Hidden mobile app development cost

Have you ever been told a fixed cost to develop your mobile app? Or, have you experienced that the development costs crossed the amount more than the estimated cost? Or, do you fear if there are any hidden app development costs that can crash your budget?

If you want to save your money by eliminating extra costs from the app development, read this blog till the end.

We have heard many grievances about the cost of app development, especially from startups, when they have just initiated developing a mobile app. Little do they know about the hidden costs, they end up breaking their budget. The mobile app development cost indeed relies on several factors, namely, type of app, platforms, features, etc.

Maintenance, deployment, feature updates, and improvements are some of the parts of the app development, which may add on to the cost & are often neglected by the people. Besides, there are also many hidden aspects that significantly raise the app cost to an extent. Therefore, it would be right to say; the app development cost is like the tip of the iceberg.

It may sound surprising but it is true. If we could know COVID-19 is coming, we could have found a way to escape and would not be sitting locked in houses for this long. It happens in many cases of life. As a mobile app development company, we do not want you to suffer from the hidden costs of app development later.

This blog unleashes the biggest hidden costs of developing an app and outlines how to be careful with money.

hidden costs of developing an app

What Are The Hidden Costs Of Development?

Let’s explain what type of hidden costs are there in mobile app development which you did not even know before.

These costs have hidden into your application’s requirement itself. You know, the more things you add into your app, the more likely it costs you, and it also comes with hidden costs. Let’s have a peek at the breakdown of such components that raise the cost secretly.

ComponentsMotiveAverage Annual Cost
ServersWhere the app will be hosted$3000
Android & iOS updatesPlatforms periodically release updates to keep up the app with platforms it requires maintenance$2000
Third-party APIs updatesWhen APIs integrated with the app make any changes in the API, your app will require updates to leverage their new features$3000
Image DataWhen an app uses lots of images it requires to place download, edit, etc., services that can be acquired by companies CloudImage.io, Google$2000
CDN-Content Delivery NetworkA system of the distributed servers that delivers the app content to users based on the geographic locations of the users$1000
Data StorageAn app gains various data and it is crucial to store it safely for present and future use$1500
Push NotificationTo use devices’ capabilities and increase users’ engagement, and encourage them it requires push notifications service offered by Pushwoosh, OneSignal, Twilio, etc$2400
App update SubmissionsSometimes it happens even after having dynamic update process you may require to resubmit the update and that is not trivial$2400
Development tool, libraries, & supportWhen you develop your app using paid development tools like MobileFirst, Appcelerator, their subscriptions become must till the life of your app$1200 - $100k+
Social Media IntegrationThere are multiple services available to integrate social and chat interaction in your app, namely chatbot, one-to-one chat, Facebook, Twitter, etc., for that you need to buy their subscriptions$1200
Maintenance CostAltogether your mobile app requires maintenance for infrastructure, servers, CDN, etc., other IT-specific maintenances20%+ of total development cost

Surprised but not shocked, right? It was the list of the costs that have been concealed to date, but we have unwrapped it for you. Our objective is not enough to only show you the unseen price but to save your development cost as well.

So, keep reading for the sake of your money…!

hidden costs of developing an app

How To Avoid The Hidden Costs And Minimize The App Development Cost?

You need to be more economical when it comes to any software development cost. It is time to give you some tips on making cost-effective decisions to avoid unnecessary hidden development costs.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Focuses on the Key Platform

Developing an app for multiple platforms is cool, as you can target a large number of audiences around the world. At the same time, it is highly expensive to develop a native app for multiple platforms and maintain each separately. Thus, when you are on a limited budget, be smart and research for the critical platform and develop an app for the same.

For instance, if the target audience is US-based, developing an iOS app is reasonable.

However, some businesses have to cover iOS and Android both. In that case, developing a cross-platform app and deploying it on multiple app stores is a cost-effective option.

Do not integrate too many APIs

You integrate APIs and subscribe to some tools to enrich your app functionality and increase user engagement. Nevertheless, do not depend on these APIs excessively. Though they claim to be easy to implement, you will require significant amounts of programming, testing, and maintenance.

Undoubtedly, some APIs reduce development time and cost and save you from reinventing the wheel. But, do not choose any APIs absurdly. First, select app features that directly contribute to your business bottom-line, then opt for third-party apps that enhance your app’s functionality.

Infrastructure Services

App infrastructure is a collection of hardware, software, networks, data centers facilities related tools used to develop, test, operate, monitor, manage, and/or support IT services. For the app’s performance and user experience, you will have to invest in such kinds of tools, support, and libraries.

Using such software and tools, developers build the backend site of your app that connects and makes the frontend work. You require cloud or on-premise infrastructure if you are not using fully hosted monitoring software. The cost of such infrastructure services varies depending on servers and tools you choose to host and monitor your app.

Do not forget it also influences developers' working hours. Your team requires to spend time in handling changes needed to apply in the admin panel, tracking performance metrics every month.

Publishing & updating your app

There is a reasonable sum you have to pay to publish your app in Apple, Google, or Microsoft store. Besides, these platforms regularly update their services on mobile devices. And in order to keep up with that, you may need to update your app as well.

Updating and submitting your app also cost differently, which is not negotiable. Therefore, It is unavoidable to pay attention to this factor in advance and make the right decision.

Custom App Design

When you choose a custom app design service for your app, it affects the overall app development cost. Designers require to use various frameworks and tools to obtain platform-specific UI components. Further, using animation and transition in the app design to enrich the app view, contribute to increasing the cost of your app development.

Test the app to less the cost

Testing on each stage of your app development process can save you lots of expenses likely to occur after deploying your app. Make sure you cover all the features mentioned in the functional Vs. non-functional requirement and include whichever necessary for testing. There are automatic testing tools available that enable the QA team to test the app quickly on the go with development. QA teams can recognize potential issues and bugs faster and fix them in real-time that also shorten the time to market.

Consequently, efficient testing with an automated tool reduces the staff-hours and saves the development cost and time.

When it comes to you;

It is hard for a non-tech-savvy person to understand the whole programming and development process and tools. So, if you are non-technical, ask your designer and developers or development company for clarification whenever it requires. Have discussions with teams and be crystal clear about the app development and maintenance cost.

Research on hidden costs and make guidelines to avoid unnecessary charges throughout app life. Now you know most of the hidden costs of mobile app development, so strategize to prevent or cut down the cost of your next app. If you want to involve and evolve with experts, hire mobile app developers at Kody Technolab, where we build the vision!

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