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Are you planning to invest in healthcare mobile app development? Do you know what you must consider before developing an app? Hiring a Healthcare app development company for your healthcare business takes a lot of research and analysis. In our years of experience, we have served many healthcare organizations, and hence we are going to acknowledge you about the same.

So, if you are searching for answers for how to hire a great healthcare app developer, look no further here; we will explain all the factors and checklists that you must know before you delve into the process. Don’t worry; we won’t leave you hanging with just aspects; we will also explain what it takes to find the best Healthcare app developers. So, are you ready? Let’s begin.

Before the mobile applications dominated the healthcare industry, a doctor’s visit would consume a lot of time. The long queues, waiting to see the doctor and taking tests afterward, were a tiresome method for doctors and patients both. But not anymore; many health care organizations now operate online. Not only is it easier to manage your patients, but staff management in clinics or hospitals has also become hassle-free.

If you are planning to digitize your healthcare with an on-demand healthcare application, then here are some statistics you should check. ( Just in case you are wondering why you should invest in healthcare app development.)

Some healthcare Statistics

According to 95% of healthcare professionals, mobile apps for healthcare can improve a patient's health.

About 75% of the hospitals worldwide that are using the app instead of paperwork believe that apps are more useful than paper records.

Healthcare within the USA generated $2,500 billion in the year 2019.

Now we are getting to the point of what to consider before you hire healthcare developers. The very first thing you should take care of your health app requirements.

Map out your Healthcare app requirements

Before deciding which medical app developer to choose, it is crucial to be very cautious about the type of your application. It is understandable to come across a multitude of business models, and all the business models cater to different user sets. Although we can make two subcategories under which the whole system of healthcare apps are flexed:

Applications for Health Service Providers

Applications for end-users

Now let’s see what each segment assembles.

1. Applications for Health Service Providers

This type of application is authorized by every medical service that is available under the sun, for example, doctors, care-takers(part-time/ full-time), and other medical professionals. For your information, we are going to mention the most common health app ideas down below.

Online Health Record Software

Diagnosis Software

Hospital Management Software

Medical Research Software

Medical Equipment Management Software

2. Applications for End-Users

This is the type of software where most of the businesses with healthcare app ideas regenerate. Here are the kind of applications for end-users:

Health Check-up Apps

Wellness Apps

Medical Records

Appointment Booking

Medicine Delivery

Healthcare App Development Services

Features of Healthcare Apps

Health and fitness app developers that have been in the industry for a long time will agree why Feature specification is essential. Features are the most crucial step for your app development, as this is where your healthcare application will start taking shape. So, for your better understanding, we are going to list down the features.

1. Registration and Sign-up/Login

Getting started with an application should always be smooth and hassle-free for your first-time users. However, you must integrate auto sign-up with their social media accounts or contact details for new registrations. Please do not complicate the whole process by asking many questions.

2. Multi-lingual Support

Whether you hire mobile app programmers or not, you can not manipulate traditional traffic or belong to cultural backgrounds. The app developers must play guarded by empowering your app with multi-lingual support. You can add this feature to cater to all the regional languages of your surrounding.

3. Authentication

If you hire healthcare app developers or a healthcare app development company, you must assure your users to protect their personal data from being leaked. You can include multi-factor authentication in your application to conclude this issue.

4. Great UI/UX designs

Do you know why great UI/UX design is vital for healthcare applications? UI and UX design will lay the foundation of customer satisfaction; hence, it mentions the feature list. When your customers are satisfied with the app, they demand very little from your app. However, it is not technically a feature, but it significantly impacts users for first impressions.

5. API Harmony

When you add new functionality to the API, your users should be able to use the old one as well. In simple terms, you must take care that the existing API stays intact while you add new ones, and that is called API compatibility. This is why Google and Apple release their APIs to aid healthcare app developers in magnifying in-app functionality.

Run a Total Competing Analysis

So, now that you know what type of app you want to build and what kind of features it might take, it is time to run a competing analysis of the industry. This is the stage where most entrepreneurs make a mistake; they jump on to making decisions without any research and marketing strategies. We have been louding about this, and we will always mention that do not compromise when it comes to analyzing your competitors.

Take a closer look at how other companies are outshining and what is their Unique Selling Proposition. Why are they able to attract a robust amount of subscribers? Do they give value for money? Answers to these questions will help you with understanding your client base and expectations.

Healthcare App Development Services

Prioritize the type of Developers

After running a thorough analysis, you step forward to find a relative app development partner; you will find three types of them:

1. Should you hire an in-house team?

The most significant benefit of an in-house team is that coordination and communication become much more simpler. But we doubt that this is the only benefit you get with an in-house team. The challenges are as follow:

The cost will increase as you have to pay full-time salaries for the team.

Maintenance and expenses of the team will rise.

In-house developers lack versatility.

You only get a local talent pool in In-house development.

2. Should you outsource an App Development Company?

Outsourcing is a comparatively good option, and it will save you a lot of time. Most healthcare professionals choose to outsource their projects, and you get a lot of options for your mobile healthcare solutions. With a proper way of hiring, you can get the following advantages:

Outsourcing can be cost-effective.

Hiring an outsourcing company is very simple.

You get a global talent force for your project.

You get higher scalability.

Outsourcing developers doesn't take a lot of time.

3. Could freelancers seal the deal?

Freelance developers have been in the market for at least a decade now. They work just like your in-house teams but comes with so many drawbacks such as:

They can leave your project mid-way.

There are no time limits for freelancers.

It might affect your deliverables.

There won’t be any real-time communication.

Guideline to follow before choosing an Ideal App Development Partner.

Before you hire a healthcare application developer, there are specific guidelines you must consider. These guidelines are nothing but fundamental qualities of your future partners.

Measure an All-Including Understanding

You will get a lot of ideas about a particular company from their social media accounts. Go through their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to have a piece of knowledge about the company.

The next step is to go through their previous work, aka checking up their portfolio. Try and understand how they overcome project challenges and check their case studies.

Talk to their previous clients and get real feedback.

If you are satisfied with everything mentioned above, you are ready to set up meetings.

Request information about the Team

When you browse through the selected company’s website, the given contact information will lead you to the company’s sales representative; you can request them to provide you with information about the team.

Ask the company to arrange one-on-one sessions with the expert teams.

You can check the team’s CVs as well.

Check their work on App stores.

Communication Gaps

Due to cultural differences and sensitivity, you have to keep language barriers in mind.

You can conclude a platform other than emails for better communication.

The company you choose must be proficient in English.

Service Level Agreements

Be prepared with non-disclosure agreements with the outsourcing development partners.

The first quotation won’t be the final one; hence find negotiations that can suit both of you.

Decide everything beforehand from payment, timelines, and deadline.

Ask these questions to your development partner.

1. Who will take responsibility for the coding?

2. What if the deadlines do not match?

It is excellent to find out these answers before starting the project because many healthcare app developers hide future bug-fixes charges. Ask them what happens if the deadlines won’t match because time tricks faster than anything. Know how the partner agency will reimburse the time. It is good to clear the answers beforehand.

Common mistakes that you might make while choosing the healthcare app developers

We are almost done with the guide now, and this is the last part we want to highlight. Be cautious if you are making the following mistakes:

1. Hire cheap healthcare developers.

2. Keeping the price as a determining element.

3. Not researching the company’s background.

4. Believing the app is not optimized.

5. Not to value project expenses.

6. Not preparing for post-launch stages.


If you follow this guideline, it will surely help you with hiring the best healthcare app developers. After going through this guide, only one thing is left, Execution. Hope we helped. Thank you for reading.

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