Most Popular Apps in 2021

Just like air and water, it is difficult to survive without applications. We are not kidding; ask yourself, how many times in a day do you open Whatsapp and Instagram? Well, we hope you have got your answer. All these successful applications have literally made our lives like a breeze. You name an activity, and you have an application for it.

Additionally, the year 2020 provoked newbie entrepreneurs to come up with more comforting applications. There are around 2.87 million applications on Google play store (while we are writing this) and 1.96 million applications on Apple.

This inflation in application numbers speak volumes of the app development craze. But, not all applications deliver a remarkable experience. There are most-used apps, while there are apps that just grabbed a few hundred downloads.

Well, let’s forget about the apps that didn’t stand up to the expectations. In this blog, we will discuss the apps that are going to be the most popular apps in 2021. If you are a wannabe entrepreneur, the list of top trending apps in various categories will give you an idea about the industry you should invest in.

To begin with, we will start with the most popular apps in the Social media category.

Most popular social media apps:

Top Trending Apps


Instagram is a one-of-its-kind social media application ruling the industry ever since its release in 2010. It is a photo-sharing and social networking application used by the general public as well as entrepreneurs.

It is a great tool to market your product/services by uploading high-quality images and videos. Instagram offers a lot of filters, add-ons, video calls, message options, and an array of other exciting features, that too, as a free app. In our opinion, social media apps like Instagram are the top evergreen app idea to invest in 2021.

Top Trending Apps


Whatsapp is a robust top trending application on the list. It is the most go-to application adopted by users for communicating with friends and family across the world. Whatsapp marked its presence in 180 countries and acquired around 1.5 billion users globally. It offers end-to-end encryption so that people can send and receive messages, videos as well as money securely.

We would not hesitate to say that Whatsapp messaging app is the most downloaded app in the world.

The next category on the list is,

Most popular task management applications:

Top Trending Apps


The work-from-home move gave an instant rise in the number of downloads of these task management apps. Slack is the most popular app in this category. It allows team members within an organization to share files, chat, call, or make groups for various tasks.

The Slack app is easy to understand and work with. Many small and big companies have started adopting the work culture in the past year 2020, and it looks like the trend will be followed in 2021 too. Slack extends its support to various other applications such as Dropbox, Zendesk, Salesforce, etc.

Top Trending Apps


Another most used app in 2021 by teams to increase and monitor work productivity is Salesforce. Salesforce offers productivity tools, CRM data, and customization to the members registered with the application.

In 2020, due to COVID 19 lockdown, the application grabbed thousands of eyeballs and became the most popular mobile application in this category.

Coming up with,

Most popular education applications:

Top Trending Apps


Without any argument, Udemy is the most popular application in this category. The application encompasses video tutorials for study, entertainment, yoga, health, music, writing, drawing, and more.

Udemy offers some free programs while others come at a cost. You can register with a study program and learn at your own pace. Udemy is an interactive educational application that delivers a mind-blowing learning experience.


Coursera offers some exclusive study material for students to access anytime, anywhere. Students can register with the application for a certificate program and uplift their profile. Coursera covers around 2600+ courses in 11 different topics.

The courses are uploaded in the form of video lectures and are almost free of cost.

Most popular food delivery applications:

Top Trending Apps


Order food anytime, anywhere, ahh, this comfort has won the hearts of millions. The launch of UberEats changed the game completely for the restaurant industry. UberEats allows people to order food and get it delivered at their doorstep.

You can make a smart filter search based on the name of restaurant chains, cuisines, or the location. In our opinion, it is worth investing in the food delivery app development, looking at the current scenario and revenue generation.

Top Trending Apps


One of the best food delivery apps across the US is Postmates. Postmates operates in almost 4200 cities across the US and DC. Apart from food delivery, Postmates allows you to deliver anything across the state. The service provider will pick up the order from your location and deliver it to the delivery location. It is available in Android as well as iOS versions.

Postmates success has inspired many entrepreneurs; did it inspire you too?

Most popular salon appointment booking applications:


As much as it is a boon for the audience to resort to online salon booking applications, it is equally important for the salon owners. SalonAppy is the most popular application in this category that assists customers in booking beauty appointments at ease.

It allows the audience to browse various services and book an appointment with their favorite stylist. The application offers web-support and assists salon owners in inventory management.

MySalon App:

Another popular application on the list is the MySalon app. This application is available in French, English, and German languages. MySalon app allows salon app owners to keep track of all the bookings and revenues. Customers can go through various services like hair styling, nail art, beauty services, etc., and book an appointment at their convenience.

The next category is,

Most popular grocery delivery applications:


BigBasket is an extensively used application for grocery shopping. It offers everything at your fingertips. It allows you to browse through farm-fresh veggies, dairy products, grocery items, and various daily needs.

BigBasket is the most downloaded application in 20200 and will continue to top the charts in the coming years too. It offers a variety of payment options like eWallets, debit cards, credit cards, COD, net banking, etc.

Top Trending Apps


Everything in an hour is what Instacart aims for. Instacart is the most popular app when it comes to grocery shopping applications. It offers a huge range of products from various supermarkets and grocery stores, which a user can access through the application.

