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Adopting innovation is inevitable for every business unit in order to keep up with the new trends that engage users the most. Innovations bring newness, improvement, and speed and take place through services and tech-driven products. As in on-demand grocery delivery app development is an innovative solution for the grocery business.

In the last couple of years, grocery delivery mobile app development has disrupted the grocery shopping patterns. The grocery delivery app solution automates the entire process for customers and suppliers. Hence, it has been one of the lucrative mobile app ideas for startups that won’t fade anytime soon. Because we, humans, always seek convenience in everything, and such grocery delivery apps solve one of the hardest problems, grocery shopping.

Grocery brands like Walmart to Kroger have developed grocery delivery apps to leverage numerous benefits and more business opportunities. Yes, it was a hint that we will talk about one of the oldest and largest American grocery brands, Kroger. Kroger’s mobile empowers customers to do much more with extraordinary functionalities in addition to an online grocery delivery service.

Keith Dailey, Group VP of Corporate Affairs at Kroger Co. on the mobile app solution, says, “Mobile is a key part of Kroger’s broader strategy to enhance our connection with customers when, where, and how they want to interact with us.”

A Glimpse at The Kroger History

The Kroger Company has been a pioneer since 1883 when Bernard Kroger opened the first grocery store in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. The company brought self-services, let customers monitor quality and test foods, and was the first grocery chain to have its own bakery. The mobile app solution has indeed helped them to keep their customers first and their brand on top.

Some of the significant facts of Kroger are: It has been the largest supermarket by revenue $121.16 billion in 2019 in the United States; Second-largest retailer after Walmart; Fourth-largest American-owned private employer in the U.S.; Fifth-largest retailer in the world;

The brand has been continually acquiring and merging with other brands to widen its footprint and be omnipresent. It operates in 35 states and the district of Columbia, with 2750 grocery stores under an array of banner names. From supermarkets, multi-department stores, fuel centers, general pharmacies to manufacturing facilities for high-quality private-label products, Kroger truly offers a one-stop-shopping solution. In other words, it’s an American Hyperlocal brand.

Now, let us dig out how the brand is leveraging the mobile app development solution to satiate its customer needs.

What Makes Kroger Mobile App More Favorable?

Kroger app offers customer-friendly functionalities & loyalty programs that hook its customers to leverage rewards and shop more on the app. This is the beauty of grocery app development; you can provide such loyalty rewards that turn your visitors into loyal customers. If you want to build a grocery delivery app like Kroger, you must know the benefits its app offers.

View Digital Receipts

Whether a customer opts for in-store, pickup, or home delivery, the customer can view the digital receipts through the My Purchases feature in the app any time, anywhere.

Clip Digital Coupons

It facilitates a sorted digital coupons list that a shopper can redeem as per their expiration date, value, and own preferences. As soon as the shopper downloads them, digital coupons are loaded on their card, which can be redeemed on in-store, pickup, and delivery orders.

Manage Your Prescriptions

See pharmacy notifications, transfer prescriptions, and view your prescription history from one convenient location.

Build a List of Regulars

Koger mobile app allows its shoppers to create their own shopping list and cart for their regular purchase to reorder regular items on-the-go as and when required.

Store Locator

The in-app store locator helps shoppers locate nearby stores from their real-time location and order online to get faster delivery. Moreover, it contributes to brand promotion and enhances counter sales by navigating local stores to shoppers.

If you are more into supermarket grocery delivery app development, here’s a must-read guide for you, inspired by a Spanish app, Everli.

Cost to Build Delivery App Like Kroger

Basic Steps To Make A Grocery Delivery App Like Kroger

To make it easy to understand how to develop a grocery delivery mobile app, we have dug and come up with straightforward steps. These steps are a glance at each phase of the on-demand grocery app development.

Choose The Type Of Grocery App Business Model

There are many types of grocery business models to choose from as per your capability, such as,

Marketplace: where you take grocery orders from customers online and deliver the orders to their doorstep. It’s the most suitable type for entrepreneurs who want to pursue the grocery business but don’t own any grocery store or supermarket.

Aggregator: which lists maximum local stores and lets users order from these local stores online and delivers orders through affiliated drivers. Instacart, Amazon, DoorDash, and many popular brands fall into the same category.

Grocery Chains: this model basically lists channel stores acquired by the company to let customers order online and get their groceries delivered at home. One such example is The Kroger Mobile App that lists all its owned subsidiaries like Ralphs, Smith’s, King Soopers, Pick ‘n Save, Metro Market, etc.

Different Sides Of The App: Customer App, Admin App & Shopper/Delivery Boy App

Unlike other mobile apps, on-demand grocery delivery app development consists of three sides.

Customer app: it’s kind of the main app as customers will interact with the app directly to place orders online. Hence, it has to be swift, engaging, and accessible with intuitive features and UI/UX design.

Store app: it’s designed to let store owners manage the store and its inventory online to be seen on the customer app.

Delivery app: it’s for the person who picks up the order from the store and delivers it to the customer. A GPS tracking feature is a must for this site to let customers track their order delivery status in real-time.

Cost to Build Delivery App Like Kroger

Understand The Important Factors To Design Your Grocery App

There are some points you should consider before the development starts. It will help you market the app to the right audience and ensure to keep your solution unique from competitors.

Research and address the pain points of the customer

Examine the strengths and weaknesses of the rivals

Appealing UI/UX Design with an intuitive layout

Leverage Machine Learning to offer personalized experiences

List Out Essential Features For All Three App Sides

Every grocery app has to have essential plus some customized features that are supposed to make shopping easier for shoppers. These features are decided and penned on the Project requirements documentation according to which app development company builds your app.

Noteworthy, the features vary for customer, store, and delivery app. Hence, you have to list features for all sides separately. You can have insights into the key features of a grocery delivery app like Walmart here.

Come Up With Your Monetization Strategy

There are multiple ways to monetize a grocery app based on its kind to get a high ROI. It is your call to decide how you want to make money through your app without disturbing the user experience. Below are the most common ways to monetize a grocery delivery app.

Up-charging The Item/Order

Delivery Charges

Commission on orders/transactions

Premium Ad Service for stores

The Technology Stack You Need To Develop A Grocery App Like Kroger

The on-demand grocery app development company you hire will definitely help you decide the tech-stack for your project. However, you must know it takes a bunch of technologies to build app features and functionality. Let’s point out some areas with their required technology.

For Android app development: Java/Kotlin programming language, Android Developer Tools & Android Studio, Android SDK.

For iOS app development: Swift/Objective-C programming language, Apple XCode, iOS SDK.

For Cross-platform app development: Flutter SDK

Database services: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc.

Database services: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc.

Payment Methods: Stripe, EWallets, Braintree & PayPal

Buckle Up

Now you know how important it is to adopt new-age innovations, no matter the oldest or newest brand. Customers go with ones that offer affordable and quality products at their convenience. Grocery mobile app development has unlocked the market where there are benefits for all its associates. You know what to do if you want to be one of the beneficiaries with your own app.

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