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Apple has its own degree of followership. Apple’s fanbase has embraced all the releases of the iOS versions, and now that they know iOS14 release has been announced, they eagerly wait for it. iOS14 was announced at WWDC 2020 on 22nd June, and based on the trend of the past releases; it is expected that the stable version iOS 14 will also be released this fall, probably between 14 and 18th September’20. Millions of people are waiting to hear the iOS 14 feature list update, are you? Read this blog and find out more about the iOS 14 release.

June’20 looks like a promising month for the Apple lovers. On 22nd June 2020, Apple previewed its latest version of the Operating System, iOS 14, at WWDC. iOS 14 introduces innovative ways to customize the Home screen, improved Siri, and many other features changes to streamline the interface. In this article, we will let you know more about the iOS 14 release features, and when can you expect the public beta version to roll out

Apple will not dishearten the avid Apple users. The public beta versions will be released for trial. You can expect the public beta version of the iOS 14 update to be released somewhere around 13th July ’20. After this public release, users can use it and report any issues for the betterment of the stable version.

Now your next question would be, will you get to use the iOS 14 on your phone?

Well, iOS 14 will work on iOS 6s and later devices. The list of devices is almost the same as that of iOS 13, including:

iPhone 6s & 6s Plus

iPhone SE (2016)

iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

iPhone 8 & 8 Plus

iPhone X

iPhone XR, iPhone XS & XS Max

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max

iPhone SE (2020)

iPhone 12, 12 Max, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max will have iOS 14 preinstalled.

iOS 14 update

Now let’s look into the feature updates of iOS 14:

Home Screen changes:

iOS 14 redesigned Home screen to include the support for widgets. Users can drag and place the widgets in various sizes. You can also use Smart Stack of widgets and bring on-device intelligence to the surface based on time, location, and activity. You can further pick up a new widget and customize it according to the interest verticals like work, travel, sports, entertainment, and more.

You will also see a new place on the phone, App Library, that will arrange all the user’s applications automatically to simplify the use. You will have dedicated folders and have your apps at a glance that may be helpful in a moment. However, there will be Apple created folders like Apple Suggestion and Apple Arcade that will intelligently surface on the screen. If you download any new apps, it can either be kept on the Home screen or the App library.

Space-saving update:

Earlier, any incoming call on your phone captured your entire screen. But in this new iOS 14 updates, space-saving measures are taken, and any new incoming calls or Siri requests will no longer capture the entire phone screen.

The picture will now look compact and appear as a small banner over the screen for every incoming phone call, be it FaceTime or Voice calls.

Also, Siri has been visually redesigned, with new graphics that will appear as a little box at the bottom of the screen.

iOS 14 update

Smarter Siri:

It is a known fact that Siri has no competition in the market. It is difficult to reach the cleverness with which Siri simplifies each process. With this new release, Apple claims to make Siri smarter than ever before.

Siri will have 20 times more facts accessible and would be capable of handling questions of any level of complexity. So, now go ahead and ask Siri questions like, “Is infinity a number”? And you will get your answer.

Interesting feature: You can now ask Siri to send an audio message on your behalf and run dictation on it. However, it has added an additional layer of privacy for these dictated messages. Above everything else, Siri now can translate more languages.

This looks so convincing that Apple has rolled out a separate app named Translate, which can translate 11 different languages offline. The on-device Mode and conversation mode immediately translates the language for you while you are talking with a person speaking a different language.

The 11 different languages supported by the Translate application includes English, French, Chinese, Arabic, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

Picture in Picture:

With the picture-in-picture support, users can shrink the and play video or use any other app relocating it at the corner of the iPhone’s screen. This eases out the most tedious hurdle of using another application while talking on FaceTime or using two apps at a time.

App clips:

Another amazing feature that will amplify the iOS experience is the addition of an App clip. App clips allow users to leverage the benefits of an app without needing to download it completely.

It is more associated with business and lets you rent a car, bike, or make a restaurant reservation on the go.