It allows users to make a group cart option if they want to go shopping with friends or family.


Anylist became the favorite grocery shopping application for hundreds of thousands. It allows users to create multiple lists and shop anything literally at any time (goes by the name).

Surprisingly, a user can share the shopping list and share it across with other users. Anylist is full of features that have attracted not only customers but also wanna be entrepreneurs.

Talking about,

Most popular entertainment & media applications:

Top Trending Apps


This list remains incomplete if we do not mention Netflix as the most popular app in the entertainment & media app category. It has given a new meaning to TV series and shows. The content uploaded on Netflix is by far the best of all.

Netflix allows you to manage the user ids and also make it kid-friendly. It provides an unhindered watching experience that we all embrace. In 2021, people expect new content to be shown, and it would be a great start for you to invest in developing an app like Netflix.


Ted app brings an end to all your curiosity. The shows and the content is well-articulated and admirable. Ted is a great application for podcasting, watching inspirational videos, and learning.

You can watch some mini-documentaries and consume quality content. Ted is one such application that is highly recommended in current times. If the design and concepts of the Ted app attract you, you too can develop such an app for your audience in 2021.


Dubsmash is a great video sharing application that is now acquired by Reddit. Users can browse their favorite songs, movie dialogs, and perform lip-syncing. Dubmash allows its users to share the video across various platforms and is giving a tough competition to Tik Tok.

It would be really a great opportunity to invest in this kind of app development.

Here comes an interesting category,

Most popular eCommerce applications:


Without any second thought, Amazon is the most popular app. Yes, it is one of the top trending apps that gained maximum traction in the past year. Amazon is the one-stop solution for all your needs, be it grocery, electric, clothing, anything.

Also, it offers multiple payment options like Cash on delivery, net banking, credit cards, international credit cards, etc. The visual search and voice shopping feature of this application is making all the buzz.

Since people still prefer to shop online, it would be a really great idea to mark your footsteps.


Flipkart is the second most preferred application when it comes to eCommerce shopping. Just like Amazon, Flipkart also provides a pool of products and also releases exciting shopping offers.

It is the most go-to shopping destination to purchase almost anything. Flipkart also accepts a variety of credit cards and debit cards using which the user can purchase items.

The next category is,

Most popular laundry applications:


Laundrapp was founded in the year 2014, and since then, it is making users’ lives easier and comfortable. They do not have to juggle between their working hours or after hours to do their laundry.

A user can download the application, book a time slot, and get their laundry done. The clean clothes would be delivered to them at their doorstep.


Another popular laundry application that has made the customer’s lives painless is Rinse. Users who are registered with the application can book laundry online and get it done within hours. Rinse, as described by them, work with highly-vetted local laundry partners.

Since 9 to 5 working hours do not permit users to perform laundry, we think it is the best time to start a laundry service application.

Most popular hyperlocal delivery applications:


Today, users demand their needs be fulfilled instantly, be it grocery, food, medicine, etc. Dunzo is one such application that delivers things within hours by purchasing them from local vendors.

However, hyperlocal delivery applications function only within a limited geographical location. This means you can really provide the ordered product/service within the promised timeframe.

The hyperlocal delivery business is literally on fire these days, and it is the more lucrative industry to invest in. We strongly recommend you to invest in building a hyperlocal delivery app development.


Another most popular hyperlocal delivery application is Rappi. With all the features and lucrative deals, it is quite obvious to feel attracted to this hyperlocal delivery application Rappi.

Rappi allows you to order anything while you sit at home and relax on your couch. Additionally, Rappi also allows you to send money to someone using the app. This feature is like icing on the cake.

You can go through the Rappi app features and come back to us for your application development.

The next application category in the top evergreen app ideas in 2021 is,

Most popular taxi sharing applications:


Uber has become a household name; you want to go shopping, book Uber. Want to visit a tourist destination, book an Uber. It seems like Uber is the solution to almost every on-demand travel demand.

Uber became an instant-favorite application because of its seamless and clutter-free design and application. While designing an application like Uber, you specifically need to focus on the design and the experience you deliver to the audience.

If you can hold on to the audience with the design, you have won half the battle.


Careem gives a tough competition to Uber. Along with the car ride service, Careem also allows its users to order food, groceries from the online store. Not only this, but you can also use the Careem application to recharge your mobile balance.

Careem looks like a power-packed application that allures users by offering tons of services. You, too, can build an online application like Careem and capture a huge database.


Rideshare with Lyft is the most secure way to travel from one place to another. Lyft application is the most popular app for bikes, scooters, and transit bookings. It allows users to pay directly through the application and helps you find a ride in seconds.

Rides with Lyft are extremely comfortable because they have created their own health safety requirements keeping Covid 19 scenario in mind.

People are resuming their travel plans after a long break, and we guess it would be best to launch your ride-sharing application this year.

Moving ahead, the next category is,

Most popular medicine delivery applications:


Covid 19 forced people to stay indoors for their own safety. However, it was difficult to overlook the pharmacy needs of people while they are home. 1mg is a health app that addresses this issue.

