Develop Taxi Application like Grab

Technological advancements have made our life a breeze. Particularly the applications have demystified every single task that traditionally required efforts as well as waiting. You just tap your mobile phone, and you can book any service you want on-the-go.

An on-demand industry that has completely revolutionized the way it was handled before is the on-demand taxi booking application. People no longer wave or wait at the taxi station; instead, they open either Uber or Grab and book their comfortable ride. The industry is booming & expected to make $50,000 million in the next three years.

If you have traveled to any Asian countries, you would have definitely used Grab services. It literally dominated the market by providing various services like GrabCar, GrabHitch, GrabShare, GrabCouch, GrabShuttle, GrabFamily, JustGrab, GrabPet, & GrabAssist. Each of the services has a unique facility to give it to the users. Grab has gained immense popularity in the recent past and is the most trustworthy taxi partner across Asia. There are indeed some eye-catching novel elements about Grab as a service. Hence, we would be taking it as an example to make you understand the taxi-booking app development.

An exciting story to give you an idea about Grab:

Anthony Tan & Tan Hooi Ling thought of developing a ride-hailing app in their region and rolled out the GrabTaxi app in 2012. Malaysia was the first country to leverage the advantage of this taxi booking app amongst all the chaos and unorganized travel scenes. Grab in no time gave an intense competition to Uber by earning around the US $10billion.

Today, the service operates in 225 cities across eight countries. It is a boon to the drivers as well as riders seeking a safe & comfortable taxi ride. Grab was started with a strategy to serve the locals but soon adopted a global approach. We are sure the success story surely gives you butterflies, but wait for the feature list to reassure your app development idea.

Let’s talk about how the GrabTaxi booking application works:

The functioning of any on-demand application is always simple and intuitive. The customer registers over the application and authorizes access to the application services.

Further, they put up pickup and drop-off locations either manually or using the map. The app confirms the ride and connects the user to the nearest driver. The order is confirmed by the driver, and s/he continues the ride up to the user’s location.

Now, let us discuss the novel app elements that caught thousands of eyeballs for the Grab app. GrabTaxi’s application aims to deliver the utmost comfort and convenience to its users. They have made every possible integration that can allow the users to execute the ride seamlessly. The application consists of three screens: the passenger’s screen, the driver’s screen, and the administration screen.

We will highlight the features of each screen individually. Have a look…

Passenger screen:

Registration/Login using email or social media accounts;

Set up a pickup and drop destination from the menu;

Track location of the driver;

Payment gateway integration;

Ride price calculator;

Push notifications;

Feedback & reviews;

Booking history;

Driver screen:

Registration/Login using email or social media accounts;

Driver profile;

Live tracking and GPS map;

Order alert;

Accept/Reject Order;

Navigate to the user’s location;

Ride history;

Cost estimation;

Admin’s screen:

The admin’s dashboard keeps a record of all the drivers’ and users’ activities. An admin has complete control over the app operations and manages it efficiently. A few relevant features of the taxi app solution are:

Performance checking of driver;

Statistics of earnings;

Customer details;

Customer history

Push notifications management;

Drivers management;

Analytics and reports;

Multi-level admin access;

Create Sub admins;

An admin is responsible for looking into the functioning from time to time and reporting any irregularities. If required, even third-party analytical tools can be linked to the app for monitoring various activities.

Taxi app development, like GrabTaxi, is fascinating. You can integrate some out-of-the-box features like

Payment split;

Vehicle selection;

Inbuilt app chat;

Discounts & coupons;

Voice recognition;

In-app game;

You can use Firebase and Google Analytics to capture meaningful insights about the app. Also, it is important to allow your users to communicate their experiences with you. Hope this idea makes you clear with the feature expectation from an app like GrabTaxi.

Make an App like GrabTaxi

What is the cost to develop an app like GrabTaxi?

It is difficult for us to deliver an exact figure for developing an app like GrabTaxi. The reason being, multiple factors influence the cost of app development.

You want to develop a modern app that needs modern needs. For this, you will need a real-time tracker integration, payment gateway integration, third-party libraries that facilitate messaging and information storing, etc. Each of these features will add to the final cost of app development.

Not only this, features, complexities, time, development company, and its location also contribute to the taxi app development cost.

However, to give you an estimate, you can have a sophisticated app development with around $10,000 to $25,000. However, if you opt for an advanced option, then it may go around $40,000 or more.

Additionally, the countries you hire mobile app developers from also have varied charges. Say, for instance,

Indian developers may charge you around $10 - $80 per hour;

The US-based developers may charge you around $120-$250 per hour;

Eastern Europe based developers may charge you around $ 30- $150 per hour;

You can multiply this cost with the number of hours they promise to invest in building a taxi app like Grab. We have split the number of hours for each activity in the next section.

UI/UX design (60 Hours)

UI/Front-end and Back-end development (400 Hours)

UI/Technical documentation (40 Hours)

UI/Polishing and bug fixing (40 Hours)

We hope this helps you in calculating the amount for your taxi app.

Which platform should you choose to develop a taxi application like Grab?

Entrepreneurs always face this confusion when it comes to platform selection between the two. If you are not on a tight budget, you can definitely go for both the platform iOS & Android. However, suppose you have budget constraints. In that case, you need to identify the platform that has the maximum number of target audiences.

While designing for any platform, you have to make sure that the interface is intuitive and works seamlessly over it. This being said, when you select an app platform, be it iOS or Android, ensure that the app functions over all the platform-specific devices. It should not leave its experience when the application is shifted between devices.

Make an App like GrabTaxi

How can you monetize from building an app like GrabTaxi?

Once the app is ready to go live on the App store, it is time to start monetizing from it. You can either charge for registration or offer a premium subscription at a reasonable price. You can also charge for in-app advertisements from the third-parties who wish to market their application using your platform.

Why should you invest in building a taxi application like GrabTaxi?

Irrespective of the pandemic times, people have embraces the experience of these taxi-booking applications. The availability of car-of-choice and drop off at the doorstep is something that people would never forget. Hence, this industry is expected to earn billions of dollars in the coming years.

Some other considerable advantages are:

Your business reach increases. Mobile apps have become a hold-hold gadget, and people will always keep booking taxi-rides with a few taps. Hence by developing an application, you can reach out to all those app-users and increase your visibility.

With applications, you have a chance to know how your customer feels about your service and which areas need your immediate attention. The feedbacks and reviews will serve as your report card, and you can work in the direction of improvement.

You have a chance to win customers’ hearts with your services and thereby earn their trust. If you live up to their expectations, they will love to spread the word about your business.

You have a better opportunity to earn money by developing an app. All of your scheduled slots are occupied, and the driver doesn’t have to wait for the next occupancy. Also, as mentioned above, you can also charge on a variety of services or car type and thereby earn hundreds of thousands.

All of your tasks are automated. You do not have to invest in manual recordings of the rides. Thus, you save a lot of time and focus entirely on business expansion strategies.

Concluding Words:

GrabTaxi is a powerful platform delivering satisfying ride experiences. If you wish to give this a competition, then you definitely have to create something more unique, trustworthy and appealing.

Now that you are impressed with the Grab application’s progress, you can connect with our team and discuss your business idea. You can leverage our expertise and develop an on-demand app that meets your expectations.

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