House Painting App Development

Tick tick tick (sound), Wow, your food is on the way! Another Tick tick, your grocery order is confirmed. And I hear another tick tick! What? And, this click is for? Ordering milk, laundry, or anything else? Well, the last tick was for ordering a house-painting service, Surprised? Uber-like mobile applications have changed the way services are requested & handled.

Do you think you have a disruptive idea for on-demand house painting app development? Do you wish to develop one for your house-painting business? Read this blog and find out how you will move ahead with your house painting app development?

Your house is the reflection of your personality; it speaks on behalf of you. The way you design and paint it tells a lot about your character. There are chances that you probably select colors to which you can relate the most. But, let us tell you, not many people know that orange and blue are perfect combinations!

Who will let you know all the color theory? Probably, you need to connect with an expert, a house painter, isn’t it? Here starts the real task of finding a reliable and experienced house painter.

However, this hassle has become less complicated with the usage of technology. Technology penetrated human lives and made it more convenient & functional. Just a couple of taps on the smartphone, and you have your services on the go. Such “on the go” applications are generally known as “Uber for X” and have raised $1.6 billion by providing services like home services, house cleaning, home repairs, laundry, etc.

Also, these “Uber for X” services are now available for house painting services too. The user can book an online house painting service and receive the services within a few hours.

If you wish to serve in the house painting industry, it would be ideal for building an app and bringing a revolution to your business. It will put you in contact with thousands of people literally, which would have been impossible if you choose the word of mouth marketing approach.

In this article, we have listed a few things you need to consider before developing an Uber app for house painting.

Address the customer’s pain point and try to provide a solution for the same:

The common issue faced by the customers looking out for a house-painting service is the difficulty in getting service booking at their favorite time. Hence, if you are planning to develop an app for house-painting, then you need to make sure that there are various time slots available for booking. Therefore, you need to analyze the pain points of your audience and work in the direction of making their lives less stressful. Also, ensure that your service adds value to their lives.

Check the convenience and the affordability of the service:

Uber for X business models is quite affordable to the user. However, along with the affordability, you need to check that the service is convenient for the user. You need to stick to the thought of “convenience” and ensure that all your on-demand house-painting app features follow the same.

Not to forget, convenience is applicable even to the features and functionality of the app. The user should be able to book services in a few seconds, and the job should be done within the promised timeframe. Allow the user to put forth their requirement before they book a service for house-painting.

Provide a walk through the gallery:

Right when the user registers in your house painting app, provide a questionnaire to them. This form should include their color preferences, wall preferences, texture preferences, location, temperature, and wall preferences.

This will roughly give you an idea about their likes and dislikes so that you can provide them suggestions accordingly. Make a corner along with the list of painters and their work gallery in the app. By doing this, the user gets a better idea about the painter and trusts them more for booking the house-painting service.

A bonus tip: You can also make a provision for the users to provide an idea or the recommendation for their house-painting. Allow them to upload a photo or talk to the consultant and find the best solution for their project. Thus, by making the audience feel unique and personal, you are distinguishing your app from the competitors.

Few other features to be included in the app are:

The app should be speedy and effective in allowing users to check various color combinations.

The user should be able to try and mix new patterns on the screen;

The user can book an appointment at their comfortable time with just a few clicks;

The app should allow users to select colors of individual wall to an entire house;

Once the user has finalized the colors, give a real-time picture of how the house will look with the selected colors.

Allow the users to save their designs and pattern for future reference;

Have an advanced search filter in the app which makes it easy for the user to search for the favorable painter;

Ensure that you develop an app like uber for painters that has a secured payment history;

Allow the users to check the details about the vendors and connect with them if required;

Also, integrate social media logins for easy registration;

Have multiple payment options for the users.

What are the admin screen features?

Above mentioned are some of the features that are common yet can make a difference if you design it uniquely. Now we are going to discuss the features of the admin screen for building a house painting application.

The admin should have complete control over the app;

Allow the admin to check the location and details of the registered vendors and clients;

The app should have a Record Management System for clients and vendors;

Give admin the right to control the notification and hold all the backend controls;

Allow the admin to check the bills, work records and control the accounts of the services;

The admin holds the right to accept/reject the vendor who has registered with the app;

The admin should be allowed to manage the cost and the subscription plans of the house-painting services.

Ensure that your app has a cloud hosting system on it.

Admin holds the right to feature an advertisement on the app screen.

Allow the admin to view the sales analytics;

What are the vendor screen’s features?

The vendor should fill in the required details and easily register with the app;

The vendor should be allowed to set up their availability timings;

Allow the vendor to give a response to feedback;

Install GPS functionality in order to facilitate the vendor to track the customer’s location;

The vendor should be allowed to chat with their customers for any emergency or consultation;

Vendors should mention their rates, be it hourly or project-based, depending on the requirement.

What are the user screen’s features?

Provide users with the list of vendors to choose from for their service;

Allow user to upload images for references and consultation;

User should be allowed to make a color combination for their projects;

User should be able to contact the vendor as and when required;

As mentioned, the user should have a walk through the gallery for better ideas;

User should be able to save the images they like for their house-painting;

User should be able to login using their social media accounts;

Features and Functionalities that you should not include in the app are:

Low-quality images are not welcomed by the users, hence, avoid having them;

Avoid irrelevant publishing advertisements in the app;

If possible, integrate AR/VR functionality to enhance the look and feel of the application;

Ensure that the app works seamlessly across targeted platforms and faces no downtime during its operation;

The app should not take more time to load a picture or a color pallet.

Develop an App like Uber for Painters

What are the monetization opportunities for house-painting on-demand app development?

The first option to monetize by developing such on-demand apps is to implement third-party advertisements. You can charge a small chunk of money/share from the businesses that choose to show advertisements over your platform.

The second option is to integrate the app with an eCommerce platform. You can allow the user to make purchases of various home-decoration products and services. You get a commission on every purchase made through your app.

For the technology stack and other details, you can contact developers. You can also hire our mobile app developers to make any changes to your existing app.

Develop an App like Uber for Painters

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand house-painting application?

The final cost of developing an on-demand house-painting application depends on a variety of factors like the complexity and features you incorporate into your application, the number of platforms you target, the location of your development partner, and other third-party integrations.

However, you can expect the house painting app development cost to be between $30,000 -$90,000.

Let people fall in love with their walls. It is your duty to ensure that the on-demand app remains 100 % responsive and comforts the user in every possible way. Happy painting!!

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Sanjay Kidecha