms.

Cross-Platform app development is considered to be the golden egg of the current times. The reason being, 98% of total mobile phones across the world run on the two main OS, iOS, and Android. The three master blaster players that are competing with each other are Flutter, React Native, and Kotlin.

We have already discussed the differences between Flutter Vs. React Native framework, and hence, in this blog, we will go through Flutter Vs. Kotlin comparison. Keep reading...

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What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language developed by JetBrains in the year 2016. General-purpose means it allows the developers to share code data and business logic with several other web programs. Because of which, it allows developers to interact with Swift and XCode for iOS, Kotlin & Android Studio for Android. In other words, it allows interaction with different Native environments. Kotlin is often referred to as Kotlin Multiplatform because of its ability to perform on iOS, Web, macOS, Android, and JVM.

It is much embraced by the developers' community and is considered to be the second most favorite programming language after Java. Why developers love Kotlin is because it is different from the other general-purpose programming languages. It brings an easy solution to programming errors and misconceptions. Also, apps developed using Kotlin observe minimal downtime or crashes.

If we believe the statistics, then there are around 105 thousand apps developed using Kotlin. The numbers show how Kotlin is winning the hearts already. Entrepreneurs are embracing it because it is an SDK not a framework. You will not be required to shift the entire application at a time, you can first shift a single module and then move to other parts.

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What is Flutter?

Flutter needs no introduction. Google introduced it in the year 2017, but ever since the release, its popularity is just rising high. It is an open-source SDK that assists developers in building unique, native-like feel, cross-platform applications. It is the most reliable framework because of its amazing features.

Flutter has Dart as a programming language, which uses ahead-of-time compilation. You can share the single-code-base across various platforms, including Android, Mac, iOS, Linux, Windows, etc.

Flutter has been in the spotlight since the release. It has the capacity to cover various verticals of the industry like eCommerce, entertainment, social media, and utility.

Now, let's move into the details of the Flutter Vs. Kotlin.

Year of launch20172016-
Popular appsAlibaba, Square, The New York Times, eBay, TencentCareem, Autodesk, Yandex, VMware, Chalk, Icerock, Quizlet-
Programming languageDartKotlin itself is a programming language.-
PerformanceFlutter is much more promising when it comes to performance. The hot-reload features allow developers to instantly address the changes in the codeKotlin multi-platform compiles the code exactly in the same format as the platform on which you wish to deploy. Also, Kotlin developed apps are easy to customize and better in performance.No clear winner here
PopularityFlutter captures 101K Stars on GitHub, while we are writing this.Kotlin has 33.3K stars on GitHub while we are writing this.Flutter is the winner here.
Learning curveFlutter offers a comprehensive document for the avid developer to learn and implement FlutterKotlin Multiplatform has limited resources for the developer to learn the language. Kotlin as a language no doubt represents interoperability with Java but offers less documentation when it comes to Kotlin multiplatformFlutter wins here
UI experienceFlutter is a widget-rich cross-platform framework. It offers unmatchable customizing features using which developers can develop a unique, functioning application effortlessly.Kotlin is also a potential fit cross-platform language. It assists developers in crafting effective applications without any hassle.It is a draw here.
Third-party libraries and tools integrationFlutter is a cross-platform SDK that provides easy integration of third-party UI development tools.Kotlin is a programming language proficient for developing native-like cross-platform applications. It makes use of native tools like Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI.Kotlin holds an upper hand over Flutter.
Backend development scopeGoogle backs Flutter. Hence, the Firebase which is a Backend-as-a-Service platform allows developers to write code at the backendKotlin multiplatform, allows developers to seamlessly write the backend codeKotlin is the winner here
Job and opportunity scopeFlutter is a powerful framework empowering thousands of applications in the market. Even though it is relatively young, the demand for Flutter developers is rising.Kotlin is the most preferred language when it comes to building native, cross-platform applications. As shared by StackShare, around 268 companies and 210 developers prefer KotlinKotlin is in high-demand over Flutter. But this may change in the future.
Documentation and CommunityFlutter is a new, yet flourishing platform. The extensive documentation assists developers to easily learn the framework implementation.Kotlin is still strengthening its documentation for the developersFlutter is the winner here.
Testing SupportFlutter offers a bucket-full of testing features. Also, the unique widget testing feature is catching maximum attentionKotlin doesn’t offer any ease of assistance for support testing.Flutter is the winner here.
Price of app developmentFlutter is an open-source cross-platform framework that is easy to learn and work with.Kotlin is also an open-source code. Developers can easily download it from GitHub and start using it.-

Thus we can see that both the platforms are powerful enough to assist cross-platform app development. Also, both of these frameworks aim to reduce the cross-platform app time of development in a cost-effective manner. However, which one should you choose depends on your project needs and scenarios.

In the next section, we will discuss the scenarios in which Kotlin is preferred for app development, and when Flutter is preferred.

When should you prefer Kotlin?

When you wish to revamp your existing application, you should go for Kotlin. Kotlin is easily interoperable with Java and simplifies the process of app editing.

Kotlin is a preferred programming language when you wish to write heavy yet sophisticated codes.

Kotlin has a fail-fast compiler that detects the bugs automatically and resolves it immediately.

When should you prefer Flutter?

The hot-reload feature of Flutter is the eye-catcher here. Developers can instantly check the changes made in the source code.

Flutter is best suitable to build and release an MVP product. Also, you can use Flutter to build the prototype and present it to the investors.

Developing apps with Flutter is like a breeze. You can have access to native-like features like Geolocation, camera, etc.

Let’s delve into some Frequently Asked Questions about the debate Flutter Vs. Kotlin.

Should you learn Flutter or Kotlin?

Flutter is an emerging but promising framework for mobile app development. Looking at the features and assistance it offers to the developers, it seems it will overrule all the existing platforms. When you run a comparison between Flutter and Kotlin, Kotlin is highly preferred if you wish to develop native, web apps.

Which one offers a better job opportunity, Flutter or Kotlin?

If we run down a LinkedIn search, then Flutter offers around 909 jobs in India while we are writing this and 495 jobs in the US. Where else, Kotlin offers around 1000+ jobs in India and 3000 + jobs in the US. Hence, the demand for Flutter developers may vary depending on the region you live in as well as the skill-set you offer. Since Flutter is new but powerful, this number game might change in the coming times.

Do you wish to go beyond mobile app development, what should be your preference?

Even though Flutter is young, the potentiality of the platform is unmatchable. It is now allowing developers to build web apps using Flutter’s single-codebase quality. Kotlin may fall short when it comes to going beyond mobile app development.

In the end:

Do we have a clear winner here? Well, it's hard to conclude the winner here without knowing your project demands. Both the platforms have an excellent presence in the market and offer the best performance matching your project needs.

You can connect with our flutter app development company to get further details about the same. To conclude, we would say, both the platforms are reliable for your future projects.

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