Future of Mobile Technology

It is not an overstatement to say that mobile technology has given a paradigm shift to our lives by making it more comfortable, advanced and superior. Also, we have to remember a word called convenience too. Who had thought that one day, you will be able to book your tickets, movies, check your footsteps, and play games and check the weather with a single device? Obviously, the new mobile phone technology is the best invention of the 21st century.

However, with each passing day, mobile technology is evolving to make our lives more comfortable and convenient. New, emerging trends for mobile technology are here and they will rule for sure in the upcoming future. In this blog, we will discuss some of these mobile technology trends that are going to make a major impact on the industry.

Future trends of mobile technology

Artificial intelligence and machine learning- impeccable possibilities

You must have heard about artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and it has some great features and advantages to offer to the end users as well as the service providers. It can be interlinked to each other to create the best possibilities that can provide immense service through real-time applications.

With features such as Google Duplex in iOS 12 version, it is evidently noticeable that AI and ML will stay for a long period of time. Furthermore, intelligent-predictive mobile app development will be prioritized by mobile app developers for sure. Artificial intelligence has a wider role to play here from strengthening cybersecurity, automatic photo recognition and superior battery life.

Undoubtedly, AI and ML will rule the mobile technology in the future.

Voice UI and Graphic UI

You must be familiar with Google Home, Siri, Cortana and Alexa, the voice assistants that are hugely popular nowadays. Voice UI empowers users to interact with the device with the voice and it has some excellent advantages too. No doubt, the voice UI based mobile apps will be in demand in the nearest future as it has so much to offer to the users.

Graphical-User interface mostly relies on images and the combination of voice UI and graphical UI will surely make the app more sophisticated and scalable. When we discuss the future of app development, we cannot miss VUI and GUI app development that will surely make its way.

Android instant apps

For Android developers, the term Android instant apps are very familiar. For others, let me tell you what Android instant apps are. These are the apps that don't require installation on your device and can be run instantly without any issues. It saves time and storage area on your device too and that is the reason they are very popular in the market.

With instant android development, you can easily develop an app and offer to your target audience and it will certainly work. For users, it is bliss as they can access the app without downloading it and can test the features too instantly.

This android development is supported on all new Android devices from Android 5.0 to Android 8.0.

However, there is a challenge for developers who invest their time in developing android instant apps. They have to ensure that the app runs smoothly on the device or the user will not install it.

Currently, this feature is not available with iOS development. However, experts suggest that Apple might come up with a similar app development process. We have to wait for an announcement.

Mobile Security

Even today, users hesitate to use different mobile payment apps due to data security issues. It is the biggest challenge for developers to come up with safe and secure apps that has a strong data security mechanism.

As per the research, 56% of American users believe that using mobile payment apps will lead to data theft and frauds. This is a huge number and developers need to find a way to ensure the data security to them.

Most of the companies encourage users to use mobile payment apps and it will be one of the most discussed future trends of mobile technology as well as the concern for developers.

Location-based services

When we are talking about mobile technology trends, we have to discuss services. You must have experienced it, don't you?

When you download any application, the app will ask your permission to share your location details. In fact, some apps don't allow you to use app features if you don't share your location with them. Take an example of Uber, can you expect a smooth experience with the app without revealing your location details with the app?

However, the reason why we have included this feature in our mobile app future trends is different. Nowadays, companies ask for the location details to improve their marketing efforts and offer you unparalleled services based on your location.

It is easy for companies to give you some value-added services if they know your location.

Blockchain technology

Although it was launched a few years back, we have seen the discussions and debates on Blockchain Technology in 2018. It is important to notice that the Blockchain technology is expected to hit $20 billion mark by 2024 as per the Transparency Market Research report.

It simply means that app companies will capitalize on this opportunity to make more money. However, it is also important to know that these companies first have to make the technology accessible to the users to get an advantage.

Future of Mobile Technology

Augmented Reality is here to stay

Due to some of the superlative benefits for the users, more and more apps will adapt to AR. One of the most recent examples is Pokémon Go, a game that has everything that was around you in real-time including roads, beaches, parks, benches, trees and people. It is one of the best AR-powered games that depict the possibilities lying with Augmented Reality technology.

It will be interesting to know how mobile app developers incorporate this excellent feature in mobile apps to make the user experience better and engaging.


These are some of the mobile app future trends that are worth discussing. With such promising trends at hands, mobile app development will surely explore new horizons and possibilities. For end users, they will have apps that are comprehensive, engaging and with tremendous features and functionalities.

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Sagar Bagsariya

Principal Mobile App Developer