Develop a Periods Tracking Application Like Flo

Main reasons for mood swings in women: about to get periods, on periods, just had periods, nowhere near periods, irregular periods, and everything periods bring. However, many startups with periods & ovulation tracking mobile app development have made it easier for women to track reasons for their mood swings.

While the mHealth economy is skyrocketing, FemTech is not any far behind. Using period tracking apps like Flo and Clue, women track their menstrual cycle, ovulation, and fertility window, and everything that helps them in their well-being. Female health tracking apps empower women to take care of their health on their own.

In her recent Forbes article, Tomoko Yokoi addresses how FemTech is transitioning from a NICHE to a MAINSTREAM in 2021. “Femtech, while still an emergent sector, has the potential to expand and grow in 2021. With half of the world’s population as its market, it’s about matching the right solution to the need and bringing it to scale,” she concludes.

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Periods tracker app users are increasing, and so is the market size globally by categories and revenue as well. You may see pregnancy, physical activity, maternal care, sexual health, chronic disease, menopausal improving along periods tracking features in such apps. On the contrary, Market Watch states,

“The global Women's Health App market size was valued at $ 2.0 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.9% during the forecast period 2021 to 2028.”

Now, let’s talk about our hero of the blog and #1 mobile app for women’s health chosen by around 165 million women worldwide, Flo. It’s a smart app because it’s driven by Artificial Intelligence to provide women and teens with accurate tracking. Besides, it offers insanely handy features. Yeah, to develop a periods tracking application like Flo, you need to focus on this part.

Key Features To Make An App Like Flo

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Periods tracker and Fertility calendar

Flo lets women log pretty much 70 symptoms and activities to get accurate period and ovulation predictions. With the help of this calendar, women get to:

- Track their natural cycle, period days, and PMS,

- Record the first and the last date of menstruation with flow intensity and fertile days in the period calendar,

- The AI-based ovulation predictor helps in fertility tracking and inform users of their chance to get pregnant,

- With Flo tracker, women can analyze their before and after menstrual cycles,

- It predicts upcoming periods, ovulation days, and fertility based on the user period calendar history,

- Women can log their pregnancy and ovulation tests results in their Flo app for Android,

- And, they can log all symptoms they feel to get improved period predictions.

Daily health insights

Women can add their weight, daily water consumption, and other physical activities bound to their lifestyle. The app also serves articles, quizzes, and surveys by medical professionals on every user’s personal feed.

Personal Health Assistant

Since the award-winning women’s health app is driven by modern technology, it lets women get engaged in dialogues on health topics they prefer to understand their body signals better.

Pregnancy and post-pregnancy modes

Flo’s help is not till getting pregnant, but it stays all the way through women start being a mother. It offers Recovering from birth, Adjusting to motherhood, and Raising a baby features with exceptional visuals and articles developed by their medical experts.

Anonymous conversations

The app kind of offers a broad spectrum community of millions of women to let them discuss intimate topics, ask questions anonymously, and get support from each other worldwide.

Flo app undoubtedly offers the SOLUTION for women to log and track nitty-gritty details about their body. And its success inspires entrepreneurs to develop a periods & ovulation tracker app like Flo. You can follow Flo’s lead, however, it’s going to be your competitor in the market anyway. Hence, you would need to be a step ahead. And to be ahead of your competitors, you should focus on your audience.

As they say, learn from your competitors’ mistakes. You must look out for such loopholes and try to fill them during your periods tracking app development. The best way to know what they lack is to snoop around their app reviews. Take a look at the below review Flo gets despite having 4.7 average ratings from 1,876,842 total reviews.

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Quick Dip Into Ovulation Tracking Mobile App Development

First, you do all the research and documentation job. As an outcome, you should have a concise and crystal business Lean Canvas Model and Product Requirement Document. These documents will reflect on your final product as they portray your business nature, purpose, and app blueprints.

Right after documentation, you must focus on good app design. Scrutinize the app requirements and your audience’s behavior and align them to create design mockups. Wireframing has been the best practice to lay the design base that can further turn into an interactive Prototype. These are the fastest way to visualize your app without a codebase and run user testing.

Next, select the technology stack to employ in your periods tracking app development. Basically, it’s a pack of platform-specific programming languages, frontend and backend technology, a database to store user personal information, push notifications, maps integration, payment gateway, etc.

Then, you need to choose the development method from Native and Hybrid or Cross-platform. The choice is crucial as it may affect the app’s performance and cause variation in the cost to develop your app.

Last but not least, quality assurance does the job of ensuring the app is rightly configured for its targeted platforms once it’s developed. Before app deployment, it’s inevitable to see no bug or malfunction remains. Soon the app is live; you need to start following the strategic maintenance and upgrade process.

The Cost To Develop Period Tracking App Like Flo

You must have seen things we have highlighted and linked in the development process. Your decision on such factors will determine your women’s health tracking app development cost. For example, you choose native app development that costs a bit high compared to cross-platform app solutions. Plus, a few factors are mentioned below to take into consideration while budgeting for your project.

Hourly rates of developers, differing from region-to-region



Number of Platforms

Nonetheless, if we were to ballpark the cost to make an app like Flo, it may start from $20000 to $25000. the rest, you know the factors that can alter the development cost.

Ready Already?

We hope this guide clears your confusion and shows you a way to head-start your to-be prolific women’s health tracking software project. If you feel ready, we would like to propose our different engagement models perfectly created to suit your budget and requirements.

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