It allows users to order medicines, or initiate a video consultation with a doctor, or book a lab test from home. 1mg became the one-stop solution for all the pharmacy needs.

You can download the application and check out what extraordinary features it offers and then initiate an app development like 1mg.


Another most popular application in this category is PharmEasy. Just like 1mg, PharmEasy also facilitates lab test booking, order medicines, and other healthcare products. The PharmaEasy offerings are unparalleled, and you would be easily lured by the features it has.

The next category is,

Most popular fitness training applications:


A healthy lifestyle has become the primary concern of millennials today. They want to eat healthily, sleep healthily, and workout healthily. A great application that helps them perform various fitness activities such as yoga, martial arts, pilates, boxing, indoor cycling, etc. is ClassPass.

A user can register for a program and have access to various exercises. The application also provides documentation of the program, videos, and audios for user’s easy reference.

ClassPass is a powerful application that allows users to book various spa & salon beauty treatments also. It is a great reference application to feel inspired and develop a fitness training application in 2021.


The next most popular app in this category is MyFitnessPal. The application offers more than 350+ exercises for daily workouts. MyFitnessPal extends its support to other devices and applications like Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Garmin, and more.

It assists users in keeping track of their diet and exercise. The interesting thing about this application is that it keeps its users motivated by introducing gamification elements.

Contact us if you wish to develop a fitness tracking application in 2021.

Talking about,

Most popular hotel booking applications:


Airbnb is the first application that clicks our mind when someone mentions hotel booking. It offers an extensive range of rooms and services to book during the holidays. Airbnb is a perfect staycation booking application that allows you to book apartments, boutique hotels, homestays, etc.

Millions of people have trusted Airbnb with their travel plans because of the ease of booking online.

Airbnb’s design is sleek, and the experience is startling. You may wish to develop a hotel booking application like Airbnb in the year 2021.


Expedia is an application that offers a broad range of travel-specific services. You can book airline tickets, vacations, and hotels using this application. You can check out last-minute deals or even cancel your bookings using this application. We would say Expedia is the World’s best travel platform that assists travelers in meeting all their travel needs.


Another application in the travel & hotel booking app list is Priceline. It assists users in finding a car ride, hotel booking, and flight bookings. Priceline is an online travel agency that releases some crazy deals to encourage people to use the application.

After almost ten months of staying at home, travel nomads would be eager to travel to various destinations in the coming years. In our opinion, it is the right time to release a travel hosting platform in 2021.

Pressing forward, the next category is,

Most popular music streaming applications:


The Spotify application has changed the meaning of how we think of music streaming service applications. The content, quality, media is above expectations, and without a doubt, it is the most popular app in the music streaming app category.

The application was launched in 2008, and since then, it is a famous music streaming app that provides a consistent user experience. The application is available in 61 countries and has around 159 million active users.

We definitely encourage future entrepreneurs to build a music streaming app like Spotify in 2021.


Another popular music streaming application that drew our attention is Deezer. Deezer is a French online music streaming platform that offers online as well as offline music service. You can browse through various song categories, playlists, and podcasts of your choice.

This application is available in more than 180 countries and is still expanding its reach. 2021 will be the world of new ideas, and we suggest you build a music streaming application like Deezer this year.

Another interesting category is,

Most popular liquor delivery applications:


Liquor delivery is something that we all look up to when we host a party or a get-together. The 9-to-5 daily churn doesn’t permit us to host all the party pleasantries, especially liquor. During such times, a liquor delivery app is at the rescue.

Drizly is the most popular application in this category. It delivers liquor and beverages in the shortest time possible. Users can browse through various liquor categories like beer, whiskey, wine, liquor, etc., and add them to the cart.

2021 (hopefully, without Covid) is going to be a party year. It would be best to make a liquor delivery application for the coming years.


Saucey is a great application for liquor delivery. You have last-minute party demands; you can easily order liquor & beverages using the Saucey application. Saucey is full of features, and it is the right time to invest in building a liquor delivery app for 2021.

Last in the category of most popular applications is,

Most popular car wash applications:


MobileWash is an affordable car wash service provider application. It mitigates the pain that users go through while booking a car-specific service at their preferred time & location.

The car washers they hire for car service are vetted & professionals who take care of the quality of service. We really like how they market their express service with the tagline, Short on time, but want to shine? Well, in our list of car wash apps, the MobileWash app tops the charts.

You, too, can invest time and money in building a car wash app like MobileWash in 2021.

Keno Car wash:

Entitled as the number 1 car wash app in UAE, the Keno Car wash app provides a full package of car wash services. The application has a user-friendly design that is fun to browse through.

Keno Car Wash is also an ideal application to inspire from for developing a car wash application in 2021.


2021 is going to be app-oriented, and we assume that for every act, there would be an app. If you also wish to participate in this digital transformation journey, we think it’s the right time to start sowing the seeds. Here is the list of most popular application ideas that would help you finalize which app idea to begin with. We wish you all the best and hope that you come up with some innovative app solution. For any assistance, you may call us.

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