It is light and fast and allows users to access the businesses using cards that pop up at the bottom of the screen. You can directly scan the code( App-clip code, NFC tags, and QR codes or messages from Safari) and gain access over the product without downloading the entire application. Apple refers to App clips as “a small part of the app experience.”

Apple messages:

Apple leaves no stone unturned in giving a classic user experience. The Apple Messages app has been updated to allow users to pin a chat that appears on the top of the application. Users can now pin important messages by swiping right, so that important message threads are not lost.

Inline replies feature introduced in the Message app for replying to a specific message in the group chat.

@mention feature in the iOS 14 update is like a cherry on the cake. You can mute the group notifications and receive messages only when someone mentions your name. Further, you can customize the Group chat photo by adding an image or an emoji.

It is now possible for you to know who messaged last in the group looking at the group icon because the person who messaged/spoke recently appears on the top.

On the fun side, new Memoji options have been added on the list. 20 new hairstyles, headwear, face coverings, age memoji, stickers for hugs, first bumps, blushes, and more have been updated in this section. These updated Memojis are more expressive than ever, and you would love your new chatting experience.

Health App:

New support for Sleep tracking on Apple Watch has been added in this version. Additionally, users can now have better guidance on health and safety features like emergency SOS, Medical ID, ECG, and Fall detection using the Health Checklist update.


Apple is famous for its ease of navigation, and this navigation feature has been intensified with new cycling directions, electric vehicle routing, and curated Guides updates. You would be surprised that while using Map for cycling directions, you can know about the elevation on the roads, traffic on the street, stairs along the route, etc.

For electric vehicle routing, charging stops have been added on the Map that, too, customized for the vehicle and charger type.

A new feature called curated Guides offers users with a list of interesting and popular tourist attractions to visit in a city or find a restaurant in the area.

Users can also get recommendations for brands like AllTrails, Complex, The infatuation, Time Out Group, The Washington Post, and more.

Digital Car Keys:

It is now possible for iPhone users to unlock or start their cars using Digital car keys on their smartphones and Apple Watch. The U1 chip will assist the user with the process without needing to take phones out of the pockets. On top of this, you can share the car keys through messages; however, you can disable the same using iCloud if the phone is lost.

Weather App:

The Weather feature has been updated to give more accurate information on events, including the next-hour precipitation chart, minute-by-minute precipitation chart during rain forecast.

CarPlay update:

It allows users to set wallpapers and extends its support to the new app features for parking, vehicle charging, and food ordering.


Safari now offers a Privacy Report, which allows users to know which cross-site trackers have been blocked. Also, they can easily access the information relating to password monitoring and built-in translation for entire pages.

Few other feature updates are:

The on-device face recognition feature update now allows users to know who is on the other side of the door( for the pictures stored on the device) using camera and video doorbells.

The Home application feature and Control Center quick access buttons are updated for better use. The adaptive lighting feature adjusts the HomeKit lights throughout the day.

The privacy protection feature has been upgraded, and developers now need permission before they access devices on a local network. This privacy is to the extent that they can limit access to photos or the approximate location data.

A new icon will pop up on the Home Screen when an app has access to a camera or a microphone.

With the stable release of iOS 14, users can switch between devices seamlessly while using Airpods. Airpod Pro takes it to the next level; it has a spatial audio feature for surround sound and a complete dynamic head tracking.

Also, Find My App feature has been updated, which will now have support for third-party apps and products installed on the device.

There are multiple updates and changes made in the iOS 14 version. However, you can have a complete idea about the functioning once the public beta version is released in July. You can sign up for the beta release here. Apple also informs users that some features may not be available in all the regions or languages.


iOS 14 release date is not too far. This amazing list of the feature updates will compel users to make a quick shift to the iOS platform(if they haven’t been using it until now). If you are planning to launch your iOS platform application, you can contact us or hire our iOS developers for your project. Get ready with your astounding application before the release of the stable version. Hurry up.

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