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Engagement is the key to success, period! People love to engage with various platforms to consume good content or just to spend their leisure time. The paradigm shift brought to human lives by technology is extremely notable. We have come a long way from radios to televisions & newspapers, and now smartphones. Smartphones have enabled us to get every minute update with just a few taps. You can be in your comfort zone without moving an inch and yet have the global news in your pocket.

This addiction of grabbing every bit of news & gossip of people has pushed the tech industry to the extent that today every entrepreneur wishes to engage themselves in magazine app development services. You would be surprised to know that only 2% of Americans wish to read a printed newspaper over the digital apps (a survey performed by Pew Research Center). And why not?

The ease and convenience of a mobile application provided to individuals is above & beyond the traditional news reading methods. The commutes are made entertaining again, good reads are easily accessible, plus you do not have to wait for the magazines, nor do you need an internet connection every time.

As an entrepreneur, you can have all the service offerings in your magazine app subscription and literally earn millions. One such app that can perk up your daily reading schedule is Readly. You can upgrade your “me-time” with this Sweden-based digital magazine app. In the year 2018, this amazing startup managed to raise around €15 million.

Adding more to the statistics, the Readly app operates in eight European countries and the US and has the potential to generate two-thirds of its revenue apart from the Swedish headquarters. The application became so popular that it grabbed rank in the 200 top fastest-growing companies in Financial Times. The story & the journey to success has inspired hundreds of thousands to develop a magazine reading app like Readly. And this is why we thought of coming up with an article that helps you create a magazine reading app inspired by Readly.

You will need assistance from a magazine reading app development company with prior experience developing news & magazine app solutions.

Before you initiate your on-demand app development like Readly, you should know the types of news & magazine application you can develop.

News aggregator app:

Suppose you are a news addict and wish to show your audience everything that is happening around the corners. In that case, you can go for news aggregator app development. Here you can feed your audience with the events and the gossip covered from cities across the globe. You can glue them to the app by keeping them updated with news on their RSS feed.

Resource specific news app:

If you already own a magazine or a newspaper but want to digitize your business, here is the app solution. Just like the physical printing of news and gossip, you can entertain & engage people by showing them news on the app.

You can include pictures and videos to keep your news more interesting. By making an app like Readly, you are taking your business to another tangent completely. However, you should discuss your strategy well in advance with the mobile app development company you choose to partner with. Their skills and expertise would definitely have a major impact on app development. You can also ask them for a prototype development that you can analyze and choose whether to move forward with them or not.

What are the ways in which you can monetize your magazine reading app development?

Your feed, your news, or, say, your content lets you earn millions of users. Hence for a magazine reading application, the offerings are valued more than anything else. However, you can go for a subscription-based model where you will offer extra perks to users to subscribe to the news & magazine app. You will customize the content, especially for them, and make them feel special.

This is one way of making money; the other is through in-app advertising. You can leverage your platform to businesses who wish to market their services using your platform. You can go even for sponsored content or feature content based on what your marketing strategy is. You can also discuss with us to know more about the monetization plans for your application.

To satisfy your doubts about developing a magazine reading app like Readly, let me tell you one thing. Magazine apps have revolutionized the way we read news and gossip. It has become a parallel publishing & entertainment application to social media apps. People love to explore the personalized news feed that engages them over. There are a few other reasons why people love magazine reading apps.

Reading apps have intensified the reading experience. The videos, audios, and slideshows are capturing their attention.

They can easily have access to the application using social media accounts;

Magazine apps allow the user to comment or bookmark the content they like;

The smart search of the news feed makes it easy for people to directly jump on the news of their interest.

Hence it looks like news & magazine reading apps will soon become a necessary asset of human lives. Are you prepared to let the world embrace your magazine reading app?

Cost to Develop Magazine Reading App like Readly

What are the advantages of developing a magazine reading app like Readly?

The galloping life of millennials doesn’t allow them to sit in comfort and read the newspaper.

They want something handy and on-the-go. And therefore, they would always prefer a handy application that feeds them with specific news. Well, this will work in your favor, isn't it?

You will have more number of users subscribed and thereby have a higher conversion rate;

You have a chance to improve user experience;

You can expand the user base instantly;

Your business popularity increases;

You can generate more revenue;

You will save a lot of money and resources by going digital;

You have an extra income from in-app advertising;

Your business reach increases;

You can optimize the engagement and feed them customized content.

In a nutshell, developing a magazine reading app will work in your best interest only

Cost to Develop Magazine Reading App like Readly

Now, let’s look at the list of features you need to include in your magazine reading app solution.

Instant news feed update;

Smart feed search;

Keyword news search;

Breaking news push notifications;

Customized content;

Clear & optimized picture/video gallery;

Save for later option;

Comment/Bookmarking option;

User-friendly navigation;

In-app advertisements management;

News/Gossip sections: Political, commercial, industrial, financial….. Etc…

A detailed description of the news;

Well-defined anchoring of the news feed;

Unlimited access even in the absence of internet;

Instant share;


Geo-location based news feed;

Dashboard management;

Zoom-in, Zoom-out for reading news feed;

Article download;

Payment gateway integration;

Pin your page;

Integrate games like crosswords, Sudoku etc.

Note: The ones written in bold are some features that will make your magazine reading app exclusive for the audience.

What is the cost of magazine reading app development like Readly?

Readly is a one-of-its-kind magazine reading app that has set a benchmark for the industry. An app identical to it will cost you around $30K to $40K depending on the features you integrate. But this price may rise and go up to $80K to $95K as you keep on adding advanced features.

The application's complexity and design should be first-class, for which a mobile app development company might charge you higher. Also, the location & hourly charges of developers will affect the final cost of app development. You should read more about cost variation factors and then decide on your next move.

Even if you hire magazine app developers, discuss with them their mobile app development approach. If required, ask them if they provide a lean canvas model of the project and check if they pay the required attention to the good quality of the application. All these factors play a major role in defining the body of the application.

Magazine reading app development is quite affordable for businesses to start with. But make sure that you have clear and accurate business expectations before you initiate.

We at Kody Technolab provide notable magazine reading app development services. We brainstorm every business idea and curate a strategy specific to the project needs. Our experience in the field of on-demand app development makes us stand out from our competitors. You can connect with us to get the finest possible solution for your business idea.

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