Grocero Market

Grocero market is an on-demand grocery delivery mobile and web app for providing access to customers by all means. This app saves the consumer from the hassle of regularly visiting grocery stores for their daily essentials.

Project Idea

Grocero market - a grocery delivery mobile application will deliver the items included in the daily requirements of a household at your doorstep. All you need to do is tap a few buttons on your mobile screen!

Target Audience

Grocero market is not meant for a specific kind of audience. The application is for anyone and everyone who wants their groceries delivered at their doorstep.

Project Challenges

  • Implement an organized delivery system
  • Challenge traditional consumer behavior
  • Reaching smaller towns


As a result of all the above-mentioned challenges and general requirements, we provide the client with a user-friendly solution that could accommodate the changing needs of the customers.


Some of the initial ideas of the client included:
  • Target Audience
  • Business model
  • List of desired features
Analysis of project inputs from the client resulted in:
  • Design inputs from the design team
  • Estimated development plan
  • Hours of brainstorming session to finalise the project timeline
End Result
After detailed research and planning, we provided the client with:
  • Application wireframes
  • Estimated project completion date
  • Business logic plan

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Wireframe & Design

Once the scope of work was fixed, the team of designers started the UI/UX design process of the grocery delivery app like Grofers.

User persona

The mission of Grocero Market App is to remove the hassle of regular grocery shopping. Hence, to make it more user-friendly and problem solver, it was inevitable to research on targeted users in order to study their experiences with grocery shopping both in-person and online. After researching on the customers’ behavior for grocery shopping, we came up with three types of user personas.

    Hannah Baker

  • Age: 25
  • Location: UAE
  • Occupation: Student


Hannah is studying business management at a UAE university and lives with her four classmates. She amateur chef and loves to cook daily and any special dish on weekends. She used to buy groceries from different apps because she often does not find the items she needs on one app. Or in a hurry, sometimes she has to opt for substitute ingredients.

Hannah doesn’t like to compromise with ingredients when she tries any new cuisine. So, she prefers going to a supermarket to buy unique ingredients. However, she feels frustrating to shop from the overcrowded supermarket. She wishes for an app where she can have all the ingredients and assured delivery with simple online payment options.

    Jessica Davis

  • Age: 30
  • Location: USA
  • Occupation: Part-time Teacher


Jessica lives with her five family members and works as a part-time teacher in a high school in California. She cooks for every family member daily, and for that, she prefers economic and healthy food. Jessica also loves to explore and try new recipes from the internet. She has grocery-lists that she buys periodically. She usually shops on a monthly basis from the central supermarkets, which she knows is quite exhausting.

Often for a particular ingredient or item, she needs to visit multiple supermarkets, which is a time-consuming and tiresome task for her. She had a bad experience with online grocery shopping on the app in the past. But she believes she needs a reliable and user-friendly grocery shopping app where she can order groceries and have deliveries right at her doorstep.

    Joey Tribbiani

  • Age: 40
  • Location: New York City
  • Occupation: Musician


Joey lives in New York City with his roommate and participates in a variety of concerts. He loves to hang out and invite his friends to his home. Sometimes he cooks for his friends on weekends and special occasions. Joey always likes to pick trending recipes and buys ingredients according to the recipes from a supermarket or nearer grocery shop.

Because he does not find complete groceries, often, he has to alter the recipe. He really needs an online grocery portal that he can keep on his mobile phone to order all the ingredients as per the recipes and can get delivered at his home before weekends.


A visual representation of all the elements and features put together helped us convey our mood/theme to the users. Our unique mood board ensured that the design is aligned with the project vision. The intriguing design of the mood board immediately connected us with the users.

User flow

A step by step navigation guide helped our users in reaching their expected response page swiftly. It helped us in communicating with the user effectively while making them feel comfortable and connected throughout their journey.

Development Process

Once the designing team was done with their job, the developers’ team began with grocery delivery app development.

01. On-Boarding

To catch the attention and lay the first impression on users, the app manifests a short video comprises of some tips to use the app effortlessly.

02. Signup/in

The app asks for signing up on the app before entering into its online supermarket and order the groceries.

03. Product purchase

It is no brainer to make purchases on the app because of its extreme user-friendliness.

04. Menu

The menu screen helps users to navigate to any option like order history, payment details, order status, etc.,

05. Profile

Users can manage their delivery address, contact details with editing and updating their profile on the online grocery shopping app.

06. Delivery

It shows order status and estimated arrival time- EAT of all orders of the users individually.

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Technology Stack

Here is a list of technologies that assisted us in delivering a seamless on-demand grocery delivery application!