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Why E-Commerce

E-commerce is a dynamic field to get into especially in the current times when people prefer everything at their fingertips. Even though one might be a beginner, all the tools and resources are already laid out. Here are some of the reasons why E-commerce is the next big thing. Overall, the E-commerce industry is expected to grow worldwide without any limitations of geographical areas.

E-commerce business is only convenient as you don’t need stores in various countries to sell your products on a global level. Moreover, its easy to set up an E-commerce and get it going as there are more tools available for it, than there ever were. Marketing automation and SEO tools can help even the smallest businesses to sell their products online without causing a hole in their pocket. With the world going online, it is of utmost importance to gain trust of your consumers along with selling. There are means to do that which will help create a positive brand identity which in turn converts to higher sales figures.

why E-Commerce


It has been developed to transform any development website into a beautiful online store. Designed and constructed using development best practices on the front and back end, K-Ecommerce comes a very reliable and robust eCommerce platform that boasts of enterprise-level quality and features. K-Ecommerce is a perfect platform if you want to build a stand alone online store from the ground up. It’s reasonably priced upgrades and updates are also offered to those who want to experience the best from K-Ecommerce.

Most Reliable

Dedicated Team

24*7 Support Team

Neat & clean UI/UX

Easy Store Management

Compatible With Various Services

General overview & features

  • Clean UX/UI interface
  • Involvement for store proprietors
  • Content Integration
  • Pre-introduced Payment portals
  • Control of the checkout procedure
  • Multi Currency Support
  • Geo-Tagging Support
  • Taxes Configurations/Calculations
  • Cart Behavior/ Calculator
  • Fast Page Loading
  • Include/Manage Products
  • Clean UX/UI interface
  • Investigate Products and Orders
  • CRM/Store Management
  • Item Reviews
  • Proprietor Verification
  • Announcing
  • Report and Analysis
  • Support/Hosting
  • Item Variables
  • Stock Management
  • Shipping Calculations and Methods
  • Adaptable Shipping Destinations
  • Delivery Prices
  • Limitation/Birdview on Sales
  • Manage Customer Address
  • Streamlined Coupon Management
  • Rebate Coupons and codes
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Business Analysis & Reporting

Sales reports can indicate both net and gross sums you've earned. We've included a print template, also included additional information discounts to reports.

We've endeavored to make the storeowner dashboard supportive. It incorporates Sales, recent activity and an initially status summary window.

Gain knowledge into your items and requests. Track deals and development patterns.

Multiple reports & business intelligence dashboard freedom to analyse your business in your way.

what is our way ?

Development process

At KODY Technolabs the development process portrays transparency, dynamic environment, and personal approach to cater to the client needs. Research is the point from which the entire project begins. Its the stepping stone to avoid any glitches in the future along with making sure that we provide our clients with the best possible solutions. In the second step we analyze the requirements and the scope of work as per the project requirements.

Next comes the designing process where we give a top notch appearance to your website. Before testing, we make a prototype of the software to put on the future application and get client feedback. Once the features are integrated, we carry out testing to avoid any bugs or failures after implementation. Beginning from the software product documentation to its installation and intellectual property rights, everything is handed over to the client at the time of delivery.

Research problem in development

Analyzing requirement

Design UI/UX




Why to choose “KODY”?

Why to choose “KODY”?

Our Team

A set of creative people with an infinite passion for technology can be considered the most accurate description of KODY team. We believe that challenges are just an opportunity for us to showcase our optimum potential.A place where innovation is combined with the latest technology to make sure that our clients are able to achieve their business goals. Regardless to mention that KODY inherits these qualities from its team that has a strong urge to excel, deliver high quality work to its clients within the stipulated time and of course not missing out on fun along the way!


It is a known fact that modern business does not depend on a single technology. Going by this situation, we have in house experts for all your IT needs. Looking for someone to develop a website or a mobile application? KODY has got your back! The target audience for your product is spread across various age groups or economic classes of the society so you need a hybrid mobile application that works on all the popular platforms like iOS and Android. KODY has got you covered for that too! Our team of in house experts make sure that you have got a one stop solution for your mobile application and web development needs.


We constantly strive to become better each day. Along with our personal betterment we also believe in long term associations with all our clients to witness their business growth. Our team of experts is responsive to your needs even after the product is delivered. We understand that with the expansion in business there arises a need to make relevant changes to the software. We are here to provide you assistance with everything that you need and to solve all your queries.