How Long Does it Take to Make an App?

Every mobile app idea is unique! We can not generalize a concept & define a timeframe in which the development company would complete the project. Yes, we can definitely give you an estimated duration of completion that can help you in budgeting the application. And therefore, we are writing this blog.

In this article, we will let you know about how much time does it takes to develop an app stagewise. Educating yourself with these timelines will increase your odds of launching a successful app without losing your sanctity. Yes, we care for every entrepreneur, and we know the pressure of launching an app earliest into the market. But… but… eventually, you would have to wait until the entire process is completed and every nook and corner of your app idea is executed.

It doesn't matter how lucrative your app-specific market may look, but the mandatory tasks like research, planning, designing, and testing have to be performed as per the timeline. We at Kody Technolab leverage various advanced technologies and deliver mobile applications that instantly connect with the users. Our developers are app development pundits with a flair for developing an excellent mobile app while managing the project timelines.

We have written an entire series on the mobile app development process, explaining every single aspect in detail. And therefore, we will compile up all these stages and give you specific timelines it takes to build a successful mobile app. For understanding the processes in detail, you may read about them individually in the respective blogs.

Here are the stages that will help you to estimate the mobile app development time.

Idea research and market analysis:

Expected time of completion: (2 to 3 weeks)

The stepping stone towards the mobile app idea in its infancy is research. You need to dig in, up & down the app store to find out if any similar application exists. Even if they do, you should go a step further and check how it operates and what features it offers.

Along with this, you also need to research about the application's requirements, the target audience, their application's preference, business models, and more. This will help you in understanding "how your application is going to be built". To conclude this research part, this might take up to 2 to 3 weeks. Once you are done with this step, you can move on to the next stage.

Mobile App Development Timeline

Project estimation and planning:

Expected time of completion: (2 to 3 weeks)

You should not jump the bandwagon without defining the scope of the application. The scope defining holds an important place in the Lean Canvas model and Product requirements document. Also, the project scope will establish the time to develop mobile applications.

You need to put together all the requirements & analyses performed in the first stage and outline them in the document. Collecting and organizing the thoughts and ideas about the application may take around 2 to three weeks. However, you may perform these tasks simultaneously with the first one. Assign one team to perform the first and second to perform the other.

Specifications and Design:

Expected time of completion: ( 2 to 4 weeks)

This is a crucial part of the app development process. At this step, you are going to define the look & feel of the entire application. What convenience will the app provide, and how uniquely will it solve the problem? Having answers to these questions at an early stage will positively impact the mobile app development timeline.

You need to document each specification & features that you expect to introduce into the app. You should also know about the things that might fall out of the line, and you may have to revise them later. Decide upon the features you wish to release in the first version and what features you want to release later. This will help you save time & money in the future to come.

Define the app architecture and proceed with app development:

Expected time of completion: ( 2 to 5 months)

As you move forward with the development process, the gravity of stages increases. If you ask me at this stage, "how long does it take to make an app?", I would say you can have it in the next four months. But this duration is subject to change based on what all things you wish to achieve with the app.

Now that you know about the tasks each team would be working on, you need to assign the task and schedule accordingly.

You also need to sit with your app development team to discuss the app architecture you wish to implement. Well, the third stage is a long and articulated process that will include the following sub-stages.

UI/UX designing:

Well, many of you might question, "how long does it take to develop a mobile app?", I would say the maximum amount of time should be invested at this stage. UI/UX designing is the core of app development. The team of designers works together to carve stupendously fantastic visuals of the application.

You need to hand over to them all your user persona research so that they can align the design with the users' expectations.

Front-end and Back-end designing:

No matter how much importance you give to front-end development, you need to give equal attention to back-end programming. For front-end development, you may decide to use CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. While for back-end development, you should consult your mobile app development company.

The reason being, any glitch in the back might completely distort the front-end functionality. The timeline of both the developments, front-end, and back-end, also depends on the number of developers working on the project. The more the number of developers, the speedier the process can be.

Testing the product:

Expected time of completion: ( 3 to 7 weeks )

By the end of this step, you are almost near to your final product. Testing of the developed application is vital because it doesn't let you fail later. At this stage, you check for the bugs in order to ensure the application's performance.

Testing can be done in several categories, namely, functional testing, integration testing, user testing, unit testing, bug fixing, and device testing. Phew.. you can now guess how many hours does it take to develop an app, would you?

The more you confirm the error-free application, the better the user experience you can provide to your users.

Mobile App Development Timeline

App launch & maintenance:

Expected time of completion: ( 1 to 2 weeks )

Well, congratulations, your application is almost ready to be launched. But it's not that easy. You need to focus on SEO, branding, and interactive content to attract & notify users about the newly launched application.

That's not it; you also need to identify what maintenance your app will need once the application is launched into the market. You need to make sure that the application works properly and all the functionalities work as per the design.


Well, all in all, it might take around four to five months until a final project is delivered in your hands. We hope that our blog clears your project's timelines and helps you hire mobile app developers accordingly. Even though it is mentioned above, we would like you to repeat that we also provide a full cycle of app development, and you may connect with us in case of any further project requirements. We wish you all the very best and hope that your application makes a lion's roar when it is launched into the market.

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Mihir Mistry