Apple Releases iOS 14.5

Mobile device updates always come with a treasure trove of new features that amaze users and make their journey more comfortable. However, many times the updates surprise application developers, making them unhappy with the update (very few times). The same thing is observed with the long-awaited iOS 14.5 updates. Facebook and related applications are not pleased with the iOS 14.5 privacy update that asks users to allow tracking the device data to keep the app free.

Well, the story repeats itself with one or the other application every time a new device update is released, and the concerns are also addressed soon. So, we will not dig much into the concerns and majorly talk about the feature updates and new things introduced in the grand release of iOS 14.5 last week.

The iOS beta version release and testing helped the team in overcoming some major drawbacks of the last version. Also, the updates, as you will read, are articulated, keeping in mind the covid scenario going across the globe. Wow, this raises curiosity in me. Does it happen to you? So, let’s begin with the new things stored for us in the latest Apple Release of version iOS 14.5.

New face recognition unlock using your Apple Watch:

Covid times have made it a compulsion for people to wear masks all the time when they are outside. This becomes a troublesome situation when you are out in public and want to open your phone. You can not afford to put your mask down even for seconds, and as a result, were used to open your phone with a pin code.

But, now, this comes to an end. iOS 14.5 update allows users to unlock their phones while wearing masks if they have an Apple smartwatch on their wrist. The device will watch out for a paired Apple Watch nearby and will unlock the phone normally.

iOS 14.5.1 features

Siri introduced with new voices:

Users were used to Siri’s female voice but always wished to have some variation. With this release, Siri will not be available in the default female voice, but users can select a voice while they set up the device.

The smart Siri will have multiple voice options for users preferring the English language. Also, the new voice options are in natural speaking language, making the entire process more interesting and easy to use. Siri will now be able to operate the hands-free voice search and commands.

What’s more exciting is to know that users can dial a Facetime call using Siri or even get notified of the incoming calls.

Enhanced privacy control:

Application data tracking has always been a debatable topic. With this release of iOS 14.5, applications will have to seek the user’s permission to track the device. If the user declines, the application has to restrict itself from tracking the device.

If found doing so, the application will be kicked out of the store, putting the reputation in jeopardy. This has drastically increased app tracking transparency.

iOS 14.5.1 features

New Emojis introduced:

Here comes the emojis game. iOS 14.5 has introduced a few new emojis and revamped some of the existing ones. There are a couple of emojis available in various skin tones and other new emojis like face exhaling, face with spiral eyes, cloud face, a fiery heart, woman face with a beard, and more.

Accident reporting on Maps:

Smart Siri becomes smarter. Users can report accidents or speed checks on maps using Siri. This feature will let the users focus on their drive. Also, users can now share their “expected time of arrival” with the friends and families they are visiting.

Easy Reminders:

Users can now organize and sort their reminder list by title, creation date, due date and even print it with the latest iOS 14.5 new feature.

Revamped Home screen:

Apple has now introduced a feature called App Library, where users can drag in all the applications they don’t use regularly. Also, the latest release allows users to place widgets on the home screen.

Not only this, users can craft their own stack widget, just like they would normally create an app folder.

Customize your own app icons:

This comes as a surprising element of the iOS 14.5 feature. In this release, users are allowed to personalize their mobile application icons by replacing the default Apple app icons. This task might look like a hustle, but it is definitely fun to renovate the app icon with something of your own.

Works with AirTags:

iOS 14.5 is now compatible with AirTags. This feature will help users find keys, wallets, etc., using the Find My App on the device.

AirPlay 2 support for Fitness plus & new walk style:

Workout at home is made easy with the new Apple’s Fitness plus compatibility with iPads, iPhones using AirPlay2.

Additionally, while you are keeping yourself healthy, iOS 14.5 brings a virtual walk feature with celebrities to the users. The walk is accompanied by stories and music running in the background.

Dual sim-5G support:

Users using dual sim devices can now use both the sims working with 5G support.

The game controlled support:

It is possible for the users to sync the Xbox series XS or PlayStation 5 game controller with their iPhone or iPad.

Battery health calibration in iOS 14.5.1 feature:

This update comes with a facility where a user can see an underperforming battery. The battery health calibration tool will show more accurate battery life so that a user can be prepared for a battery replacement, if at all required.

Apple Music “City Charts”

There have been a few tweaks introduced into Apple Music this year. An interesting concept is the “City Charts” feature. This feature lists out the most played song in around a hundred cities across the globe.

Podcasts app:

The podcasts pages are changed to make it look more intriguing and easy for users to listen to podcasts. A new Smart button has been added in place of a Play button.

Users can search for a podcast episode and resume listening to the same. Also, the “Subscribe” language will not be removed in iOS 14.5, and it will be replaced by the “Follow” button.

How to install iOS 14.5 updates?

Being a prominent face in iOS app development, we would remind you to back up your data before updating iOS 14.5. The rest of the steps are pretty straightforward.

If you are using iPhone or iPad, go to Settings → General → Software updates → Download and Install.

That’s It:

iOS 14.5 also has fixed numerous bugs and optimized the entire user experience. The message issues, AirPods switching, etc., have now been resolved to allow users to have a smooth journey. So that’s all about the iOS 14.5 release notes. We hope you enjoy your new updates and share your experience with us.

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