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Have you ever felt like an awkwardly helpless tourist in a strange city where everyone is just staring at you because you were dragging your suitcase? Do you agree that if your baggage wasn’t there, you could explore the city and experience that intense sightsee or just roam freely?

Well, the luggage is an inseparable part of the travel we cannot leave out. What we can do is to stash it at a convenient place. A place that is nearby or on the way to your departure (Airport or Train /bus Station) location. But how will you find that place, especially if you are new to the city?

It has become even convenient to find anything on your fingertip in the technically-driven world with a mobile app solution. However, behind each mobile solution, there is an entrepreneur who either has experienced or empathized with the problem.

To solve the “where do I stash my luggage” issue, a few startups have come forth and proven the potential of the market. Such apps work as a marketplace that links travelers and city locals. They partner with local shops and businesses that wish to monetize their existing spare spaces by offering it for on-demand, convenient, and secure luggage storage for travelers.

The luggage Storage App Development renders a solution to travelers’ quest of “luggage storage near me” at a cheap hourly or daily rate. Besides, it is a source of income for local cafes & restaurants, bike & gift shops, and even for hotels. The model of this on-demand app development is very much similar to Uber for Luggage or Airbnb. Luggage Storage apps alleviate luggage carrying hassle on-the-go, which weighs down travelers’ exploration.

Now, let us glance at a working model of Radical Storage - a Rome-based Luggage Storage App providing baggage storage services in 3000+ cities worldwide.

Cost to Develop a Luggage storage app like RADICAL

How does an online luggage storage app work?

Radical Storage offers easy as ABC luggage storage booking services a user can avail of before or after arriving at their travel destination.

1. LOCATE - How can a user find a nearby luggage storage place to the travel destination?

A user can access the Radical Storage app or website and enable the GPS on their device or enter a location manually. Further, the user can select the luggage storage place that meets their needs. Radical Storage pronounces their storage partners as "Angels."

2. BOOK - How a user can book a selected Angel for their luggage storage?

A user requires to fill out a booking form to confirm their luggage drop at their preferred stop, and no registration is required. Online booking with payment is mandatory as any Radical Storage point does not accept luggage without pre-booking.

Once the user clicks on the "book now,” it redirects to the page that contains all the details (business name, full address, contact details, & special offers, if any) of the luggage storage location with a QR code. A user receives a confirmation and an instruction email to guide how to drop off the bags correctly.

Remember that you can modify your booking details at any time, just contact the customer service.

3. STORE - What after arriving at the storage point?

When a user arrives at the storage location, they have to show the Radical Storage partner the QR code. And, in case the QR code stops working, the user can use the order number received with the confirmation email. The Radical Storage Angel will click pictures of the user's items of luggage for a security purpose. At last, a user receives another email with a delivery receipt.


At the time of pick-up, a user just has to show the booking receipt to a baggage depositor and collect the luggage in just no time.

What features do you need to Make an App like RADICAL?

To Develop a Luggage storage application like RADICAL, you will need three panels: one for users, second for your storage partners, and third, Admin panel to keep track of your online venture. Besides, the number of features and their complexity also affect the Cost to Develop a Luggage storage app like RADICAL.

Let’s see how the features for each panel looks like;

Customer App (End-User App) Service Provider Admin
Login/SignUp Login Admin Login
Find Destination List Storage Service User Management
Advanced Search Manage Business Hours Service Provider Management
Filter by storage availability Storage location details Booking Analytics
Calendar for a specific date Manage Service ROI analytics
Details of Storage Location Manage rates User Email Management
Quick Booking form Other Amenities Management Payment System Management
Online payment gateways Payment management Tech Support
Review from other customers Reply to Customer Reviews -
Average Cost- $7-9k Average Cost- $7-9k Average Cost- $7-9k

Whether to develop a user and partner app separately depends on business use-case and budget availability. Nevertheless, you can create a common app where a user can get both buying and selling capabilities. Or you can provide a profile switch option in a single login/registration.

Cost to Develop a Luggage storage app like RADICAL

The Luggage storage app development Cost

The overall Luggage storage app development cost depends on:

The number of features we just perceived;

Technologies required for database,

Integration of external APIs & analytical tools,

UI/UX design complexity,

Platforms you choose to deploy your app on,

Mobile app development process you follow,

The hourly rate you pay to each development team member;

Features and design complexity can be controlled in order to reduce the cost, but the development team and rate have an exception. Let’s take a look at the professionals you require in your Luggage storage app development team, followed by different hourly rates globally.

Development team you required:

A Project Manager and a Business Analyst

UI/UX Designers

A Native Android Developer

A Native iOS Developer

A Backend Developers

A Quality Assurance Member

Average Development rate in different countries;

Asian Countries European Countries Latin America
India: $20 - $35 Belarus: $25 - $35 Belarus: $25 - $35
Bangladesh: $25 - $35 Czech Republic: $55 - $65 Czech Republic: $55 - $65
Nepal: $25 - $30 Poland: $60 - $70 Poland: $60 - $70
Pakistan: $25 - $35 Romania: $35 - $45 Romania: $35 - $45
Sri Lanka: $25 - $35 Hungary: $55 - $65 Hungary: $55 - $65


A Luggage Storage app development concept might seem novice, but it has been growing swiftly since its emergence. Radical Storage app was launched in 2017, which has been appreciated by over 1,000,000 customers worldwide today for flexible luggage storage service at competitive prices. Such apps have storage partners from local cafes, coffee shops, bike rental shops to restaurants as well as hotels, who have spare space and are willing to earn through it.

Above all, a mobile app offers multiple ways to generate revenue; some are; Commission on transactions, Per ad click revenue by registering on Google Adword, Charge for featuring a partner, etc. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. You have to take that step and hire mobile app developers to build your Luggage Storage App.

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